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Book / Mystery and Crime

December 31, 1969

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A quirky, English - Edmund Crispin-style - detective story set in the mid-1930s. Read More

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Short Story / Horror

December 31, 1969

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Sam lost her mother to cancer. At a young age was left with a question is there life after death? She hears a soft lullaby being sung by her mother. Read More

Featured Review by Criss Sole

"Very sweet how the mother was still trying to save her daughter long after her own death. Very spooky, but glad it had a good ending. Great ..." Read More

There is a definitive rift between the religious, and non-religious. Especially in America. I have absolutely zero problem with those who do believe, but I do take issue to the inherently toxic message religion, when stemming from "holy" books, and those who interpret said "holy" book literally to the point… Read More
This a new idiom Read More
It is time for us to sort ourselves out with this Bible business. Read More

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It's an acrostic about the Bible Read More
Up until now you may have thought of the Old Testament in the Bible as being a primarily Jewish document, written by Jews for other Jews, but that would be an incorrect assumption. There are many parallels between the Judaism of old and modern Christian church denominations. You just have… Read More
It's an interpretation from the Bible Read More
I'm gettin' real tired of seeing rallies supporting Islam, especially when it comes from people like Democrats, LGBT, women-activists, etcetera. My response...THE TRUTH... Read More
Examining a curse I placed on Shopko which contributed to it's downfall. Read More
A short article on the relation between mind and the five senses and how they control the mind to bend to their desire. Read More
For those of us who count themselves as followers of Christ, Jesus said a lot of things that would offend a lot of people, especially religious conservatives. It's a good thing they don't read their Bibles. My goodness, they could otherwise run into something they would be unable to face… Read More
I happen to ponder this question yesterday and continued my research on this famous "Source of All That Is" - a god I don't recognize as MY GOD, and whom Souls never mentioned in ancient NDEs at all until 35 years ago. UP to the 1930s, in fact, no NDE… Read More
Our church services are being ruined by the encroachment of conservative politics and capitalistic values. In this posting I explore the root causes of this problem that threatens the very mission and purpose for existence of the Church as a whole. Read More
It's been all over the news all week long. The financial elite, including some of Hollywood's most visible celebrities, have been caught up in the most massive college cheating scandal ever uncovered in American history. Read More
March 10, 2019 it has been reported that Italy's Olive Trees are being destroyed by a pathogen. What does this mean prophetically? Read More
It seems today many young Christians aren't willing to give their sex lives up to Christ. If you are an unmarried Christian, whether you are merely tempted to engage in sex or have already given in to this temptation, I believe we are made for more. Christ can satisfy us… Read More

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As Christians, how do we find our center in life and what does it mean to know ourselves? Read More

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It's a passage from the Bible Read More

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It's an idiom Read More

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it's an idiom. Read More
Some people write to earn a paycheck. Others write because it's their passion. I fall into the latter category. Let me tell you why. Read More
"God is same for all religions"....this simple theory can stop hatred and terrorism.......... Read More

Article / Religion and Spirituality

February 12, 2019

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for all things good there must as a consequence be something evil to challenge it. the ultimate sin in the eye of god is when a worshipper of satan such as myself uses his or her abilities to create spiritual life. this article details my effort to commit such a… Read More
If you were awaken this morning with someone screaming your name in the middle of your street, speaker blasting neighbors complaining how would you respond or would you answer the call Read More
In this week's commentary, I explore the real Biblical meaning of tithing, while explaining that we must all give what we can when we are able. On the other hand, that doesn't always have to be exactly ten percent. Those who claim that we must all give ten percent are… Read More

Article / Religion and Spirituality

February 05, 2019

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Just a brief opinion on pro-"choice." Read More
Information about pigeons Read More
The foods we consume only stays in our bodies long enough to sustain us for a period of time, and we need to repeat the process of consuming more ingredients / food while our bodies get rid of the wasted substances and make room for something new too replace the… Read More

Article / Religion and Spirituality

January 27, 2019

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The next chapter teaching the proper method of afflicting your neighbor. My work in this area goes back about ten years. Sad to say I was raised Lutheran and attended a Lutheran school system. Guess the moral dogma never stuck as I was always too fascinated with other religions to… Read More
Our one purpose in life is to praise and worship God, that's what you are called to do. The scripture says " many are called but few are chosen " Matthew 22:14 Read More
Many would wonder how my short stories would have anything to do with witch craft. Perhaps by teaching others they might better understand how each witch invokes his or her spells. Yet I wont make it to easy that will spoil the surprise! Read More
A brief look at the Kingdom of God and what that means for us now on earth. Read More
Are you truly wise? What is wisdom? The wisdom of the world is not the wisdom of Scripture. Read More
Here You Go; Some Clarification About My Post Last Week. It Seems Some Find My Views of Scripture "too radical". Thank You Very Much for the Compliment..... Read More