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The words some of us spit out of our Mouths, are they the words that we Read More

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what are we doing here on earth? Read More

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Happy Passover, Booksie Read More
In this essay I will discuss some examples of biblical themes, specific references to Scripture and discuss their signifigance. Read More

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A short essay which covers the basis of Alchemical philosophy and foundation, as well as discusses its origins as both venerated science and system for psychological transformation Read More
Hi Walter Morris ,hope you are well. Friends for Justice in vermont would like you to review your decision to not allow a lawyer present as you took two homes from a widowed father of 8 (clear title,no mortgages) at 8601 rt Sheffield Vermont. You denied the defendant verbal plea… Read More

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Every Friday I hope to post an essay about a specific aspect of Jewish faith. I am open to any questions which I can answer in an essay. Read More

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How the wedding in Cana can strenghten your faith and guide your walk with God. Read More

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Can you fly in your dreams? Read More

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A short summary taken from the book of Deutoronomy about the importance of worshipping and trusting God (Yahweh) alone. Read More

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If there really was a single, loving god Read More

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Black people should have a say and a voice. Read More

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Have you ever met someone who just want to conquer it all. Solving Read More

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Follow the money trail........ Read More

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i guess so y'all know my spiritual journey. if you've read my bio, you know that i'm a believer, so i wanted to share with you how that came about. part of the message that i want to give as a rapper, although that may not happen for a while.… Read More

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Now there is Tit for Tat or should I say Tat for Tit. And its never about Read More