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It turns out that every city can be viewed from a psychological point of view just like a man... or a woman! Read More

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Love relations outside family are so often that in fact true faithfullness in couples is scarce. What to do if a new love grows in your life or that fo your partner? Read More

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"Living Thoughts" by Anatoly Nekrasov, Preface Read More

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This article discusses the Nature of God the Father. Read More
This article describes Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Limbo. Read More
This article discusses Plato's treatment of reincarnation in his book, The Republic. Read More
This article describes some important points about the Episcopalian Catholic Church. Read More
This article discusses the relationship between the God of the Trinity and the Godhead. Read More
This article discusses logical positivism and concludes that it is flawed. Read More

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Henry Red Cloud Lakota is a story about the Lakota rebuilding their nation and keeping there way of life Read More
There are many different views floating around out there regarding the "End Times." Why is it important to study this topic? This is part one of a four part article on why we should study Eschatology (End Times) and the four main views found within orthodox Christianity. Read More

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discernment is a spiritual tool for every firebrand stardom in God's kingdom Read More

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The diamond idea is an idea that explains a very different approach to liberation and freedom. It explains how to be liberated, experience freedom, and realize your dream through. Read More
What would you want to be remembered as? Read More
If you are willing to commit suicide please consider reading this article. Read More