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This is a true essay about how a father's drug use affected his child. Read More
Recently the well known author Douglas Preston send out an email to readers, advising us that he had published an article in The New Yorker magazine re: the Dyatlov Pass Incident. "Dead Mountain." He did not offer a solution, however he mentioned a new theory which is viable, in my… Read More

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May 13, 2021

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Dr. Fauchi speaks and his words become laws. He is the most powerful American that has ever lived. Read More

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Before another world breaks the nearest war we fear can compromise every soul without any living reason to be alive, I write this letter to an alien who knows there is still such unwanted threat to be aware. Our international community must save this moment to be sacrificing the word… Read More

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The important necessity of the bad guy in fiction. Read More

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This is an essay on Binary Fusion developed from the deconstructive idea of binary divide and it aims at the neutrality of the text. Read More
I stand accused of hating my country itself. I assure you, if I were born anywhere else, I’d foster hatred in a similar way. Why? It’s not the country I hate. It’s the people. Read More

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This is an article on postcolonial narratives about literature. Read More

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This article is an expansion of Nietszsche's theory of art. Read More
This is theorizing Nietzsche's Will to power. Read More

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"The few who are different are eliminated quickly enough by the police, by their mothers, their brothers, others; by themselves. All that's left is what you see." - Charles Bukowski Read More
Just a light rant off the top of my head. Can think of plenty more stuff wrong with nationalism if I try. Or just read (any) George Orwell or Kurt Vonnegut book. They’ll set your prejudices straight. Read More

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I found out something interesting which occurred lately. And it has me wonderin' Read More
I hope there is no more Progress. Somehow Senior Ave appeared in my Life Plan, against my will and consent. If you've ever called yourself Stupid, read this and you will proclaim yourself to be a Genius! Read More

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As the genre says, this is non-fiction. This essay is sadly an account of my and many Lebanese peoples' life. Read More

Essay / Non-Fiction

March 14, 2021

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Why the Democratic party's attempt to create a socialist "utopia" in the United States will fail. Read More

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This essay is about writing: real people insinuating themselves into your fiction: 725 words. Read More

Featured Review by Christy Writes

"I like how you presented both sides. I don't think inserting your life into your art is necessarily bad, as long as you don't have malicious int..." Read More

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just an episode of my morning for a start. Read More

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Another piece on the value of the horror genre. Read More

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Old memories of watching football / soccer in the 1980's... Read More
This whole day had a grotesque feel to it. I made it weird for everyone. I made a point to suck to be around. Wtf --- This world is full of people who are eager to add insult to injury. --- Read More
"Think who your audience is" lol... obviously not you. --- Read More

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1/09/2018 One needs money to do anything. To anyone this seems benign, innocent and normal. Just the way it is. But is not money the root of all evil? The deeply spiritual and musical Jamaican reggae artists seem to think so, at least, as well as tribesmen who weren’t brought… Read More

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My ruminations on how human beings are brought up, and the paradoxes and hypocrisy apparent therein. Read More

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Or not? Hmm... Read More
Back in 1994, when I knew nothing about computers and still do not, I wrote up an article in which I listed what I thought would happen in the year 2015. That seemed so FAR into the future! Well, some of it has manifested and some of it has not.… Read More