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(**This book contains mature and Explicit content**) Just like our eyes, our hearts have a way of adjusting to the dark. A week after leaving Japan, the group arrive in Transylvania, Romania in search of their next Elemental target, a place so dark and twisted that it seemed almost unreal.… Read More

Featured Review by VampirePrincess94

"Definitely drawn in by this prologue, i love Vampires! Nice simple introduction a multiple characters and a nicely put together back story that..." Read More

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Zombie Short Story Writing Contest Read More

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The Review Chain house is holding it's latest contest. Take a look and enter to win some great prizes Read More

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Have you ever been so sad you cannot live anymore? Suicide is a thought, and your whole life flashes before your very eyes. How do we come to that conclusion? What if someone was revived after death, and that is the means in which we know? Who knows... Read More

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Please welcome the Adventure to Love Challenge, and in which you who enter are to make a short story about young lovers finding each other, whether they cross a desert, or meet at school. See you, and THX!!! Read More

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lovely Read More


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A new, unique literary magazine is being created by yours truly and is open to submissions of any kind. Read More

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You ever pay attention to the relationships in your life? Well, here's your chance to! Let’s celebrate us in this contest that makes you rethink the meaning of love, friends, and family. Read More

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This is my first competition that I’m hosting. Read for information Read More

#genre, #fnf

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Writing Contest / Other

February 15, 2018

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Take a look at the latest contest for the Review Chain, there's some great prizes on offer! Read More

Writing Contest / Other

November 22, 2017

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Welcome one and all, to the One that Binds us. So, this is my very first contest. I’ve been on Booksie for quite awhile now and recently decided I should probably try hosting one. I am hoping this will be fun, challenging and most of all, rewarding, so read below… Read More

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This is the contest for the Review Chain house, which everyone is welcome to join Read More

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Pick an emotion. Any emotion. Then amplify it by 100. If you can do this in your writing, you have a good chance of winning this contest, if you enter. Read More