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This is a love story involving two people who were injured in separate accidents. They work for the same company and everyday events draw them together so they have to deal with work, weather and their injuries. They discover their love for each other as everyday events draw them closer… Read More

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Azura,a beautiful and kind girl, moves to a new town along with her family for a "fresh start" as her mother calls it. She knows her life is about to change but she doesn't know to what extent. The town she moves to is actually a werewolf pack named Lunar… Read More

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May 07, 2021

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Please do read and post your valuable comments here :) Read More Free books to read!!! A pre-editor's eyes book ...... just for the fun of it!!! Please feel free to share with others. First Book up — book 1 of Heart of the Dragon Series: Tangle of Hearts Continue on with -----Christmas Lost and Found (a naughty twisting tale). Something… Read More

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February 14, 2021

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I wrote this as a wedding gift for my Sister n law and her husband who are getting married today 2/14/2021. It was also gifted to my husband, Will, and my best friends Kyle and Leana. Read More

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for the lime ights out there Read More

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October 19, 2020

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I wish I could have fought for you, for us. But it's over now. Even though I wish it wasn't. Read More

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just a letter to a friend Read More

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October 01, 2020

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To destiny love letter Read More

Miscellaneous / Romance

September 19, 2020

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The ideal love somewhat encapsulated, but you'll get my drift. Read More

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This writing is a piece I wrote to get you through heartbreak that you don't or never thought you could pull yourself out of. But you got this! Read More

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Character Quote from my published book "Hidden" Read More

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How can I forget about her when my whole body shakes just by hearing her name.. and then my heart starts screaming from between my ribs .in revolution.. it almost bursts out of my chest.. I could have sworn it’s no more part of my body How can I forget….when… Read More

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I picture her dancing gracefully in her red dress of silk under the silvery moon light….it was so transparent that I could almost see through her delicate was as if I was holding a rare glowing ruby in my hand..and impressed by its colourful rays as I moved it… Read More
A letter to the love I lost in the midst of finding myself Read More

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Thank you to the bot for reading. Swimming in my own head most days. when will I learn Read More

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Have you ever been in love? Read More

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Midnight thoughts Read More

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My best friend. The boy I'm in love with but have never been able to tell him Read More

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It is an Anime recommendation by me. Read More

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Dark mystery woman with long legs and other countries to be a part of Read More