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A short true story of loss, friendship and perspective Read More

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Octa Ball Appearing magic ball? All the dollars,$$ in the world can't be judged, for sense, for there is only one concept on the fields of glory, and that is power to win at Octa Ball, the leading, inter virtual space program, platform Interdermetional game, Where you will be loaded… Read
Welcome to “Overcoming the Heartache: Ways to Understand and Get Past the Pain.” I extend my hand to you, my fellow traveler on this path of transformation, for I too have known the depths of anguish and the crushing weight of a broken heart. This book is born from my… Read
Just a lil excerpt from my daily writing Read
I should have researched this a LONG time ago. I just did not understand HOW these people could clone onto my computer and even send ME nasty emails. I can hear them! They are almost always after money - and Seniors are prime targets as we have retirement money. By… Read

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Basically its just a Manifesto outlining my personal beliefs and experiences Read
This is a true story originally written in Yiddish . It gives a view of e arly 1900's life in t eh Russian pale where the residents were prisoners in their own land. Read

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This White Paper called the Creative Manifesto was written on June 3, 2023. It addresses the limits of the human mind, and the nature of creativity and infinity. What makes something beautiful? Read

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If you wanted the sack of wine, King Agamemnon reincarnated that's who Lonnie is. The world's first non-convicted serial killer. Getting away scotch-free with murder and arson. Who'd have thought such a person exists? Read
This is a more in depth look at a man not so innocent who is a murderer, psychopath and lunatic. Sure he is getting subscribers but he will slip his sins and crimes of killing an innocent man up and the slaughter of killing his own mother in his youth.… Read

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... Read

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short flash non-fiction. Each story comprised of 67 words Read

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Bernie, our beagle, came into our lives two years ago. Read

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Sweet, I like toys do (Yosemite) guys A sotrael never passage That consists of an all time flow, to void Do you like growths Read

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Youth thigh youg but you can search in a computer this doco is There new words, 1 year Now I would never take the world If 1 could?? Why? Cause it's funny! ((Good deed for whole world srymet)) Read
What lies I state facts! Read

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M. T. Leaves Me Empty (Maternal Toxicity) No one talks about the venom that spews from your mouth assaulting our ears. No one cares how you make us feel. No one speaks of the examples that you do not set. And absolutely no one sees the tears you cause to… Read

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Wellcome! This is a brief introduction about me. I wrote this to handle some inquires or curiosities I ran into before. I am sorry it may not be transparent enough still, but I guess it is part of me. Please feel free to let me know how to improve though. Read
I have written twenty-one books and continuing, and these books are meant for mankind's future time when he will be advancing and evolving and becoming like his brothers and sisters in space. Mankind will be able to heal Earth by using his new energy, and he will allow God to… Read

Miscellaneous / Non-Fiction

March 30, 2022

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work place living hell Read
Is it real hurt or just inconvenience? Read
I stand in front of the screen, watching quotev come and leave. Read

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Quotev! Don't leave! Read

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Miscellaneous / Non-Fiction

February 07, 2022

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Part of a book I'm writing. Don't know what it'll be called or what it'll even be about. Just writing when I feel it. Welcome to my mind. Read

Miscellaneous / Non-Fiction

January 29, 2022

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Current emotions/just need to vent I guess. Read

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What I know so far. Read
My first-time hosting Christmas lunch turned out to be Christmas dinner. Mine is a family of four – me, my husband, and two children. One Christmas, I decided to host a Christmas lunch for some of our close family members. In total, there were fifteen folks, including seven ages 50… Read
Story of Jack and Joyce Mitchell's last earthly goodbye. There is no end of time, for God is eternal - therefore such love will always be and will never parted. Read