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A haiku poem in each chapter. Read More
A short allegorical story of a naïve boy who needed to learn a lesson about he animus in his soul Read More
With many of struggles to face, Dee was troubled, depressed and out of hope. She thought that life was over for her. One day Dee decided on taking a trip to a far, distant place where she can be alone in her sorrows. What happens while she was there, is… Read More
Cover art: picture I took in Perth Like I’ve always maintained, if you believe this to be offensive upon reading it, or suspect it may be given my former works, or your whim, and this is a problem for you, then please do not read it. Simple, no? Having said… Read More
If I had to describe an overpowered villain... Read More

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Short story is based on true events Read More

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From the death bed - to something wonderful Read More
Are you afraid? Are you looking for a crutch to hang onto. Read More
I'm honestly not sure what to put here, it was just an idea when I started typing on it...Hope it's decent! Read More
John befriends Clark, a young teenage boy who likes crossdressing but is afraid to tell his dad due to his traditional beliefs of young men who are supposed to be masculine. With the help of the angels, he will see to it that anyone such as him can be themselves… Read More
A General Feel Of The State of Affairs... Read More
Jane has serious conscience problems weighing on her mind and inner peace. As a fervent christian woman, she comes into contact with a man who claims to have been chosen by the Lord but who, in fact, runs a sect... Read More
In life, there are many meanings to different things that humans don't really pay attention to, however, we as angels observe and witness the details in order to learn about the simpler things and pleasures of what life throws at us. Read More
43 Years Ago, 33 Young men and boys met their untimely fate at the hands of a Serial Killer leaving the Nation in pure shock. Now 4 decades later, they are back-as angels ready to get a second chance as they are descended back down to Earth to help people… Read More

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A physicist contemplates ethics and death. Read More

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If he needs water and you have none, the blood coursing through your veins will suffice. If he asks for something to eat, and you no longer possess food he will rip apart your weak body to reveal organs ready to eat. Never come unprepared, he has his way of… Read More

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“You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened... or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on.” - Tupac Shakur PS. Degenerates may be instructed to read Junky by… Read More

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Real Issues Read More

Featured Review by Evelene1

"" Read More

One day can mean an eternity for someone. Everything around us creates memories that can make us happy but also unhappy. Sometimes these living memories become a nightmare and hell on earth in our lives. This is followed by an escape from this failed life, and sometimes it can end… Read More

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I’ve just begun to read the script for Julie Rada’s take on “Antigone”, as well as learning more about all that goes into bringing a play to life. I already read about scenery, and plan to read about both costume and lighting to fully appreciate my role and those around… Read More
This inspirational story shows just what determination and one's desire can do. Turning a horrible tragedy into an awe-inspiring story. Read More
I was a new police officer and working the midnight shift. One cold night I stopped into a restaurant. What happened that night changed my life. Read More
Alternative ways the world could end Read More

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The tales of norths mythology Read More
The history of samson Read More
Anagani wandered about her life but this man came and gave the answer to his ever wandering heart. Read More

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A very short story.. Read More
The Seraph arrives on her beloved earth to cleanse it from sin and darkness by performing her "Song Of End" Read More
The Spiritual quest of one woman. Read More
Do you find yourself praying and then telling God how you want the blessing completed? Pray and be quiet. God knows what he is doing. Read More
This a famous story which is very much educational and also it mixes with spirituality and reality of the world. Thanks for reading! Read More

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The following is inspired by Gods word but is subject to be inn error. I wrote this from the heart and with love to all who read it. Read More