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A grim reaper talks of the importance in keeping the balance of life and death in check and what it means to be a grim reaper serving the higher powers of the universe. Read
The uncommon name that send emergency message to heaven for our rescue Read
Some lives are as white as a piece of paper from birth to decease, others are the brilliant colorful pictures. Read
The journey of a heart filled with unconditional love inspiring hearts to walk in salvation. Read
The primal and the best education start from family. No one can punish us, our own karma, but. Read
Philosophical and mystical story connected with past desires which can lead to terrible present. Read
For those who of us are lost and need to rediscover our faith in God and the Universe. Read
A grim reaper discusses the importance of considering human systems of belief while guiding a soul to the afterlife. Read
A little girl sees the monster that had always lived with her. Read
A free gift is given to a town to save them, but some of them refuse to accept it. Read
The dolt is not a hindrance. The greatest hindrance in life is dolt and sloth. Read

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This is an actual dream that I had with minor tweaks to allow it to flow more like a story. The first poem belongs to Emily the poem at the end is an original of mine written from reading it on the page of this dream. I must say, I… Read

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One man's journey beyond the dark abyss. Read
All I want to live in real for once, not just to exist. Read
I saw that the Shadow from a certain statue had disappeared Mystic philosophy Read
How was daily life aboard Noah's Ark handled logistically. Read
The Earth was generous. The Beasts were tame. The memory is lost. A world was created. And so was Man and Woman. They were appointed to rule over their dwelling and everything it encompasses. The world was different then. And so were the people. The story of creation, and that… Read
Not everyone has the title to love or be loved. If you can love and be loved, be sure to love with all your soul. Read

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A story of God's love, and the love of God... Read