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Kinghood is about four identical male quadruplets who serve their kingdom under the guise of one prince. For years, they have lived a clandestine existence, with only one of them serving as the prince at any given time so as to secure the royal bloodline that only decades before was… Read More

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"An absorbing fantasy novel in the vein of Robin Hobb, Raymond E Feist, and George R R Martin. The prologue is well written." Read More

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We find in the book of Esther that our God is a God of details. God's sovereign decree in our lives should be a source of great comfort. Read

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Sous Rature is a Philosophical Art where a term is written and deleted and then retained to get a glimpse of Deconstruction. Read

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This is a motivational article. Read
Some Biblical Figures and how they were badass. Read
Godmeneutics comes from God and Hermeneutics (interpretation) and it is a metaphorical transmutation of Bible events into a vision of financial prosperity. Read
Hooponopono is a Hawaiian magical technique for self-healing and forgiveness and using it you can get your wishes Satisfied. Read

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These are a collection of Idioms. Read

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These are some new idioms from the Bible. Read
To be chosen not only meant to be favored, b to participate, also, being chosen is an invitation it required responsible actions, and it' an offer to step into a new life giving relationship- as well as God's work of transformation in our own lives and others Read

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These are thoughts that are both spiritual and intellectual. Read

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I have developed some new terms from Christianity. They are Christanonsciousness, Christaletics, and Christnomeics. Read
These are metaphoric allusions from the Bible for financial prosperity. Read

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There's been a lot of debate about the crucifixion of Jesus. This is what I found. Read
Reflecting on the Parables Of The Mustard Seed and the Wheat And Tares Read
Reflecting on what it means to be favoured by God. Read

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Some thoughts on Easter. Read
Knowing your moon sign can help you find your soulmate. You can get a FREE personalised moon sign reading using an online calculator @ Read

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The profits of betrayal are many. Read

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This is an article based on my reply to the post of "Atheism and the End of Faith" by Alexander Byrne. It consists of my view on faith and religion that I feel worthy of sharing. Read

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Too many people are chasing an illusion of what love ought to be. Romance scammers are doing better than ever as people, particularly women I know, chase after an online dream that is never going to be. In this story, I address the issue and offer the hope and love… Read