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December 31, 1969

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This poem describes a man running as a form of exercise and therapy. The run also alludes to him running away from his emotions, problems, and "true-self" as well. I feel as though it is the best way I could give my audience a means to visualize dealing with a… Read More

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We need to find commonality and not the division that comes with the imperatives of groups. There is no freedom for groups, and there should be none. Freedom? Equality? Justice? It exists for all, or it exists for none. There really is no other way. Read More
There is lots of talk on the talk shows, podcasts and the internet about an impending economic crash. But is it real, or just a bunch of hype? Were you aware that this very thing is foretold in the Bible in at least two places? It has come to my… Read More

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Sometimes we tend to forget all of the simple pleasures of life. It's not as complicated as some of us may think. Focus on those things that are available to all of us, each and every day. The cover is a very nice image that you can see in high… Read More

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If you have ever thought about god does it not seem probable that he knows exactly which one is the true belief? This is a simple muse. The beginning of the question. The search for the reason why. Or why not. To appreciate the cover in a high def image,… Read More