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Book / Young Adult

December 31, 1969

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The Enchanted Opal is an exciting collection of thirteen unique short stories suitable for readers of all ages, The opening story features a young Chinese lad named Digger Lei, who travels on a sailing Clipper to the gold fields of Australia in search of his grandfather's lost opal mine. Then.… Read More

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Book / Science Fiction

December 31, 1969

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As the spaceship secretly lands on Earth, Ka's mission is clear: find and kill Transprophetics. His shipmates think of him as a killer. On his home planet of Koranth, he is considered a murderer. Haunted in his dreams by the boy whose life he stole, Ka struggles to define who… Read More

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"This is a great opening! Right off the bat, you introduce a cocky, flawed character that shows a lot of potential. Despite him being a bit of an..." Read More

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Book Review / Riddles

April 10, 2011

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When Luna is transformed unwillingly into her worst nightmare by her deranged ex lover the unexpected happens. Read More