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We're excited to announce the release of Booksie Print, the easiest way to see your book in print. Upload your book to the site, press a button, provide your address, and a formatted copy of your book will be sent to your home address. Perfect for proof copies, gifts, or… Read More

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"This is absolutely wonderful! I'm really looking forward to have this being opened in more countries! ^^" Read More

In 1994 I started writing my first book, and I was thirteen years old. A quarter century later, I collected most of my poems and published them in my second book: “Echoes of the Soul: 25 Years of Poetry”. Before that, approximately four months earlier, in March 2020, I published… Read More

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Continuation of 'Thought For Today' Part Two. Read More

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This book looks at the present Coronavirus outbreak and reflects on the way previous ones were handled. Read More

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Rejoice, dear readers, the second coming or the latter days of the law are here. This book tells you everything you need to know about it. Read More

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This book takes us into the spiritual background of life and looks at how Earth life in particular once began. Read More

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Meditation using the Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-Gita scripture along with other books from what I learned from my own experience. Read More

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This book is about the spiritual background of some of the events of our world and why they are happening during the challenging time of transition from one age to the other. Read More

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Worte des Trostes und der Hoffnung fuer meine Freunde im deutschsprachigen Teil unserer Welt. Read More

Chapter 5

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August 01, 2020

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Henry Caldwell has a beef with God, but he doesn't have time to hash that out now! Henry's whole world is falling apart and it seems like no matter what direction he runs, young Henry jumps right into deeper water. If he's not dreaming about his own certain death, he's… Read More

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This new part of my jottings was launched on the 10th January 2020, the day of the full Moon in Cancer, the sign of the caring and nurturing aspect of the Divine Trinity, the Great Mother of all life. The full Moon in any sign is always a time for… Read More

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chapter-1 "evil kansa" a terrible fear had overcome indra,king of the gods for his crown was threatened by an enemy far stronger by an enemy far stronger than anything his divine thunderbolt or the army of immortals could restrain.forgetting his pride riding his three headed elephant airavat he headed for… Read More

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By looking into the spiritual background of life, we can find a better understanding why sorrow and sadness are as necessary for our evolutionary pathway through life as joy and happiness. Read More

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This story is based on the teachings of Buddha which I'm learning and trying to accomplish the state of Nirvana. This is not a propagation of the religious issues and it is a compilation of what I have learnt in recent days about the life to live in a different… Read More

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A collection of the essences of some of my favourite teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. Read More
This book contains a collection of the essences of my favourite teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. Read More

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A book that talks about understanding the Holy Spirit, written by Oyet Singh. Read More
She is as strong as a button of metal, She is as confident as a queen seated on her throne, She is as focused as a mother nursing her baby, She is as gentle as a summer breeze. She is as brave as a lioness on a hunting mission. No… Read More
Prayer is a process of engaging with God to empower the inner man. Just like you exercise and also detox your body, prayer allows you to go through a cleansing process of your inner being. A prayerful life that is inspired by faith is a good investment in your needs… Read More

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A collection of songs that have a special meaning for me. Read More

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This book is not only a continuation of my present 'Food for Thought' Part 1, but also of the much loved three books with this name I published under the name of Aquarius and which sadly got lost. Read More

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A collection of chapters of my 'Jottings of a Stargazer'. Read More
penny and Jason met at a circus and fell in love and married Jason got a job but was made redundant. He was recommended for a job but it meant moving away. penny had lived in her village all her life and the thought of leaving did not impress her… Read More

Chapter 1

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Whereas Mahabharata's Bhagvad-Gita is taken as a philosophical guide, Ramayana's Sundara Kãnda is sought for spiritual solace; many believe that reading it or hearing it recited would remove all hurdles and usher in good tidings! Miracles apart, it's in the nature of this great epic to inculcate fortitude and generate… Read More

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Entry for the Coronavirus contest. Read More

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This book is about the healing abilities that are slumbering in each one of us. At our entry into the Age of Aquarius new opportunities for saving and redeeming ourselves, each other and our world are opening up for everyone. Read More

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The world around us is an outer manifestation of the inner life of our race, individually and collectively. It acts like a mirror that constantly reflects its state back to us. Subtly and in many different ways, the Universe has always been trying to guide us and teach us by… Read More

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The Consortium of Witches have stood as a thorn in the side of the faithful for generations. Their corrupting influence has drawn many young followers of the faith into the depths of depravity and sin. That changes today, with defenders of the faithful plunging into the depths of hell itself… Read More
On one hand, this ‘book of logic ‘n reasoning’ appraises the Islamic faith shaped by the sublimity of Muhammad's preaching in Mecca and the severity of his sermons in Medina, which together make it Janus-faced to bedevil the minds of the Musalmans. That apart, aided by “I’m Ok – You’re… Read More

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This book aims to bring a daily thought that will hopefully provide inspiration for anyone who, like me, is struggling on their pathway of coming to terms with their earthly existence. Read More
Continuation of a very old story that I just re-discovered Read More
The Angel With A Broken Wing, Is A Christmas Story about A Beautiful Man became An Angel Named "Visaiah" That fail from The Heavens Temporary, to not only do a Mission but also do God's Well... Thy Lord God of The Holy Prophets Sent "Visaiah" His Angel to show unto… Read More
This book looks at the spiritual background of the beginnings of all life and how it's going to end, for us and our world. Read More

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The Age of Aquarius has been with us for quite some time and in this book you can find out about what it means. Read More
Bestselling author Michael N. Marcus has lived his adult life as a non-believing Jew. Now, at the age of 73, like many senior citizens, he contemplates the future. This book is an exploration of various religions, and beginnings and ends of life. Marcus says, “At my age it’s common to… Read More
A book that links together the histories of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It begins with the creation of Adam-and-Eve, and it ends with the current struggle between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Read More

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I believe that with the help and will of God and the Angels all conditions can be healed. This, however, cannot take place without first creating the right conditions for it.This part of my jottings is an attempt at lighting the way. The consciousness of those who still mistake themselves… Read More