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Short Story / Historical Fiction

December 31, 1969

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There was a crunching sound of splintering bone and tearing of flesh, as Stone face’s head came away from his body in a shower of blood. The Long fang let out a deep rumbling growl. Read More

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Short Story / Thrillers

December 31, 1969

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Picture your dream... and fight for it!!!!!!!! Photo of Jane Bond by kalhh at Pixabay Read More

Featured Review by AdamCarlton

"A deep-tour of fishing arcana beckons me on. Your disgusting protagonist will get what he deserves. Go Jane!" Read More

Why religious polarisation and extremism have helped to escalate violence,rape,murder and manslaughter in Nigeria to a greater degree than other countries in the region. Read More

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Goblin, goblin, in the city, scatter all the tins in the house, i get the money no be Gold but na paper, she like gold, the say do so i think is a dollar, she like gold, she like gold ,goblin , goblin Read More
De one I Love yea, yea, uh, am back now am sitting shirt all my Niggas weh c me , then say is not fair, so then get in my room and put on red shirt and that signify the love i have is God sent . Forget the beatch… Read More
We are dependably instructed to be empathetic and circumspect towards others; now, everybody knows this, however just a couple of consider these words important. Todd Kassal is a stockbroker from Miami, and had the benefit of a decent life. Read More