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15-year-old Billy wasn't looking for a fight, but the world desperately needed a hero! After the sudden suspicious death of their father in San Diego, fifteen-year-old Billy and his little sister Susie set out on a very unusual and exciting adventure with their mother. Headed for their grandfather's ranch in… Read More

Featured Review by V Holt

"After reading these first three chapters, I had to buy the book! This is one of the very best young adult adventure books I have ever read: exc..." Read More

Come think with me. Share your late night thoughts. Read More
Free 7 day devotional : “Revealing a real enemy.” By copying and pasting the Link below here into your web browser you may read the free devotional from this link as , Shalom Aleichem (peace unto you.) ???????????????????????? Copy & Paste, Link. Read More
The things we face are only meant to bring us more & more closer to the will & plan of GOD Read More

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We've got to always remember that GOD created us for something, so we gotta always strive to get to it! Read More
Many times as believers, we think faith is all about conquering certain demons for ourselves and looking a certain way in the Kingdom of GOD. Looking flashy and having it all. But there's more to having faith... Read More

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It is vital to never forget that with whatever we're going through and wherever we are in life, literally, physically and emotionally that there is always, always a purpose behind it. We gotta continuously remind ourselves that the Greater one, holds the final say and the end of whatever situation. Read More

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A Historical and scientific look into the Creation Myth. Read More
We’ve been cognitively hijacked by our evolutionary trait to condition ourselves to stories as if they were a matter of life and death to me this is the consequence of that. Read More
what are we made of? Read More
What we are looking for is the missing seven years/one week, so called, the tribulation. Read More
No matter the date, the starting point has to be from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince. Read More
Seventy weeks are determined, no more, no less. Less would be the sixty nine weeks/four hundred and eighty three years and more would be the seven year/one week tribulation that has spanned more than the seventy weeks that were determined. Daniel 9:24 Read More
When read as fiction, this is an eyebrow raiser. When Read as Truth, it has the power to shatter every paradigm that humanity has ever held dear. Read More
The story of how Frank Carter transformed his relationship with God through an understanding of the spiritual nature and purpose of gender, and by recognising the feminine Source of all life, on all planes of existence. Read More Read More
A short verse that can be made into a song I wrote a few days ago. Read More
A writing I completed a little earlier because it has been constantly on my heart and mind. Read More
We are moving forward fast, but how long will it last? Read More
Written while in India at an ashram studying yoga & meditation. Read More
There’s going to be no testing of the waters here, we’ll be diving straight in to the deep end in terms of how open minded you truly thought you were. However, this message I know is not for everyone, nevertheless, I remain restless until my message is accessible for the… Read More

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"Can you understand what I am trying to say? I'm trying to tell you. I love you so much. I'm trying to tell you that Honey, we are one, and nothing will ever part us again. Not death or anything else..." All My Love for Eternity, Frank Read More

Featured Review by Robert Helliger

"A deeply emotional love story about Frank, Nancy. It is extremely moving, and touching." Read More

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A quick thought on the nature of God. Read More
This is one of the first posts I wrote for my Blog, Heavenly News. Our country is in a mess. Christ is coming back for His bride. Let's get ready before it's too late. Read More
A brief devotion based on Ephesians 2:1-2. Read More
AoL Mindfulness A series of many genres, by 7 Authors, including poetry, personal development, historical fiction which includes elements of mystery, and romance), the world of AoL explores numerous self-development themes. Using a variety of self-development tools from other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, neuroscience, to helping people identify and… Read More
This book is only a beginning of a lengthy journey to a spiritual growth. It is is a book which will not tell you how to live your life. It is a book which will make you contemplate things, though. It was written from a young girl's perspective who was… Read More
The Interview/Chasing A Dream/Part One Bobby Smith is a Guest on the George Espenlaub Radio Show. Bobby is a Singer and self taught pianist who being inspired by "Jerry Lee Lewis" and "Jimmy Swaggart" taught himself to play piano at age 16. Follow Bobby in this Part one interview as… Read More