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When Gordy flees America and the War in Vietnam and takes a job as an English teacher in the Tokyo of the 1960s, he finds he gets a lot more than a mere hourly wage. Read More

Featured Review by B Douglas Slack

"This is without a doubt the funniest story I've read in a decade. The entire Japanese female persona is laid bare here. Every bit true. Your sto..." Read More

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Quotations of all sorts ! Please enjoy & comment on any particular one you like - written by myself they are not copies . Read

Script / Riddles

February 02, 2014

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Hi Read

Script / Riddles

October 24, 2013

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sad state of the young girl Read

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An online conversation between a girl and a guy Read
a short script for a very in depth multiple theory allegory. Read

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The proverbs of Solomon for understanding proverbs and parables the riddles and sayings of the wise. Read

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Satire; with four sentences constructed lengthy. This one picks you up nowhere, takes you nowhere, then drops you off right where you got picked up; nowhere. (a satire) Read

Script / Riddles

March 31, 2009

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This is a pretty easy riddle. Some what not a riddle. I just combined my writing into this piece. Enjoy! Read