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Being forced to find a suitor during Coronation Season for the first time in her kingdom’s history, Thea Griesling’s dream of becoming the sole queen and Grand General of her kingdom seems lost. Now being thrust into the unfamiliar world of sweeping ball gowns and charming princes, she must master… Read More
The first novel that Kay Lynn Mangum wrote was a touching story. These are my thoughts on it. Read More
For God, From God, To All - This is called - Glimpses of Paradise by Sonya M. Reyes - Note: As I wrote this, I left a lot of details out for the moment and for the final purpose of this bio. Paradise: First, I want to began by saying,… Read More
The problems and happiness which is in all the human's life Read More
Meditation, Karma, and Nonviolence Teachings and Practices From The Buddhist and Jain Cultures Read More
Wampanoag Wisdom & Pilgrim Pluck say “Happy Thanksgiving” today to all the people in the United States, in a joyous way, allowing people to unite in a bright light of love and gratitude. Because they choose to let go of their differences in order to ‘break bread;’ threading new understandings… Read More
Sweeping in revelatory content, prophetic utterance and declarations - this work simply must be read by anyone desiring to move into the cutting edge of the supernatural realms of Christianity. Read More
Jennifer's joy and enthusiasm sparkle as she presents to us the stories of men and women who met with God through prayer. Read More

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Kevo explains the corruption that Government, Religion, and Education has caused on society. He defines reality as what it "really is", and gives a great mind opening example on how to identify the lies reality tells us all. The book is broke into 7 segments, and he begins each segment… Read More
These are book reviews for the novel, Times of Trouble. Read More
A review of the essay by Dr. Antonio de Nicolas, revolving around the Sankara, or the unity and divisibility of self. This follows some Eastern spirituality, and Dr. de Nicolas, as an expert in the field, attempts to explain his perspective on the idea. Read More
A short summary of one of the most shocking tales of the End of Days. Sonia Godunov comes to America to become a cook for the mysterious Pavlovich family in West Hartford, Connecticut. She soon finds herself involved in the dark workings of a plot to bring on Armageddon. Read More

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A sociolagical Analysis of a Civic Movement Rooted in Moderate Islam Read More
What is Indian wisdom? Know the answer from the world renowned intellectual giants Read More
What is Indian wisdom? Know the answer from the world renowned intellectual giants Read More
What is Indian? Know the answer from the world renowned intellectual giants Read More