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They crucified Him again Read More
Many times in life things don't appear as they could be. With just a little perseverance, our hanging in there, we just might find that our getting used to change, proves to be what success is all about. Read More
One man questions his lack of faith and revisits his past, with help from above. Read More

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A short story based on personal experiences. tw: rape This story might be difficult to understand without having listened to a song called "Wayamaya" by Lana Del Rey. I do not own the song in any way, I was just heavily inspired by it. Here's a link to the song:… Read More

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Sam used to know everything. Now she can't remember any of it. All she knows is that the bad people are out to get her. She has to find new places to hide every day so that they can't get to her. But is such an existence worth living? Perhaps… Read More

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the story of a girl named after a flower Read More
If You Truly Believe In Human Rights And Justice Without Fear, Or Favour. Then I Promise You That You Will Want To Read This. You are going to want to read this, it will take around ten minutes of your time and it will open your eyes for the rest… Read More
A family observes two Thanksgiving celebrations each year. Read More
It is said that Pontius Pilate was a ruthless dictator in Jerusalem. He was responsible for executions, crucifixions, etc. We all know that by order of Pontius Pilate, our LORD was crucified. However, might we think that just perhaps, he might have had some remorse over nailing to the cross… Read More
Passover had come to Jerusalem as usual like every year. This year, however, was different. Three criminals were to be crucified, yet one was not really a criminal, in fact, he was a healer, a Torah teacher, a Rabbi, many called him "Son of God". Many were there to witness… Read More

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This short story takes place in 17th century New England. It is part fiction and part non-fiction based on facts. The idea for this story came to me as an off-shoot from Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel; "Young Goodman Brown". This was required reading when I was at Liberty University in our… Read More
An old man and his son set out on a strange journey. The old man is nervous, his son doesn't know it but the journey concerns him. They finally arrive at the destination, The old man knows that it is all about trust, who is the old man? who is… Read More
these things i have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. in the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; i have overcome the world. john 16:33 (kjv) Read More


this is a short story about a young preacher, educated and trained by an aging pastor in england, the year is 1751, his parents send for him to help them in virginia colony, he sets sail aboard the "star of bristol" on board, meets an old sailor named "quentin" he… Read More
A pair of rabbits searching for a place to build a home become part of a Christian couple's family. Read More