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Church bells ring on silent streets, and empty pews and unused hymnals with songs of praise untouched by human hands. Words of comfort and of solace too plaintive for the fearful heart. And abandoned hope and resurrected faith laid bare upon the alter of infected minds and weeping souls, afraid… Read More

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Sunday Mornings – a day to relax and to unwind. A day to pray and meditate, and a day to reflect and contemplate Read More
I remember the good old days, back when religion and God was still a personal and moving experience, and not a multi-plex or video show occurrence. Back when people dressed up in their “Sunday best,” and Sunday sermons were words uttered with emotion and not just videos on giant screens… Read More
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Faith is compassion, empathy, kindness, charity. Faith is a state of mind and state of consciousness that expands our humanity and our morality. Faith is a passion and an obsession that overwhelms the basic beastly instincts of the human animal within. Read More
There seems to be a disconnect in America today between Christianity and Religiosity. It seems that one can now be “religious” without being a Christian, and a Christian without faith. Read More
The crucifixion, the burial, the resurrection. The barbarity, the contrition, the inspiration Read More

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Every day I am inundated on my computer with the exultation of the evils that confront us day in and day out. The posts reflect an acceptance of wicked and atrocious acts and deeds committed by or toward ordinary men, women and children of all ages. Read More

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a political and spiritual essay about the hypocrisy called life. Read More
When the world stops spinning, the heart stops beating. It is the end of dreams, and the completion of a journey, however brief or protracted. And then begins the darkness that overpowers and drapes the grieving heart. Read More
Death defies logic, understanding and even reason. It can challenge faith and shutter the human soul. It devours the very essence of existence, and leaves an emptiness that can shatter and break a human heart, and even faith itself. Yet, it is the beginning of an ending that promises a… Read More
Another day arrives. Another opportunity to witness the beauty and the majesty of creation all around us. Such a beautiful day. We should be overcome with joy and excitement, and with curiosity and love. The light is beginning to shine again, and hope is beginning to blossom again. Read More
My painting " New Jerusalem " and my scripture on the desolation of modern society. Read More
Just some thoughts about my road to religion, and thereafter. Read More
Inner dialogue with the imagination. Read More
In order to fully liberate the self, a permanent black hole must be formed within the psyche because the black hole allows you to access all of your original thoughts devoid of other people's dogmas and come to the realization that taboos do not exist. Read More

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When the world is divided into factions and fractions, there is only two causes of this. Right and wrong. Good and evil. Each of these claim to be correct, but both cannot be. This message is a timely one that will either get you blood to boil or set you… Read More

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Just a thought towards Christians being lead astray. Read More
We live in a time of cosmic bifurcation, we live in a time of unprecedented existential threats to life on Earth, including climate change, deforestation, food insecurity, and wildlife numbers in free fall, human overpopulation. the society is in turmoil. There is more and more violence. There’s more and more… Read More

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Behold comes in two contexts. One is an exclamation and the other as in remembrance. During this Christmas season, what is your "beholder" beholding? Read More

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Indigenous writer Faisu Mukunana writes about Tsou’s tribal customs and legends. Image by Yao-Chung Tsao This excerpt is from Mukunana’s book My Dear Ak’i, Please Don’t Be Upset (Translated by Yao-Chung Tsao; to be published in 2021.) Buy this book at Itasca: Read More

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America is at a crossroad. Christians are at a crossroad. A fork might better describe it, but either way, it is either turning left or right, right or wrong. As a Christian, we must take a stand just as bold as being American. Read More
My Pastoral thoughts as I council and meet people on my journey in life! Read More
A devotional for women, to foster wisdom & strengthen their faith in God and his promises! Read More
The continued Gospel and my copy of Van Gogh's " Old Tower in the Field " Read More
Here is the first chapter in an essay that I am writing. It is perhaps a glimpse into my own state of consciousness and the journey that I've been on my entire life. Read More
on the unknowing and unaware heretics Read More
On the the martyrs and how faith both saves and fortifies. Read More

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Communion or the Lord's Supper is an incredibly important ordinance and provided for us to remember the price that Chrit paid for our spiritual life. Christians need to pay very close attention toour hearts condition. Read More

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Jesus Christ mentions that if we want to have eternal life, we must lose our present physical existence. We can learn to live a spiritual life by focusing less on getting what we want and more on the power of God. Read More
As far as I am concerned, though I reject the existence of God, I continue to confidently perform a lot of practices which may be classified as religious and with equal confidence do I accept their importance in my and numerous others' lives. I do this not to please someone… Read More
The NDE Near Death Experience is amazing, and so much more. Becasue we can now resuscitate people, "Heaven" has been forced to open the Gate. But we all still suffer. I propose and am now investigating how we can approximate and reproduce a common Near Death Experience, without the Death.… Read More
I preached this message about a year ago. Far too much time is spent on receiving great advances in stuff and finances and then calling them blessings from God. When things, stuff and finances disappear, people feel that everything has been stolen from them. That may or may not have… Read More

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This is a short message to the one who are leading the flocks. Read More
you know when I mentioned this aphorism in some of my writing’s, “i don’t know about this Read More
on violent thoughts of violent action Read More
On Jesus Christ's Crown of Thorns Read More