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After an unforgivable betrayal, Meaghan cut off contact with her sister Laura. Now that Laura is dying, their father begs Meaghan to make peace. What Meaghan learns in the process tells her she was right all along. Read More
in the beginning … how amazing it is, that a broken, little child can be so sad, so deeply within his soul, and not know it, just living with it, smiling though his life is a constant brawl, and thinking that maybe it’s just how it’s supposed to be. he… Read
Beyond that, this month has definitely felt like the middle of Spring, a sense of being on the precipice of greatness to come and laying the foundation for it. Read
The story is a true story about friendship, love & sacrifice. Read
Life changes and the ability to change with them can be extremely difficult to navigate Read

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Police cars rushing down the street attract the attention of the residents, to meet and monitor from the sidewalk. Read
but I hope you will stick around long enough to reap the bountiful harvest! Read
Max,E.A.Max,Fantasy,Short Story,Modern,Fiction,Adventure,Non-fiction Read
I worked with a terrific group of consumers with disabilities. Supported employment is a good program for any disabled person that wants to work to be able to work Read
When I was a boy, my dad just couldn't or refused to give me a decent haircut.. He was so weird that way! Read

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Let us open our hearts to all and never let love be overthrown. Read

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Part of rebirth seems to involve increasing awareness and recognition of big questions. Read

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I never quite understand how beings end up becoming bored at all, let alone as often as they do. Read

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What a time to be aware and appreciative of this fascinating world! Read

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A story about a girl named Avery who battles many different struggles and trials while stuck in her fearful box. She fights many different lies but the one she always ends back at is “you could end this all in one choice." Read

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I don’t understand how anyone can think differently or, even worse, spoil this gift… Read

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a creative writing class requirement about my Mom Read

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Part of what makes being able to survive interestingly, though, is the myriad aspects and changes of this amazing world, as well as the ingenuity of mankind. Read

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Pubs were packed... Read

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Real Life story of a hair raising bus ride across the length of Assam Read
No matter how you dream, imagine, plan, and strategize, VUCA always wins. Read

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If only we could always have the best of both worlds. Read

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Remember the past, hope for a great future, and live in the present. Read

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Because of this, all we can do is take full advantage of our short experiences. Read

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The non-fiction re-telling of my experience with grief, loss, love and many more. Read

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Observations in a bar and on a beach Read

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This begs the question, is it ever okay to lie? Read

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Winter is still my favorite season, by far, I just miss my trips to the hot springs in Winter, where I get the best of both worlds: enjoying the snow while still staying warm! Read
Spymaster meets with his joe on a terrifying, rickety ferris wheel in a foreign land. . Read

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she was simply a professor teaching a basic music appreciation course in a small state college—but to her students she was so much more… Read

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While it is incredible what mother nature’s majesty encompasses, it is important to respect and honor that as much as possible. Read

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I personally believe that if more appreciation was common for the current, simple things that we would all be better off. Read

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Adventure, of course, also includes our own stories and that of others. Read

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My friend, lost to ignorance and hate My painting "War Bride" Read

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I think it is important to understand more, and dig deeper than that surface knowledge. Read