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Good poetry comes from the deepest part of the soul where words are twisted into something beautiful. This is what I want you to access when entering this contest, you up for it? Read More

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Writing Contest / Poetry

September 10, 2018

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I am a huge animal activist! I became inspired to write a poem like this because i think containing animals in places like zoos or aquariums is unfair and selfish. I hope that when people read my poem it speaks to them, opening their eyes to what that industry is… Read More

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Please read everything. Read More
The Winners Are Announced! Read More
All of the poems are here! You guys have until Friday, June 30th to vote for your favorite poem. It doesn't matter the topic, we are looking for poems that evokes something in you. Choose your favorite! Read More

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This is gonna be my first Hosted Contest. A Poetry contest. -Jack Read More

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Hey guys I'm hosting a poetry contest for all the poets out there waiting to be acknowledged, or for those of us who just never run from a challenge haha. Read More

Writing Contest / Poetry

November 27, 2015

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Reflection of our self Read More