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Penned in 1984 but never printed. Perhaps the Iraq war would have been the time to print. Read More
Vic the Prick has recently learned he has a heart condition, which is fine with him. The old bastard just wants to die. Unfortunately for him, his daughter Jane has learned the news as well. After a lifetime of being bullied by the old man, Jane finally stands up to… Read More
The Gospel continues Read More
Chapter IV of The Gospel According to the Consumer, and my painting after Vincent Van Gogh's "Old Tower in the Field " Read More
The Commandments given by Vissarion in The Last Testament Read More
This article is an address to mankind from Vissarion. He is answering some questions, related to the broadly discussed issue of a probable chipization of world's population. Contains some details from the history of our society, basic principles of the existence of modern humanity, what is the freewill of man… Read More
The Author describes the reasons for today's problems of humanity as a whole. Gives some guidelines about the proper behaviour of man in the ongoing situation in the world. Sheds light on basic issues of man's spiritual development. Read More
There is one Mother Earth so living in the hearts beat of an angel. Yesterday when I met the angel who guarded our fortune, there still remains a call from this voice within. Today I am leaving my time with this gratitude on this faith. May our God love the… Read More
I stop my heart beats and recite a prayer I cannot avoid. May be this is a request I must make for all. Inside me I feel writing this prayer is a vulnerability. But something stops me. Because this is request from my guardian. This is a remembrance as a… Read More
Our covenant of service stands between our allegiance to the God and the mission and one to another. This include the participation in all church service punctually and regularly, serving God with your gifts in His vineyard, payment of tithes and offering, and to supports pastors and church programmes. Read More
How a true version of Walt Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame II" should be. Read More

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Tilak Raj is a theologian philosopher. He has started writing novels and screen plays very late in his life. He deals with very serious issues of life and death of the total universe and total mankind in this 21st Century. The main theme of the zetgeist is the confusion and… Read More
Prayer to God Read More
Getting Real With Yourself Read More
Describes the crucial moment of man's history, connected with the pivot to spiritual development. Gives the main clues for man's salvation. Read More

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about krsna birth Read More
Sins and Punishment Read More
using the srimad bhagavatam and bhagavad-gita with the bible to tell a story. Read More
using the bhagavad-gita and srimad bhagavatam with Jesus words to teach the godless about God in a group session. Read More

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Do not throw away the compass! Read More
Explains the existing religions, reveals the future of man's common religion. Read More
The story of man's creation, existence and mission in the Universe. Sheds light on the reason for the contemporary downfall of our society and the road of salvation. Describes the basic features of man's civilization, the laws of spiritual development, gives an idea about the future civilization of mankind. Read More
Our way of life has been threatened by the very people who think they are improving it. Read More

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This book is scripts to play out with puppets not all are just church related. It's fun and funny to play and read Read More

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Where I want to be when I want to talk to god..... Read More

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