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The story follows a young girl that went down the wrong path on a late night work run. Read More
Lisa "Gravel" Fantasia--the fox--is a Christian pom pom girl. She discovers a guy who lives in the apartment across the hall from her who is dressed in a girls' cheerleader uniform. She finds a burden for his soul. And she goes and visits him, hoping to lead him to Christ… Read
Huskey Ambassage, a young Christian woman, desires to see what Christ looks like. The Lord sends her into a mysterious new world of red dawn, and she meets a young Christian man there whose name is Flanders Nickels. He tells her that this world is called "The Land of Red… Read
Celebrate Dia de los Muertos ( Day of the Dead) with Noam , bunny helpers and forest friends. Noam brings his large Pascha Pumpkin into the village to celebrate Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Sharing God's love and pass it forward Read
Flanders Nickels, a born-again Christian, suddenly finds himself in a countryside paradise which calls itself "the land." Here he discovers the girl Gravel, the bride of the land, at her home at the waterfalls in the most heavenly place of the land. For his good and her good and the… Read
Miss Mackenzie McKassey, a prodigal daughter of God, comes back to Flanders Nickels, a mighty man of God, in hopes that he can bring her back to the Lord. In old days they used to fellowship together in the Lord as girlfriend-and-boyfriend-in-Christ. But she chose to backslide; and he, to… Read
Gabriel discovers the love behind Dia de los Muertos--Day of the Dead and celebrates with a Pascha Pumpkin on the ofrenda for his mother. Read
Heidi Cubit Span, a swim dress girl in black, is a Collie dog keeper of a family of seven pet Collies--a dad Collie and a mom Collie and five children Collies each nine months old. She and her Collies live alone in the countryside of Pembine, Wisconsin, on Young's Lake.… Read
Flanders Nickels, an unbeliever, wonders about the meaning of life; finding no answers, he falls into a slough of despond. A cheerleader girl named Tracey Kelsey Talley and her pet Belgian Tervuren dog, both of whom Flanders has never met, come along. She tells this man that she knows God,… Read

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Elara, a skeptic herbalist, discovers the mystical Eldertree and its guardian, the Vine Man with red eyes. Together, they restore the forest's magic, defending it from encroaching civilization, and forging a deep connection that rejuvenates the land. Read
Tirsa is searching for something more. Read
Flanders Nickels, a mortal, finds the scepter of Gravel--the Wizard Lady--wash ashore where he is standing. Right after this, the Journeywoman, a mortal woman named "Jodi Bar Graph," comes up to him and commands that he relinquish this scepter. The Journeywoman was sent by the Wizard Lady to go and… Read
Flanders Nickels, a born-again Christian, loses a dear brother-in-the-Lord, but he does not feel grief in his heart over this good friend's death. Flanders feels guilt over his lack of mourning and comes to think of himself as being like a monster with no heart. Behold, God sends him to… Read
"Living On Purpose" is the 19th book I have self published. It will be available at Barnes & Noble Press on 8/25. I share with you an excerpt from the book entitled "FAMILY". Read
Noam's Pascha Pumpkin is harvested and taken to town to celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead with love and Faith Noam Fall Garden story available at ChristianBooks Read

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Jabari learns the most important lesson. Only giving is the greatest love of all to all God's creatures. Read
Heidi Hampshire, a born-again Christian, suddenly finds herself walking down a beautiful countryside road. She is dressed in a blue and white cheerleader uniform with the chenille emblem reading, "Bridle." She encounters a griffin named "Sage," and he guides her on her walk down this "Road of Answers to Prayer."… Read
Tracy Treble Clef, an old flame of her secret admirer Flanders, comes back into his life as a prom gown girl dressed in purple acetate. They sit and chat on a bench by a river. But a most malevolent former boyfriend of hers, a wild man named "Ruckus," is stalking… Read
Jessie is overwhelmed by loneliness. Can a stanger help her? Read
Oliver's fear of death leads him to answers and hope. Read
Gina feels empty and longs for something more. Read
This short story is part of a multi-media presentation that also includes the cover art and a music track, with an online link provided at the end of the story. Read
Flanders Nickels is on a date with the love of his life--Lisa "Gravel" Tresses in her Sears one-piece swimsuit. And she tells him, "God is taking me home." He understands that now he will have to live the rest of his Christian life without her. Not wanting to lose her,… Read
Queen Dionysius of the East, begotten of a wizard and conceived by a witch, once mighty in magic herself, now lives as a mortal Christian woman. She is the messenger-from-Heaven, that is, a soul-winner for Christ. She must endeavor hard now to win the soul of Proffery Coins to salvation… Read
what would a modern day conversation between God and the devil look like? this question was what made me write this story. i attempted to approach God and the devil as both a person as well as a concept of influence in humanity's everyday life. i tried to show the… Read

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Marco is about to do something desperate. Will he go through with his plan? Read
Have you experienced a very special day? Read
Noam tells an Irish Tale about bunnies and forest Friends Read

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"Hmm where to start...So the plot is this "Time Tyrant" goes back into time to manipulate free will, already expressed to cancel free will, alrea..." Read

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Noam celebrates easter egg hunt Read
Please note that this account is a historical recount of the Battle of Trench in Islam. It includes mentions of other religions that some readers may find sensitive or offensive. Read
Salvation is a free gift available to all. Will you accept it as Luna did in this flash fiction piece? This little story may be made up, but God's gift of salvation is real. Read
Can a sister overcome her resentment and pride, and forgive her younger brother? Read