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an Apologetica Infernum Read More

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A poem of thought and introspection. Read More


Seeking answers to the unanswered in my head Read More

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When a man keeps on committing sins, then he develops this idea that godhood is not meant for him. But truth is contrary. Whatever crime a man has committed, howsoever grave his crime is, there is always possibility of a man to evolve spiritually and unite with god. ANGULIMALA was… Read More
And the greatest of these is love... Read More

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How death is met depends upon the life lived, and that of the opinion of the individual in the midst of it. Read More

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All I need is You. Read More


Just a brief look within my soul.......... Read More
It's not always to lean on Jesus / God. It's actually a daily struggle, but somehow the rewards are always greater when we let him work on our behalf. Amen. Read More

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We all have dirt on our hands we must turn to God if we want them cleaned. Read More

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A poem of myth, will and human desire. Read More

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A poem about this world and seeking God. Read More


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This is a poem about faith and not being alone. Read More

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A poem of seeing and understanding Read More