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When Gordy flees America and the War in Vietnam and takes a job as an English teacher in the Tokyo of the 1960s, he finds he gets a lot more than a mere hourly wage. Read More

Featured Review by B Douglas Slack

"This is without a doubt the funniest story I've read in a decade. The entire Japanese female persona is laid bare here. Every bit true. Your sto..." Read More

adaptability, corroboration, unlearning, Life goes on Read More

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October 09, 2019

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Michael is a 15 year old homeless boy and all he wants is warmth. He goes to school everyday, gets picked on, but still goes back to his mom with a big smile on his face that she knows is not real. Grace is Michael's mom, and nobody can separate… Read More

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October 01, 2019

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‘We Are All Gamers’ is a personal-based guide on how to engage younger generations in modern digital workplaces. Read More
The will power to success is a self help book both in developing an accurate will and also in finances, whosoever read the will power to success will get the most successful outcome because the book is practical, useful and it elaborate on building yourself and your success. Read More

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One of the best oportunities that we have right now to change our life is MLM but a lot of people, even the ones that have years in it, still dont know how to succed, Its not about the product, or the company its about the people Read More

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September 23, 2014

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This is the story of my life. Based on and/or parts of my true story of my life. My personal Diary and What I write Read More

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About the Book This book, SUCCESS MENTALITY contains lots of motivational words of success that can build your mental faculty to see success very clearly as attainable always. The book will speak to you prophetically and psychologically on how to view and pursue good success and achieve it. Success requires… Read More

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June 20, 2014

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Another move equals a new beginning. Read More

Chapter 1

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June 19, 2014

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And then I was born. Read More

Chapter 1

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June 19, 2014

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It all started when my parents first met. It's defiantly not your typical love at first site kind of stories... Read More

Chapter 1

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April 29, 2014

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Preface Friends all we literate people of this emerging world society are have a satisfactory knowledge about our economy and about our money & goods market. We all have hear about high profit business & share treading, every day at evening news we hear that today shares of that company… Read More

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Judging by the fact that you've taken the trouble to navigate to this page my guess is that you don't need much convincing about the wisdom of investing. However, I hope that your quest for knowledge/information about the art/science of investing ends here. Read on. Knowledge is power. It is… Read More

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April 28, 2014

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This story is about the friendship between the asian and spanish-american kid.. But his friend does'nt know of it..After the day is so fast their friendship was hurt. Read More

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Jecika life gets harder as she grows up. Her mother Tesha is getting cheated on but doesn't know. Her father Hendrick just doesn't know whats coming to him as he's cheating. Mike gets in a whole lot of trouble and ruins his life. Jecika starts to go to church alot… Read More

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April 06, 2014

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First part of the story. Any tips? :) Read More

Chapter 1

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May 06, 2013

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ALL ABOUT A GIRL BASED ON A TRUE STORY Sara was only of 2 years when she stared to live with her aunt and grandmother, her mother was not well and her father had no time to take care of her. Her grandmother and aunt loved her very much even… Read More

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Julie's life was almost perfect, she was pretty, nice, was the best singer in her grade, but none of that mattered to her parents. When a fairy visits Julie she relizes that and wants it to change. Read More

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A Must read story if you want to gain income Read More

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If you've been searching for a proven way to build wealth in real estate, without risking your own money, even if you can't get bank finance, you've just found the book to show you how... Read More

Chapter 1

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March 30, 2012

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a man who is hunting this little girl. Read More

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In this Information, Telecommunication and Globalization Age that is transforming so rapidly into greater Wisdom Age, there is an urgent mandate to live beyond the tradition of working a whole month for a cheque. You can not afford to exempt yourself from the most powerful institution on the planet; working… Read More

Chapter 1

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July 02, 2011

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Okay this story isent finished but I will finish. Kat+Tina+Katina Ifu didnt know how to pronouce the title Read More

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Can I fall in love with the guy who, kidnapped, raped and abused me? Read More

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"Should I do it? Why must I? How come this always happends to me?" Alex asks herself these questions every day. Alex strugles through life with the thought of her mother and father dieing still leaking in her brain, fighting through high school and trying not to be such a… Read More

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Charlie finds out that her dad went to the Valtori. Read More

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November 23, 2009

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Allison has a diary that she has kept for over 8 years now. She married Keith Brandon Washington, in 1985, when they were both 15 years old. They thought they were in love and they had the best marriage. but happens didn't stay for long. They separated 9 years later,… Read More

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What I hope to do in this book is provide some tips on how every writer can make and earn more money. These are not gimmicks, but ideas and advise that will earn you a return right away. Some require you to dedicate time, others require you to do no… Read More

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July 14, 2009

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Well when I'm done with it, it will be about how this girls did a trick on a guy trying to fal in love with her. But instead she was using a girls thats not really to show how she really is and not how he see's her in her… Read More

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tell me what u think Read More

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Its the first chapter of a book I've written. I left out the middle of it because it's the longest. I need feedback to know how others opinions. I am open to all types of critic from grammar to content. Thank You. Read More