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Abused. Sad. Suicidal. Protector. Those four words best describe Artimeys Corvone. His stepfather abuses him and his mother thinks it's his fault he's like that. But when that monster violates his baby sister, Artimeys snaps. Suicidal, he gets sent to Sunny Days, and, to add to the experience, he lost… Read More

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"When's book 2 coming out?? Ive been waiting on this for years and they cant end like this.. As always, beautiful writing! And I cant wait to see..." Read More

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November 20, 2020

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A concise compilation of techniques that can help you pump life into nonfiction short-story & lyric writing Read More

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"This was an invaluable read, concise and full of very useful information for writers of every level and calibre. I was surprised how many of th..." Read More

Whether you are a new or aspiring author, or someone who has published before, learn how to make your novel credible, engaging, and marketable. Read More

Reads: 162 My YouTube Channel is steadily progressing, published my digital videos, the 1st chapters of my book, titled "My Slag Valley Secrets." Non-fiction storytelling of my life. I am currently submitting my work product in several areas of competition, original essay, photographs, audio recordings, flash fiction contests, and for production… Read More

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A complete step-by-step guide on how to file for divorce in any state, written by family therapist Jessy Perez. Full description of legal steps that you have to take in order to complete divorce process. Getting a divorce without a lawyer is entirely legal and quite cheap. If you have… Read More

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I'm averaging 1,000 reads per day on Booksie. This is how I do it. [RESULTS MAY VARY] Read More

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"Helpful and informative. Thanks, and good work! :)" Read More

an observation from within Read More
The only way to truly judge a man character Read More

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Great wisdom found in ancient golden scroll in China Read More
I am sure, many others who are embarking on a new career in their third act in life find the world of technology both intimidating and overwhelming as I did. Nonetheless, the challenge of new technology can also be enticing to the young at heart. The modern world of technology… Read More
Interesting view on past experiences to view, think, or see again for anyone. Read More

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Inside the mind of the author that endures evilness form messed up people. These things that should be done but is at a back bench... Read More

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A few tips on writing techniques for writers in general and aspiring poets. Read More

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A theory as to why the population is becoming less and less mature. Read More