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A group of diary entries from someone that could be any of us.... Glimpse what they are trying to say...and then look deeper then that. Hope you enjoy! Please comment and give feedback I cant wait to hear what you think! Read More

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This is just my theories basically, controversy is ok just not hate Read More
A short book review about The Happiness Hypothesis Read More

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One hell of a journey, a truly powerful insight in the mind of a Mr. Anonymous. Read More

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hello, once again i've been inactive due to soccer and school, but alas i'm back and will be writing my review over stranger things 2 Read More

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I want to introduce this book to people, I am still working on it, but wanted to give you a taste of the first chapter, this book is mainly about two young women growing up with the wrong guidance in life. Read More

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February 18, 2017

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Is dreaming possible for all Read More
'Job Search Diary' is an interesting read for anyone struggling with the job search. has managed to create an easy yet effective book that can help anyone land a desirable position without troubles. Read More
A Review of LEADERSHIP CONVERSATIONS By Joan Whitman Hoff, Ph.D. Read More
CHRISTIANITY IS A LIFE The thief cometh not but for to steal, to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life and that they might have more abundantly ( John 10:10) Christianity is not a religion; it is not a label or a social club or… Read More
I totally love the book Wonder. I am so not going to tell you guys how the story goes.. But these are some of the clues. You better check out Wonder! Read More

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high school can be a tough 4 years heres Ashley's story, knowing Ashley she took everything to the heart ever since middle school she vowed that she would never get bullied again it was going to stop as soon as she got to ninth grade over the summer she trained… Read More

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July 10, 2015

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the help .is to fight for themselves Read More

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This is a Hindi Movie review. Enjoy it for what it offers. Happy reading. Read More

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I did a CN rant, but now, my first countdown. This will be of the top 10 worst Cartoon Network shows to ever be put on air. This is all opinion and I don't own any names. So enjoy! Read More

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I know I've been focusing on the bad but I promise that I will look at the good and make a few top 10 list and not a top 10 worst list. I don't own any names, leave your worst in the comment section and enjoy! Read More

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It is about a kid called jeff and he loves video games, his dream is to become a famous youtuber. Read More

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I'm really bored and I'm deciding to rant about the problems with Cartoon Network and everything wrong with the new Boomerang rebrand. So leave your opinion in the comments below, I own none of these names, and enjoy! Read More

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Could you just tell me any feedback you have about this piece of writing? Any criticism would be a great help. Read More

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Kitty Party Sannyasins (English) Author: Ananya Banerjee Language: English Length: 352 pages Publisher: HarperCollins Kitty Party Sannyasins (English) Well meet on the last Saturday of every month, whenever our schedules permit. Just the five of us. Brunch. Either at our houses or breakfast joints or our clubs. Catch up with… Read More

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A review of perhaps my favorite comic book of all time. Read More

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This is a review I wrote on the book The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Read More

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My honest review on the book: Fifty Shades of Grey. Read More
Dakota's Pride - The book Information on Down syndrome and Special Needs. It’s been about 5 years since the making of the film Dakota’s Pride that aired on PBS, so I felt it was time for an update to let people know more about what happened behind the scenes, how… Read More

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It was a lovely book! everyone should read it. Read More

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Book review on the message that Annie Dillard gives in her story the deer at providencia Read More

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This is my first story in progress. I'm putting this on here for feedback. This story can be taken in many ways, It's a dark and eye opening fictional story that will keep your hair standing up even after you closed the page.... Read More

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A synopsis for a fanfic. Read More
My personal book review to The Lovely Bones written by Alice Sebold. Read More

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Book review on: My Life in Pink and Green! It's an amazing book and I would like you guys to read this! Read More

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This is a book review of "The Greenhouse" by Audur Ava Ollafsdottir that is published in 2011. Read More

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Don't waste your time on this movie. Read More

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I am going to a review over the novel I read If I Stay by: Gayle Forman and here is the summary to the novel... In a single moment, everything changes. Seventeen-year-old Mia has no memory of the accident; she can only recall riding along the snow-wet Oregon road with… Read More
It is Hindi movie RAMAIYA VASTAVAIYA review. Read More
A book summer of TFioS written by a fan of the book. Read More

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This is a book review about the book, A Bend in the Road, by Nicholas Sparks. Read More