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An informational article, written and edited by the Ghost-Bull, about the chaotic attack launched in a Vietnamese city, occurring in 1968, during the New Year’s celebration of Vietnam. As the country was divided into North and South, South Vietnam spun out of control in the early morning of January 31st—after… Read More

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The Story of the Good King and the Bad King James was the prince of Pragyle when his father became ill and passed the throne to James. James had watched his father for years and knew what he would do when he became king. James set out to make life… Read

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If our time spent during the covid-19 pandemic has tought us anything, I believe, it is that the only true justice in our world is the law..... but not that law, I am of course talking about Murphy's Law... this is not about that though. Here I present a moment… Read
Philosophy and physics. Analysis of cause, effect, and creation. Read

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Decisions shape and define who we are. But what if your life choices are made for you? Read
Prova la tua fede - La Rivincita di Gesù Cristo!!! Read