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This book is a devotional on animals found in the Bible. It focuses in on a unique character trait of a specific animal and then links that trait with a scriptural example.It also lists all the references to where you can find those animals in the Bible. The book has… Read More
An encounter with the Inevitable Read More
Sambungan mengenai Tokoh-Tokoh Penting Dalam Sejarah Kerajaan Bani Umaiyah, iaitu mengenai kisah Tokoh 'Abdullah Bin Az-Zubair dan Thariq Bin Ziad. Read More
Mengisahkan tentang empat orang tokoh-tokoh penting yang terpilih pada sejarah Bani Umaiyah, iaitu Husain bin 'Ali, 'Abdullah bin Az-zubair, 'Uqbah bin Nafi' dan Thariq bin Ziad. Bahagian pertama ini hanya mengisahkan tentang Husain Bin 'Ali dan 'Uqbah Bin Nafi'. Read More
Here we are with a modern Indian Geoffrey Chaucer!!! Inspired by canterbury tales, here you can read about some people going from Liverpool station to Paris for many reasons. You will read the description of 4 indian people consisting religion, humanity, culture, struggling past and more. The aim of this… Read More
Futorny Sergei Afanasyevich, born on February 1, 1928, in the village of Martynovka, Starokonstantinovsky district, Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine. He was brought up in a peasant family of Orthodox Christians. Read More

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it’s my first day back. the weird thing is everything seems kind of normal. like nothing changed. i died in the year 2020. some goddam virus (pun intended) that’s so extinct no one here even remembers its name killed me. i can’t remember its name myself, i think it started… Read More
this is a short story of a boy who has dream to steal treasure of the dark witch . Read More
Story of three men wanting to get to the top of a mountain. Read More

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A skeptic asks God some tough questions. Read More
An art therapist journey's to find the Goddess Brigid. Read More
a poem all about as humans we look at the outer man but God looks on the inner man Read More
We believe that there are heaven and hell after the death. But what if there are only one place, where we will be judged for every deed we've done. It is obvious that nowadays there are no people, who have not committed any sins. So who deserved to be in… Read More
Marianne's Christmas finds the true meaning of Christmas. Read More
Christmas is all about giving and receiving, right? We all look forward to those festive, happy holidays! Getting together with friends and family; sharing meals and stories and watching the expressions on our loved ones’ face as they open this gift or that. The unexpected gift, though, is usually the… Read More
This is a story of the misery that is going on and it is still going on. Read More
A group of young women become spiritually awakened through an initiation. Read More
A teenage girl believes she knows what Armageddon is really all about... and is in a hurry to choose sides. (It’s actually a chapter, but I felt that it stands alone as a short story). Read More
A day, a week, a month in the life of an Angel living among us Read More
A campfire story told by the mayor of Poseidon Point about the year 2020 and how their town was protected from the craziness. The gods and goddesses extend a hand to the rest of the world trying to help them recover. Read More

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A short story that blends history, folklore, legend, and my imagination to tell the story of Santa and how Christmas begain. Read More
Ron travels life apart locations in senses than in distances to be enlightened about the spiritual fact that God has an unfailing plan for each of us. His attached cousin Paz goes missing and after a span of many years he rediscovers a reincarnated Paz who knows of him no… Read More
A boy, fed up of his situation, decides to end his life. Caught in a mess due to circumstances, he lost all his mirth, love and respect among his family. At some point in our life, most of us suffer these kind of fate. What do we do then? Read More
This is a story about Deke Pierson and the man that came into his bar, looking for three shots of rum and other desires. Read More
This article shares insight into the relationship between headstones and humans by following a woman’s journey as she struggles with the task of providing a headstone for her mother's grave. She is quite literally finding herself between a rock and hard place deciding she will pre-plan her own headstone to… Read More

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Inspired by a conversation with a friend about the nature of God. Read More

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This story is about a young child called Ally, her story has a few twist and turns and will make you cry. sometimes you are not ready to pass on and need some help along the way, even if that help, goes unknown to you. Read More

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Brenda's grandpa paid a visit. Read More
This is a script of a time so saved in our devotion for the Mother Earth. Thanks for being a messenger ever lived so far. Amen. Read More
i love writing fiction. Read More

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This can be used for anyone who wishes . Whether it be used as a prayer before bed time, or even said throughout the day. It has helped me perk a lil bit out of some funks before and also while writing this. Doing something in your own similar words… Read More
Love, sadness and the mysterious universe Read More

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Then said he unto him, A certain man made a great supper, and bade many: and sent his servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden, Come; for all things are now ready. And they all with one consent began to make excuse. So that servant came,… Read More
A salvation story for all! Read More
A reporter has a brilliant idea for a Christmas article. What is the greatest gift, and who received it? Read More
The story of a young homeless girl name Heaven! Read More April 28, 2020 Read More