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December 31, 1969

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Only my third short story, Hexed is a very short glimpse into the intent of a woman who uses her natural abilities from beyond to gain her will. Please begin at the Prologue Update, I think this is becoming more of a Novella than a short story, Read More

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It's a Journal Read More
i love writing fiction. Read More

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This can be used for anyone who wishes . Whether it be used as a prayer before bed time, or even said throughout the day. It has helped me perk a lil bit out of some funks before and also while writing this. Doing something in your own similar words… Read More
Love, sadness and the mysterious universe Read More

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Then said he unto him, A certain man made a great supper, and bade many: and sent his servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden, Come; for all things are now ready. And they all with one consent began to make excuse. So that servant came,… Read More
A salvation story for all! Read More
A reporter has a brilliant idea for a Christmas article. What is the greatest gift, and who received it? Read More
The story of a young homeless girl name Heaven! Read More April 28, 2020 Read More
What if God and Satan had a conversation and it started like this... Read More
A short story about not giving up on life when things get tough. Read More
He's been quiet and dormant for far too long. But now, in the year 2020. Satan has decided to break his silence and address certain articles that are on his mind. Read More
Este pequeño escrito lo hice en mi penúltimo año de colegio para la participación de una ponencia de filosofía: "la sociedad nos hace, nos deshace o nos transforma". Read More
This is my testimony of how the Lord Jesus Christ saved me when I almost died during a snowstorm. Read More

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Ever wonder why a butterfly? Here's one for spiders... Read More

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Vesta, the Virgin Goddess of home and family is old and cold, sitting at a bust stop in the Red Light District. She's missed her bus and is stuck with a beaten-up young man who's life is about to be changed. Read More

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I've read his works. He was one of the genuine Masters. He also had a sense of humour. He saw the funny side of everything. Read More
About the day with the shepherd in the nature of wastoorwan Read More

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This is a true dream I listened for generations as a simple birth as human. May our Lord give a new beginning where you are. Read More
A modern story writing in the style of a fairytale about a girl who forgot everything she knew. Consumerism and life in the matrix versus spirituality and enlightenment. Read More
When you fight both sides of a battle, how do you know when you've won or lost? Read More
A life as an angel is one so mysterious yet so beautiful. To meet one, and to actually acknowledge that you met one is once in a lifetime. We are out there. Read More

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You find yourself in your own personal Hell and begin asking yourself about the nature of consciousness; religion; existentialism; and self-image. Read More
An older woman whose life has been filled with tragedy finds comfort. Read More


A couple's smiles become known throughout their community. Read More
These are New Idioms from the Bible Read More
A human couple and a robin couple start an unusual friendship. Read More