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Simmer until done Read More

Short Story / Non-Fiction

June 18, 2021

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So long as the days remain fairly cool all Summer, this will be a very rewarding time for me. Read More

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Oh well, I get paid for everything I put my time into, so with 10 hours to kill I will certainly be making bank. All the better to fuel my newest vices too. Read More

Short Story / Non-Fiction

June 18, 2021

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Even with such moody spells, the birds still serenade each other, the only music I really get here. Read More

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We are all racist, its been that way for ions. The animal kingdom is, as well. Ignoring it fom within, while blaming others, just makes you more racist than what you perceive around you. Read More
Even een tekst die mezelf betreft, na recente aantijgingen en kritiek... Read More

Short Story / Non-Fiction

June 13, 2021

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Stay focused on the stars and look forward to our gift. Read More

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These are all short stories about me, about all the funny accidents I had. They are all absolutely true even if they do not sound very believable. Read More

Short Story / Non-Fiction

June 05, 2021

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I feel as though one of the best ways to add to your toolbelt is by intelligent exchanges of information, for which I am grateful our beings were able to cross paths, however fleeting this interaction may be. Read More

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...My first attempt at sharing my secret thoughts/desires...the Unspoken Read More
If you are having hardships in your life, you should read this. This short story is based on a true incident in which a beautiful girl never lose hope despite being disabled for the rest of her life. this tells us about the lemons of her life and how did… Read More

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This being tells me we only have a little time to exchange ideas, but we are doing so judiciously. Read More

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Learning to share is a rewarding lesson. Read More
This is a story from a long time ago, when even compasses were not even invented, this is about a time caravans used to travel. Abdul and his son, Ali were residents of Hanglaj, Baluchistan. They used to travel from Hanglaj to Rajasthan via Cholistan and back to hometown it… Read More

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Trigger warnings, trust me. Read More
A boy named Noah was a 19 year old male who lived in a village with his father, Theodore. They had to do everything in the hut as Theodore’s wife Iris had died. Without her, it wasn’t a happy family. Noah’s dad told Noah to do his flower job for… Read More
Mental exhaustion and cynicism shadow my waking days, while nightmares of potential wars and unexpected brutal mortality shroud my nights. I am a hostage in a world gone mad. I am surrounded by the profanity of arrogance and greed, lies and betrayal. Read More
Where were you on January 6, 2021, the day America almost came tumbling down? Where were you the day a lynching mob ascended the steps of our Capitol, determined to kill the spirit and the soul of America? Where were you the day America was lynched, and the world watched… Read More

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A bar with a mysterious owner, a bartender with the truth, a promise. Read More
There is a word used that some may find offensive, although its use here is the only word fitting. This is a true story written in real time of my experience after the mother of my sons terrorized me, but then got a protection order against me. This is my… Read More

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Life, a flowing stream – constant but conquerable, determines success. Read More

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My relation was to someone very confident & grounded so I weighted the lines of the heel and padding. Read More

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Nothing beats a hot drink and a fine record, I believe, so that is all I need in my short life. Read More
The "wild women" of the Wild West show Read More

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A short parable of a homeless man and a passerby. Read More

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As such, I haven’t had much time to walk around outside, but at least I can still admire the families of rabbits that still visit my lonely window. Read More
Breaking up with your therapist can be hard to do... although in my case, I was shown the door. Read More

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Spring is a volatile time. Read More
James had always been a bright young lad. He achieved excellent grades in his intermediate level. Since medicine was his passion, and the career he knew he was going to pursue, he studied it for a doctor’s degree. However, his plans to study PHD in physics came to a halt… Read More
That day, a special bond formed between us and now Camilla doesn’t dare bother us. And that day, the shy little girl came out of her cover and now is my best friend Zoey! Read More

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I honestly do not know why the opportunity never struck me before. Read More

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Life presents hurdles, we must learn how to jump over them. Read More