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Collaboration piece between my wife and I, our try at a haikai no renga - a predecessor of the haiku. 5-7-5's: Myself 7-7's: My Wife (Tumblr ivory-empress) Read More
This is actually more of a proverb and less of a riddle but it's food for thought. There are three sides to every person, want to know what they are? Read

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Is it okay to keep your mind filled with thought? Read

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A thought that may confuse you on why things are simple. Read
This article may not appeal to those that are not well versed in the Four Gospels and the New Testament. It is about Parables that may have been written into the Life of Jesus. Read
This may not appeal to those that are not well versed in the New Testament, the Bible. It is about parables in the life of Jesus, seen and unseen. Read

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Some of my own written quotes . Read

Article / Riddles

July 29, 2013

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Search the word Read

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My creative thoughts brought to life from minds imagination to the writers paint brush, a pen. It's like, drawing picture in the readers mind using the floral arrangement of words that hold a vast array of colors that not lay on a palette but in our dictionaries. Read

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June 16, 2012

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The thought process of an overthinker Read

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Nothing missing Read

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HAPPY "BEE" DAY smiley hehehe Read
im ur fav person out there. luv me more than U luv urself. comment me on homes! Read

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Random thoughts on paper Read

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A Famous Design and Brand Read

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Craze Furnish from Tiffany & Co Read

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December 07, 2009

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he he he Read

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Continued from my previous article Girl and Boy. Read

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weird riddles my friend made. can you guess the answers? Read

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Please tell me what you would do... Read

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Okay! Try solving these riddles/ brain teasers! Lol I was so bored I decided to post this!:) Is there a riddle stuck in your brain, and you cannot solve it? Be happy! It is a positive proof that you have a brain. (I thought this quote was funny! =))] Read

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The second one i've made and its just as good! Read

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A tricky one but a simple one Read

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a simple one really Read

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A Few riddles just to rack your brains (may not find funny) Read