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In the mysterious high deserts of New Mexico, the Indian shamans know the secret of the coyote transformation, allowing mortals to shape-shift into shadow coyotes, the better to bring down their prey. Now Katt Hall, a transplanted Southern beauty sexually frustrated by an unwilling and alcoholic husband, has gained those… Read More
The history of the Nation of Gods and Earths has often been misappropriated as a ‘sect’ of the Nation of Islam. This is for reasons of partial legitimacy at least to the extent of how to generalize the relationship between the two groups. The Nation of Gods and Earths is… Read
if my memory serves me correct i began writing this miniature dissertation on the founder of the nation of islam at the age of 23. i was physically imprisoned at the time serving a ten year sentence most of which years i had been studying intensely with a cultural/scientific/pediatric-philanthropy movement… Read
My 8" mural "The Rose Window" In the sanctuary of the Trinity Lutheran Church, Vancouver, Wa. Read

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This is my view of how it all happened, Read
Not choosing is choosing... Read

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God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his only son. Without question, he was willing to do it. My great grandfather was a devoted missionary and member of the Methodist Church. Even though his son was damaged due to rickets, he was unwavering in his faith. The power that both these men… Read
Dr. David Jeremiah's family taught him that the Bible was the key to success. If only more people knew it. In this essay, I explain how I use the fact that I am a targeted individual and a victim of gang stalking to strengthen my ties to the Heavenly Father.… Read

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I imagine there are a lot of other writers in this space who also wonder whether it's more important to reach other readers, or reach as deeply as possible without regard to whether or not readers will make the same tough journey that the essay makes. I think the essay… Read
This is an article not an essay! Read

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In this essay, I discuss the state of state control of Hindu temples in India and how it prevents them from serving their true purpose. Read

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Ancient ritual used by the Christian religion, origin and meaning. Winter Solstice and Yule. Read

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Old Schools do not bring in new schools of thought merely point the way Read
just read it in the moment Read

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The following was composed originally in letter format, and at times may read like so. It has been altered slightly for the purposes of this essay, and to fit the reason for its publishing. Every now and then, while perusing articles and other works in defense of Christianity, I come… Read

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Grace was never meant to be an excuse to be an ass. Anyone who has self worth needs no governor and they in fact are inchristed. Try that for internal yoga! Read
This is an essay about my epiphanies while working with different mantras and meditations over a 5 year period Read

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what is Sophia, is she the rebel, the anarchist of spirituality? Read
Scarcity may drive up value but what is the value in that? It is about time we let go of these old gods, way, ideas and rulers. This is a spiritual economic essay. Read

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As long as we believe and teach lack over abundance there will always be a lack of freedom and peace Read

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What is god? Can god's existence be proven by math and if so how would that change your belief in a superior power or being and how that being views you. Read

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this is a channeled message 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01000111 01101111 01100100 Read
This article is very intense and may have you question many of your beliefs. My idea here is to energetically protect your mind from Vampirism. If you want to hang onto old constructs of fear or if someone is trying to force you to so they can feed off your… Read
Soul: spirit, heart, essence, core. dosis sola facit venenum - Latin: 'only the dose makes the poison' Read

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When was the last time YOU cried? Read
This essay covers some important aspects of Native American Spirituality and Culture. Read
The End of the Antichrists reign? My painting " The Old Tower in the Field" (After Vincent Van Gogh) Read
Look beyond the boundaries of your existence, and see the boundless possibilities. Then look beyond those possibilities, and glimpse the purpose of your being. Read
Death defies logic, understanding and even reason. It can challenge faith and shutter the human soul. It devours the very essence of existence, and leaves an emptiness that can shatter and break a human heart. It is the beginning of an ending that promises a light so bright in the… Read
Church bells ring on silent streets, and empty pews and unused hymnals with songs of praise untouched by human hands. Words of comfort and of solace too plaintive for the fearful heart. And abandoned hope and resurrected faith laid bare upon the alter of infected minds and weeping souls, afraid… Read

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Sunday Mornings – a day to relax and to unwind. A day to pray and meditate, and a day to reflect and contemplate Read