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15-year-old Billy wasn't looking for a fight, but the world desperately needed a hero! After the sudden suspicious death of their father in San Diego, fifteen-year-old Billy and his little sister Susie set out on a very unusual and exciting adventure with their mother. Headed for their grandfather's ranch in… Read More

Featured Review by V Holt

"After reading these first three chapters, I had to buy the book! This is one of the very best young adult adventure books I have ever read: exc..." Read More

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Giving up a crush Read More
If you are chronically stressed, those feelings transform into feelings of dread, which make things look even worse. It is almost impossible to live with stress on a long-term basis, as chronic stress can be harmful both physically, and emotionally. Stress becomes chronic when it occurs over an extended period… Read More

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Strength comes within us. Please read and comment. Read More

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This is just an introduction to an amazing story. It's about a girl with an unforgettable past and an unpredictable future. About a girl that just wants everyone to know the truth. Read More
This is a poem/story of my life from the day I was born till 2011 so a lot has changed but I thought I would give you all a bit of background about me. Read More

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This is a Monologue about insanity and paranoia Read More

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I was wondering if I should just post all the books I've read on my profile instead of telling about me. Read More

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Did you know that you have superpowers? I'm not talking about flying, or super strength. I'm talking about powers you have mentally, spiritually, maybe even physically. Read More

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Afraid for the life of her daughter, a mother writes to her friend, hoping to save her her daughter's life before it is too late. This is a byproduct of a story idea I had. Read More

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A letter written To all the woman who are beeing abused and don't want to do anything about it Read More

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My dads ill in hospital am lost and am worried :( Read More

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its a thing from me obviously but no1 believes me Read More
Only you can make your deams - wealth - come true. Read More
you can receive success beyond measurement in money; read how... Read More

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What do you feel, when you have nothing left to feel? Read More

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how ive learned to endure everything life throws. Read More
It is night time and I am just waking up at 4:30 A.M. There are three people awake. See my Essay below. Read More

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This is just something that i decided to write when i was feeling this for a special some one that does not see to understand i dont want to be hurt,although i want to be with this person. Read More

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Do you sometimes feel like the closest people to you or in general the people more capable of knowing you indubitably usually hurt you the most? Read More
How well do you know me? Take a 15 question quiz. 2 multiple choice ones Post your answers in a comment and I will tell you your score :3 Read More