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We're excited to announce the release of Booksie Print, the easiest way to see your book in print. Upload your book to the site, press a button, provide your address, and a formatted copy of your book will be sent to your home address. Perfect for proof copies, gifts, or… Read More

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"This is absolutely wonderful! I'm really looking forward to have this being opened in more countries! ^^" Read More

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Article about angels Read More
Don't fall for these deceptive ploys from the enemy. Read More

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An article that explores the insight that mindfulness and a good dose of self acceptance could be the answer to our climate crisis. Read More
I am part of nature, and nature is part of me. I am what I am in my communication and communion with all living things. I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the web of life on the planet. Nature, the human community and the universe is connected with… Read More
A brief look at Paul's teaching of Unconditional Election as found in Romans 9. Read More
Creating your own spirituality where ever you happen to be. Read More
Believers continue to allow themselves to be deceived by the most unbiblical false teachers imaginable. Christians must start using discernment and common sense. Read More
a healthy relationship with the holy spirit is real. Read More
Some tips, or thoughts to consider, regarding grace in the pulpit. Read More

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Pagan concept ancient and modern. Read More
Have you discovered your purpose in life yet? Is the lie you are living now o any eternal value? Read on to discover the first part of taking on the journey of purpose discovery. Be blessed. Read More
There's a lot of talk and concerns about this coronavirus, people are wondering is it man-made or a plague from God as a punishment for our transgressions, in these articles we will discuss our beliefs, feelings and the facts concerning this subject. Read More
No God, no savior, only us bringing about reality in a non-random universe. Read More

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1. As long as I Do Not Realize WHO I AM NOT, I will Never Realize WHO I AM. 2. A life without meaning is equal to Death. It's like lying in your grave except that you still have Breath. 3. A tree shouldn't be so busy creating branches and… Read More
There is a prize for everything Read More
Ajarnsaanja explains why it it necessary to meditate 2 hours a day,no matter what,if one wants to come to fruition in his meditation and also,not to forget in his daily activities,which are actually a prolonguement of our meditation. Read More

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The spirit of God gave me a self reassessment question as I was meditating on the above scripture he said "What is it that you hope for?" He even went further and gave me advice on what I must do while I pray because he is also my counselor. He… Read More

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Be proud of the religion and belief system in which you were born and brought up.. and do give time to analyse the deeper aspect of it.. Read More
For Pagans...the Time of Light Begins... Read More
This article is about the municipality in West Bengal, India. For its namesake subdivision, see Kalna subdivision. For its namesake community development block, see Kalna I. For another namesake community development block, see Kalna II. Kalna Ambika Kalna City Kalna Temple Complex Kalna Temple Complex Nickname(s): The Temple City Kalna… Read More
A question for the religious during the free-for-all month of God dominant religious ritual... Read More

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Redefining a legendary character to create a new context. Read More
For years people have been attempting to predict the end of the world and the return of Christ. Prophets have predicted and failed over and over again, yet they remain popular and are defended by many. Have you ever wondered why they always fail? Well, hopefully this brief treatment of… Read More
Do you keep trying to be good only to make the same mistakes? Are you trying to please God but feel like all you do is the same old things you try not to do? Well, YOU alone can't change or do good... Read More
God saved us so that we can be his outreached hand to the world .He wants us to show his light to those who are in darkness and make them disciples of the Kingdom.When you come into Christ you’re made the light of the world .Heres a short article to… Read More
Is it possible there is an error among many of those who believe in Calvinism/The Doctrines of Grace? I think so, one in particular and I have been guilty of it myself. This brief article addresses that area of contention. Read More