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In this book I am going to share some of my insights into the spiritual background and the higher esoteric meaning of festivals round the year, starting with Easter. Read

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Earth life is a school, a mystery school to be precise. I am saying this because throughout my writings the mysteries of the Jesus story have constantly been revealing themselves. The tale turned out to be a legend, but in my view Christmas and the birth of the Christ child… Read

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The Aquarian age is the age in which honesty and truth will gradually establish themselves as our world’s true ruling principles. This book celebrates the return of the Great Mother’s love, wisdom and truth. For a long time it has been waiting to flow into ever more human hearts and… Read

Chapter 27

Book / Religion and Spirituality

December 04, 2022

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This book searches into the spiritual background of our world's present state. It is an attempt at helping my readers to find a better understanding. Read

Book / Religion and Spirituality

December 02, 2022

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Lourdes is found in a field and has no memories Then she remembers that she is an angel. Could this be true? Why was she living as a human girl and not in heaven? This is the story of Lourdes's journey to find out who she really is Read

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This book is about the ancient myths and legends that have come down to us throughout the ages, without exception, have always contained important esoteric messages that to this day can help us in our search for a better understanding of the purpose and meaning of our race’s and our… Read

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Our earthly days are numbered, all must prepare to meet our maker... Read
This article is an exegesis on the temptations of Jesus. Read

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This book is not only about the truth behind the Jesus legend, but also the background of our world's present state - the pandemic. The false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices of the old religions prepared the footsteps in which the pharmaceutical industry has been stepping for a long time, ever… Read
What if in one possible future that the burial cloth of Jesus Christ is proven to be authentic? That the technology of the given time can identify the creation of something so extraordinary that it goes way beyond scientific understanding? And what if someone was to tell you that it… Read

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Rejoice, dear readers, the second coming or the latter days of the law are here. This book tells you everything you need to know how this has come about. Read

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I believe that with the help and will of God and the Angels all conditions can be healed. This, however, cannot take place without first creating the right conditions for it.This part of my jottings is an attempt at lighting the way. The consciousness of those who still mistake themselves… Read

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This is the continuation of 'To Jab Or Not To Jab' and 'Our World In Transition', because both books are full to the brim. There is only one religion, the religion of love, honesty and truth. There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth. There is only one… Read

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In the course of several years chapter after chapter of this part of my jottings came into being. Whilst writing them I got an ever stronger feeling that the book of life was opening before me, to show me that there really is a great plan of life and how… Read

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Tick Tock Is a Book that speaks to the Worldly Events that are taking place currently and in the near future to come. Written by Watchman Dominic Ezekiel. Get to understand the mysteries and prophecies about this generation. Read

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Greetings beloved friends and siblings in the great family of humankind, wherever you may be. Every day that passed, for a while brought you another short message from the living God within me. In the year 2022 when the 'pandemic' appears to have run its course because the outbreak of… Read

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nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give it. Read

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... Read

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Longing of the soul to leave the finite and meet the infinite Read
Trying to find out the dates between Pilate, Tiberius, Sejanus and Jesus. Read

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As Paul Simon wrote, quite a while ago: ‘These are the days of miracles and wonders. These are the days of the long distance call.’ That’s what he told us in his album ‘Under African Sky’. However, this call is an astonishing one because it’s by no means long distance… Read
This is another season. Where I take you through the revelations beyond what you know. Expect the unexpected. Enjoy and support. The book is not for everyone but for those who need to understand the times we live in. Watchman Dominic Ezekiel Read
????? : ?????? ?? ????? Shodasi Ramayan Ke Rahasy Hindi SHODASI : SECRETS OF THE RAMAYANA Kundalini Yoga & Gayathri Mantra in Valmiki Ramayana ENGLISH HINDI AND TELUGU ORIGINAL AUTHOR : SESHENDRA SHARMA Seshendra : Visionary Poet of the Millennium REVIEWS : Books : Read

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A poem that places life and death in perspective. To understand that one day life will cease to exist and perhaps, no matter your belief, will birth once again in another world, dimension, or Heaven. Read

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After writing a letter to God, Katarina finds herself in the presence of her Guardian Angel who decides to guide her through the holidays. Read

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The fall of Berlin wall reminds us we came together for the next moment in our history. Let us make every trials on this test for this coming winter to bear the honor our Lord will save every gifts of this coming Christmas to speak its rebirth in this his… Read

Featured Review by Steven P. Pody

"Well, your sincerity and faithful zeal are beyond question. An interesting testament of values and belief. Thanks for sharing. Poetic regards..." Read

A grim reaper talks of the importance in keeping the balance of life and death in check and what it means to be a grim reaper serving the higher powers of the universe. Read

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The uncommon name that send emergency message to heaven for our rescue Read