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A crappy story I wrote on an airplane a few days ago, nothing too special. Read More
There was a young man named Louie who was in financial difficulties and he turned to a illegal loan shark to then end up it more debt but after many attempts, the loan shark is arrested. Read More
saving our change, helped our family. Read More
A senior invests in a overseas high yield bond with dire consequences. Read More

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Hello everyone. I have recently witnessed many people wanting not only to visit Balkan countries, but also to study in of the countries. Is this becoming a new trend? Why you should study in Balkan countries: 1. Balkan countries will never be cliche, or out of fashion like all European… Read More

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This lady name Shelly and her family lost her husband because of this one simple Argument. that they had. Read More
If you have been thinking that cats are simply pets, think twice. In this book, a strange cat helps a very poor man start a business, and finally becomes rich. Read More

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generate passive income online Read More

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I wanted to share my life experience and understanding of what its like to lose someone you love so much. Read More
it is about that we don't copy anyone Read More

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The phases one goes through after losing a job. Read More

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Just a short story. Don't remind me I know it's rubbish. Just about something personal Read More
Titantrade is a reputable trading brokerage working with the financial industry from the last 30 years. The company is a leader in Binary Options trading which is a popular kind of investment where brokers can gain huge profits by using effective strategies. Their web-based platform is a simple way to… Read More

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this is a short story about the struggle of a young boy to win his love . when he failed he tried to reach the girl by using the supernatural powers . Read More

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a life and achievement of a Librarian Read More
We need to wipe away all tears from the poor Read More

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Just a little thing about my life. Read More
Joseph F. Rafidi being an independent credit counselor, also working as a volunteer SCORE counselor and helps people expand their business. SCORE is a nonprofit organization that mentors new and existing businesses. Joseph F. Rafidi not only educates the people about the importance of good credit score, but also helps… Read More

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Think before you give someone hate. Read this before you give me hate for the picture! Read More

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Something you should know about me Read More

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...we went to good schools, that's Financial Support, and as much thankful I'm for everything they gave me, there was never the emotional support. that, "follow your dreams" i never heard that "be who you are", "who you are is enough". Because i wasn't.. Read More

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This is a story about money and the value it is supposed to represent. It illustrates how money can be manipulated until it has almost no value, which is what is happening in Europe and the United States. Read More
This is a story all about how deshauns life got turned back upright when he me latisha Read More

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A short story about my new year celebrations with some of my closest friends. Read More
This is pretty much just a chapter of what I'm writing. It's kind of personal, so yeah. Read More
While internet technology may have provided the opportunity for many writers to earn revenue for their articles and efforts online, it brought with it dangers that can change one's life. One of these are online scams that primarily aim to extract hard-earned money from unsuspecting victims. Here is a story… Read More

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Its a story happened with me some days ago.its real and about a sparrow. Read More

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My fears are finally coming to an end........this story is fictional Read More

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kisah hidup penulis yg selalu berharapkan sesuatu yg ajaib dan penuh dgn teka-teki kehidupan. Read More

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this is for JOSE!!!! me and logan feel like this and this is wat we think of u! Read More
There's a girl named Zakiyah she live with her parents and she has a boyfriend that's two years older than her she wants to be with him and she really loves him so she runs away with him, to his house and try's to find a way to tell him… Read More