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Twiggy and Shrubs discover their strength is greater together; as opposed to the tree people elders, the Special Branch. When the bark beetles attack their tree, it is the young seedlings who save the day. Sequel: INCOMING GIANTS Read More

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Noam tell the Easter egg story . A clever fox thinks he can make lots of money on Easter eggs and tries to out smart Noam and fellow rabbits. Learn the story of Easter egg. Read

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This book will show you how to use the power of natural order to gain greater peace, health and success! In addition, you will learn ways to join the fight for greater peace and order in our World. Read

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Grim reapers have a simple enough job with common sense rules, but sometimes the unexpected can cause a reaper to become something more. These are their stories and experiences with those walking in life and struggling in death. Read
Paying attention to slide-FX & claim self-agency from Authority figures who don'Tend harbor equaliTeam Read
Duchy Vanderbloomen, a high school cheerleader here in 1999, loves life with her adorable Border Collie named Ringer. Ringer is a sagacious dog with an uncanny savvy, and he lives to please and to charm his mistress. And Duchy is happy with him. A man named Flanders Nickels comes into… Read
Flanders Nickels, a man without Christ, has a visit from the girl next door. She is a young woman named Tracy Lynn Privett, and she is outspoken about her Saviour. He quickly comes to see her as a magpie who talks too much about God. And he resists her Christ.… Read
a quick reflection on the interwovenness of all of humanity despite cultural divide and fear Read
This book answers the question 'Why am I here?" It goes deeply into the meaning of life and how we, who have entered into this life to do the work of Love, can reclaim our true identities and live a life of empowerment and joy while everything seems to crumble… Read

Chapter 1

Book / Religion and Spirituality

September 28, 2023

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Chapter 2

Book / Religion and Spirituality

September 28, 2023

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Vagabond is a story about angels who have been stripped of their angelic qualities in order to learn how to trust and love God. He gives them the ability to choose their own path, and by mastering doctrines, they learn how to fully realize their angelic potential. With 7 Protectors… Read

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Inspired interpretation of the scriptures, the Bible. Read
What does “Going Through It” mean to you? How can you be sure to “Get Through It”? it starts with ... "The Lord’s Work Done the Lord’s Way!" Read
This is an article describing my out of body experience. I'd like everyone to read it and know there is life after death and out of body experiences are very real. Read

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In September 2010, I set out to write this novel for the first time. And for over 10 years, whenever I was in the Spirit, I kept writing this book. It is now August 26, 2023, and I have finished this book. This novel is written from a first-person perspective… Read

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Modern English Haiku or ME Haiku is a new form of haiku that follows the 5 / 7 / 5 / 2 pattern of syllables with one repetition. Conceptualized by me, ArchDuke Kenneth. The traditional Japanese haiku's "on" or "beats" as known in the English verse, has a 5 /… Read

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After committing his life to Christ, WD, aka Woodrow Dawson, sets in motion events which will echo through eternity. Haunted by grief over his past failures, he decides to make things right between him and his aging father. But first, he needs to escape from the mental health facility where… Read

Book / Religion and Spirituality

September 21, 2023

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Occult, witchcraft & dark magick poetry. Copyright The Elusive Mr Dunne.. (All rights reserved) Read

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Phenomenal words of love for the world to know we are all one in Jesus Christ. Read
Lisa "Gravel" Fantasia--the fox--is a Christian pom pom girl. She discovers a guy who lives in the apartment across the hall from her who is dressed in a girls' cheerleader uniform. She finds a burden for his soul. And she goes and visits him, hoping to lead him to Christ… Read
Huskey Ambassage, a young Christian woman, desires to see what Christ looks like. The Lord sends her into a mysterious new world of red dawn, and she meets a young Christian man there whose name is Flanders Nickels. He tells her that this world is called "The Land of Red… Read
Celebrate Dia de los Muertos ( Day of the Dead) with Noam , bunny helpers and forest friends. Noam brings his large Pascha Pumpkin into the village to celebrate Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Sharing God's love and pass it forward Read
Tracy Pie Chart, the one-piece swimsuit girlfriend, wears her yellow and red chevron-patterned one-piece swimsuit every day. She has a beloved pet golden hind called "Demoiselle." This maillot woman, though a born-again Christian, holds on to an unforsaken sin, which has brought into her life a demonic persecutor called, "The… Read
Flanders Nickels, a born-again Christian, suddenly finds himself in a countryside paradise which calls itself "the land." Here he discovers the girl Gravel, the bride of the land, at her home at the waterfalls in the most heavenly place of the land. For his good and her good and the… Read
Miss Mackenzie McKassey, a prodigal daughter of God, comes back to Flanders Nickels, a mighty man of God, in hopes that he can bring her back to the Lord. In old days they used to fellowship together in the Lord as girlfriend-and-boyfriend-in-Christ. But she chose to backslide; and he, to… Read