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A prequel to Damascenas that I haven't been able to fit anywhere in the book. I'm thinking of maybe having it be the first chapter cause it gets you in tune with the characters a little. If anything I'm wondering if Charlie's dads Bostonian persona was hard to understand, like… Read More

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"You have an awesome collection of stories, and I'm so pumped to keep reading. Great work CJ. - E.E" Read More

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Do you see the beauty of the night? The beauty of the dark? Do you know that dark is beautiful? The night is beautiful? Read the short essay and find the beauty of dark and night... Read More

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February 04, 2020

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I use this to post my writting while at work lol Read More

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An essay for the Couponing In College Scholarship. Read More

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Hay! I'm belgian, Almost 15 I'm going to write some stories dutch others english! ~loves me~ Read More

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An exploration of the root of Internet hucksters and the art of the American method of selling you junk. History teaches what our mistakes are. Historians then we rewrite it,spruce it up and change the meaning to make us look better than we really are. However, if we closer we… Read More

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This essay will contain information about the complications that involve single parents raising a child. Read More

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Teachers usually ask students what they want to be when they grow up. well I took the the time to say what I want to be. Read More

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Personalities are a big part of us. It's what makes us unique! Read More
General Information about Bitcoins and the public system that implements them Read More
This is an essay about the pros and cons of starting to receive you social security benefit at age 62 or older. I provide a chart showing how starting at different ages affects overall income.I explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of starting at different ages. I am NOT… Read More

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I did this for an English assignment. It is about my grandpa, reflecting my Ford Ranger I got from him. ENJOY! -Taytortotty. Read More
my experience at exscape. Read More

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a story about me , my disability and my life. Read More

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a women who waits to the last minutes to go see a doctor about a pain she has in her breast. read on read on Read More