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A young mage tries to impress his love only to bring about his own doom. This story was written a few years back by me and was heavily influenced by my days playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as a child in the 1980s—Meaning it’s traditional fantasy. I will post more… Read More

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empty calm Read

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Short story abut dog named Bear Read
Balance is an essential component, I believe, of a successful life and people tend to forget that it goes both ways. Read
. It has been a great opportunity to think outside the box and view all artistic expression in a new light. Read
Since I have been learning the basics of cooking as of late, I have {not} been able to spend as much time outside. Read
As remarkable as humans are, more often than not we do not fully embrace all of our strengths. Read

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this is part 1 of a short story "the fallen." it is a collection of chapters, each involving a different character who made victim to excessive drug use, peer pressure, and mental issues such as depression. the story is not fully based on true events, but rather a slight exaggeration… Read
The story is telling us about a simple man, how much he persevered with his passion for life. Life is fragile, helpless, variables sometimes. All we can do is to learn how to treasure everything we have at this moment, this time, this life ! Please let your love one… Read
You know, life is really what you make it and humans are some pretty amazing creations. Read
I think it is rather disconcerting when the world around me seems to move at a much slower pace than I am used to. Read
As I sit here lost in music and reverie, I can only bask in the power that is life. Read

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True story of my first encounter with any stories of the paranormal. This was an assignment for an English class, and wanted to share it. Read

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This is the true story of one man and his eight Army Air Force Comadres. Jack Flynn a twenty-year-old from New York City joins the Army Air Force in 1944 and soon finds himself flying bombing missions over Nazi German as a top turret gunner on a B-17 bomber. It… Read

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Saving a tiny life, subsequent thoughts. Read

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A short story about a man suffering Alzheimers Read
How amazing this world is certainly depends on perspective, but you have to always respect Mother Nature’s tenacity and resilience. Read

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Makes me curious about if there are anymore movies out there with that strange mix of fantasy and society. Read

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It is a different feeling to be looking to the future and knowing that I have options available to pursue in any situation, but I definitely had to take the time to figure out my personal strengths to discover them. Read

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I’m writing because of recent trauma. This is not fiction. I hope you’ll join me on my journey, navigating my way through territory that I was unprepared for. Read

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As I write this at least, we are still getting delayed snow from Winter, which is better than nothing. Read

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As the story enfolds it is revealed that even though there were struggles.....immense struggles.....I had determined that sometimes I had to be a Carol as a man named JO introduced to me. Read

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Keep me company, will you? Read

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Until then, I at least have more to take my mind off this lack of seasonal weather. Read
Mr.Handel performs his most famous song for the children of the Foundling Hospital. Read

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Life would be boring without a little bit of variety though, so stay tuned! Read
Whether or not this will be enough to last me a full year has yet to be determined. Read

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If you have ever had an accident, that when you think back on it, it makes you laugh with funny memories, then this book is for you. My life, my clumsiness, is all for you to enjoy, laugh and think, lucky me. Read

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Every day is a suicide prevention day. A short story I felt the need to write. I always thought lighthouse symbolised hope, but not everyone can find their light on time. Read

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Nothing against the blooming energies of Spring, but this Winter has left a lot to be desired as an accurate representation of the seasons. So be it. Read
Looking at the art of friendship - what makes a good friend? Read

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A lot has changed within me since this, but I found it in one of my old journals and felt like sharing. Read
This story has happened in Iran. Although I tell this story from a first person point of view, I'm not the narrator. Someone told me her experience and I just added a little detail and a few words about mandatory Hijab in Iran to make this story understandable for foreign… Read

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This is an old story, but it is true to the best of my memory. I needed to get it off my chest and this will work. Read

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I still think a quiet, snow-covered world is one of the best experiences out there too. Read

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Now, Made in Abyss seems slated to hold a place on my favorites list for quite a while… Read

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Stay tuned for updates on my own adventure that is called life. Read

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When you feel human Read