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Sometimes going back is the best worst thing you can do. Read More

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Dominic is a brother to Cornelius who heads their family business of Clock House Company. Cornelius is a financially stable man who has struggled with an astonishing promiscuity throughout his marriage life ending up with five divorces and two marriages. He finds hard time and no luck in women until… Read

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BOOK TEASER for Three For Me - A Reverse Harem Romance Book Description: After going through a terrible breakup, Bailey is convinced that no man will ever want her. When she makes a wish to find love, however, everything changes. She meets three smoking-hot guys who want to show her… Read

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I welcome fan fiction writers Read

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I Promise I'll Come Back For You Read
Employers need to have a recruitment strategy that help attract best fit to join the organisation therefore for a successful journey to achieve the result they are looking for is to consider applying the holistic key roles of employer branding which is the heart of employer branding summarized as talent… Read