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Sometimes, late at night, when sleep eludes me, my mind goes wandering. Sometimes it even comes back. Read More
just sharing some thoughts that came to my mind while attending a mass in the church. Read
I have spent quite a long time researching to see if I could find the correct date when Jesus was born. Read
This is about living life as an Empath . Read

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This is an observation I have made in life watching people and the fear they have when it comes to change. Read
As I mentioned before that there are quite a few spirits that works against what GOD has put together. Marriage Opposers'. I've mentioned the Delilah influence in my previous piece and here we'll mention two more... Read
For quite some time now, I've taken it upon myself to write various articles on practical religion and spirituality from a Christian perspective based on my own knowledge and personal experience. This just seemed like the right time to put my favorite articles together like this. Please let me know… Read

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Ever feel you have unanswered prayers? Ever wonder how you should pray? I do. I also realize that God is not a genie in a lamp or a star to wish upon. God hears our prayers, no matter how trivial. But how do we rise above the trivialities or vain… Read
We have to understand that satan is against you, against purpose, so he'll show up even in marriage. I've come to call this "Marriage opposers'," all evil forces, working against the effectiveness of two people who should be working as "A FORCE, as one! In this piece of my writing… Read
Forget the fluffy, traditional stuff. What do you really know about Christmas? Read

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Journal entry that inspired HJ Furl’s ‘them’. Thought I’d post this, because after my next blog post on Booksie, it’ll be wiped away, and if someone was inspired by it, I thought ‘why not have it posted indefinitely’. Read

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The dynamic between my Mother and I, but also the women I've romantically involved myself with because of the toxic familiarity. Read

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There are a whole lot of things we learn in the beginning stages of this journey called Marriage. I've mentioned just a few key challenges we might experience as we keep growing and growing... Read
Marriage begins its work as the two start to live together as a unit. Read
just to tap into that thought of, who's blood is running through me. how it's linked to not just my mom and dad who presumably i know so well, but also their parents and their parents parents, just the entire ancestral line of whom i have no clue of what… Read
What really happens when you become partnered, tie the knot, get into covenant and say "I do." Taking into consideration the background and/or generational curses of two entities becoming one. Read
I hear the sound of church bells ringing. Awakening the morning and the slumbering consciousness of my existence. The sound of church bells once so piercing and so proud, today softer, quieter, as if regretful at announcing the beginning of the blessed day. I remember once hearing the glory and… Read
Channel or else doesn't work for me. In fact anyone who is "or else" ing me gets nothing but a direct connection to their own hell. Read
survived 2020! No one can force you into black Tantra and if someone does it's not Tantra it's just black magic. I was happy with the white and pink experience when I started in innocence but that's never enough for this world is it? What's white needs color. Needs to… Read
Come think with me. Share your late night thoughts. Read
Free 7 day devotional : “Revealing a real enemy.” By copying and pasting the Link below here into your web browser you may read the free devotional from this link as , Shalom Aleichem (peace unto you.) ???????????????????????? Copy & Paste, Link. Read
The things we face are only meant to bring us more & more closer to the will & plan of GOD Read

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We've got to always remember that GOD created us for something, so we gotta always strive to get to it! Read
Many times as believers, we think faith is all about conquering certain demons for ourselves and looking a certain way in the Kingdom of GOD. Looking flashy and having it all. But there's more to having faith... Read

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It is vital to never forget that with whatever we're going through and wherever we are in life, literally, physically and emotionally that there is always, always a purpose behind it. We gotta continuously remind ourselves that the Greater one, holds the final say and the end of whatever situation. Read

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A Historical and scientific look into the Creation Myth. Read
what are we made of? Read
What we are looking for is the missing seven years/one week, so called, the tribulation. Read
No matter the date, the starting point has to be from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince. Read
Seventy weeks are determined, no more, no less. Less would be the sixty nine weeks/four hundred and eighty three years and more would be the seven year/one week tribulation that has spanned more than the seventy weeks that were determined. Daniel 9:24 Read