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Three boys who were enjoying their time playing a new game expansion of a very popular MMORPG game suddenly get transported from their gaming computer chairs to a real life fantasy universe. Read More

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Wellcome! This is a brief introduction about me. I wrote this to handle some inquires or curiosities I ran into before. I am sorry it may not be transparent enough still, but I guess it is part of me. Please feel free to let me know how to improve though. Read
I have written twenty-one books and continuing, and these books are meant for mankind's future time when he will be advancing and evolving and becoming like his brothers and sisters in space. Mankind will be able to heal Earth by using his new energy, and he will allow God to… Read

Miscellaneous / Non-Fiction

March 30, 2022

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work place living hell Read
Is it real hurt or just inconvenience? Read
I stand in front of the screen, watching quotev come and leave. Read

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Quotev! Don't leave! Read

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Miscellaneous / Non-Fiction

February 07, 2022

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Part of a book I'm writing. Don't know what it'll be called or what it'll even be about. Just writing when I feel it. Welcome to my mind. Read

Miscellaneous / Non-Fiction

January 29, 2022

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Current emotions/just need to vent I guess. Read

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What I know so far. Read
My first-time hosting Christmas lunch turned out to be Christmas dinner. Mine is a family of four – me, my husband, and two children. One Christmas, I decided to host a Christmas lunch for some of our close family members. In total, there were fifteen folks, including seven ages 50… Read
Story of Jack and Joyce Mitchell's last earthly goodbye. There is no end of time, for God is eternal - therefore such love will always be and will never parted. Read
If notice an item, a person, an event - and become infatuated or obsessed and continue reading or learning about him, her, it - I become suspicious. I love learning, but here is what you should watch out for - when it becomes Soul Bread Crumbs to lead you somewhere… Read
Yes, he does. This is how he does it. Unless your Light Guide grabs you first. Read
This is a behind the scenes story of the author of The Mysterious Evil One series and all that he went through while creating such an amazing and original master piece. Read

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Free writing about my trauma growing up and not disclosing my abusers. By doing this i keep my identity protected. Read

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One of the most confused and dangerous groups I have ever come across is the white women who only go after black men. I've noticed an underlying pathology there's usually this inferiority complex to other whites that brings about a level of discomfort so they hang out with black people… Read

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thoughts for the day Read
We are all only human...some just rise to the occasion. Read

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Factors affecting performance at work place. A key to understand the employees. Read
I usually hear people talking about how to overcome when relationships fail. But how often do we speak about, how will we feel, or how to overcome when the loved ones leave while being our loved ones and the most cherished ones. Puzzling? While the best childhood... Read

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What Ifs of My Long Life. Read

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To my readers: Read
I wrote this steeped in the pain of experiencing sharing the same space and children with someone who suffered from severe BPD. For anyone reading this who may not know, it can be indistinguishable from narcissism. The connection born from this daily burden was that I realized through the personal… Read

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So what: I plan, for now, to write a monthly journal of my time…here, in a different prison than the prison of the world as I knew it. Read

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Just something I wrote during quarantine reflecting on the development of my eating disorder and my recovery from it Read

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This is a speech I was asked to write and deliver for my school's scholarship foundation in 2019. Every year, a golf tournament is held to raise money for scholarships for students across our campuses. I received a scholarship and was grateful to accept an invitation to speak about it… Read
Real Life Character Sketch for story later Read