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Quran gives us a clear image of the end of disbelievers, those who denied Allah`s prophets and signs .In this post you will find some verses of Quran which describes the end of disbelievers Read More
In this we look at 12 reasons, or possibilities, for conflict making its way into church leadership/staff. Being aware of these problematic issues can help in maintaining healthy leadership. Read More

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Allah gives us a great sign of his creation and absolute power. Signs that we can see and witness What do you thing about this great sign ? Read More

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Two of the greatest "cancers" to enter the body of Christ are the Prosperity "Gospel" and the Word of Faith Movement. Both of these should be exposed and cut out of the body of Christ just as real cancerous tissue is cut out of the human body. Read More

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I'd like to suggest that parents stop trying to come across as something they are not when dealing with their children. Stop trying to fit some category defined by others and be who you are. Be open and honest with your children about your flaws and mistakes. Being open and… Read More

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Poems from Love Read More


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Lot was a great prophet. Allah sent him to his people to tell them to worship one God but they dined his message . What happened to them? Here the story. Read More

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In many cases you might get in a situation that people ask you about your opinion in different aspects of life .Do you always tell the truth? Read More
imagine, and understand Read More
It`s the biggest journey you would ever take. It`s a journey where you will leave your body and face the unseen world. What do you know about? Read More

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The article is on the Hindu spiritualism. A description of one of the Trinity. Read More

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As oil in lamp keeps the flames burning, similarly the embodiment of pearls of wisdom through which our soul is purged always keeps fire in our belly. Strong convictions and beliefs always ignite the elements through which our soul is constituted. Read More

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What is truth? The famous question that was asked of Jesus. Truth today tends to be subjective. What's true for me, may not be true for you. But is this what Jesus meant when He says He is the truth? Read More
At my church, we have trainings for members who want to serve in different ministries. They call it, Discipleshift (not mis-spelled) Training. Throughout the day we have small break out sessions, activities and exercises to better assist us with complicated issues that we as Christians and the church face. This… Read More
All of us have judged another at one time. We have no real right to do so, but we do. Maybe this short thought will help you to think before you speak next time. Read More