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This book is about a life without God means to. Be ready to read it and you will understand. Read More
The book which was revealed in the 14th century as a guide to all mankind.. Read More
A point of view on the religious. Read More
A short play in three acts, about a highly fictionalized last night and day of Gaius Julius Caesar and his encounter with the goddess of liberty(Eleutheria) and the god of death(Thanatos). Read More
Josan ranjjith, UG student of LOYOLA COLLEGE ,Mettala,Namakal Have started his work in the field of literature Read More

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The history of the choir.. It is important to note that this choir you see today has been established since 1975 and officially inaugurated in 1976 as a single choir in the parish, and obtained its nomenclature in honour of her great patroness st. Cecilia of whom feast the church… Read More
I did this as part of my look at how the mainstream media does not report the the real facts or the good in life Read More
Teachers come in many forms. In my life many have come in the form of being authors, and writing important words. The written word can have a dramatic impact on the way we live, through the words of wisdom that have been written down through the ages. I have been… Read More
"SEEKING THE KINGDOM" BY: WILLIAM T. A. OLUBIYI From the beginning of recorded history all people have been searching for the same thing. They search for purpose and meaning and for everything to be perfect in their lives. Everybody wants to live in a perfect world, to have a life… Read More