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This book is only a beginning of a lengthy journey to a spiritual growth. It is is a book which will not tell you how to live your life. It is a book which will make you contemplate things, though. It was written from a young girl's perspective who was… Read More
The Interview/Chasing A Dream/Part One Bobby Smith is a Guest on the George Espenlaub Radio Show. Bobby is a Singer and self taught pianist who being inspired by "Jerry Lee Lewis" and "Jimmy Swaggart" taught himself to play piano at age 16. Follow Bobby in this Part one interview as… Read More
A book about our personality Read More
Lord Krishna speaks to Arjun about Karma Yoga (Selfless Action) in details. I Translate The conversation from Sanskrit to English in my own Way. Read More
Far too often we try to accomplish things in our own power. It is important to be reminded that we need Jesus Christ in all things. Read More
support comes in many forms.. sometimes unseen..... Read More
This eulogy I wrote for my relative's funeral was praised by everyone at the funeral and so I am making it available for everyone. I waive my copyright rights on this writing - please use without permission. Read More
Sometimes it's all you can utter... Read More
Eve creates a fathers day card. Read More
A few paragraphs on why we worship, why worship is important and a personal experience of worship. Read More
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simplicity as opposed to poverty Read More


Remembering a past life, and spelling in elementary school. Read More
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Gods tire of me, and I tire of myself. Read More