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This project demonstrates the ability to interface Controller Area Network (CAN) to RS232 communication protocol. The system contains two HC12 evaluation board and two personal computers (PC)). This project involves the design, development, implementation, and documentation of hardware devices that uses the HC12 microprocessor and assembly code. The system is… Read More


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poetic script of eco-story, environmental issues, fighting for the rights of the natural... Read More

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This is only my view of the actions of reviewing. Read More
Leadership is usually connected to politics. But business is how this relates. Read More
A philosophical essay about human denial and economy. Read More
From specific to generalization and backwards. How understanding works. A research paper in Didactics of Mathematics. Read More

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The Great Idea in Hellas of 19th and 20th century. Read More
A summarize of what's the modern view in learning and a few remarks about theory and how things work better. Read More
Sometimes we don't notice or understand how foreigners perceive and view domestic politics. Being in the kitchen,has heat.A cold view of US. Read More
The hellenic education system does not satisfy the children and Hellene voters. Situation, problems, possible alternatives. Read More
The use of mobile phones and the development of internet reformed the way we communicate. So how things are in the age of social networks? Read More
Hellenic modern architecture is not of domestic origin. A few lessons learned from big projects and organization of 2004 Olympiad. Read More
What kind of music do Hellenes age 20-40 hear, following U2 Bono's statement that music has become girly. Read More

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How time is organized and why time measurement which is done for religious reasons, even though it controls everyday life. Read More

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Todd Kassal has lost his accomplishments amid the sea tempest Katrina. This time, he was set up for the forthcoming tropical storm, and notwithstanding cautioning from cops and individuals, he helped around 200 individuals with sustenance and water. This demonstration motivated numerous other individuals to do likewise. Read More

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A success diary for #Girlbosses and uprising career women. Read More
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