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What does it take to write 100 books? What about 500? Or 1,000? That may sound like an impossibly high number, but it isn’t. Some of the world’s most successful authors wrote hundreds of books over the course of highly lucrative careers. Isaac Asimov wrote more than 300 books. Enid… Read More

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Rick is now god, and he attracts that much attention, that a new unified being, is about to take form Read

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Guy minds his own business in bar, is pestered by a woman who's had a bad day and is hungry for attention. Read
#1) What's another way that Asian's, Chinese, Japanese, ECT people. say yes? Chess #2) Ain't it ironic that, "When we're younger and playing Monopoly. We all want to be the banker. But when we get older. We don't want to be the banker." #3) I wondered this, "Is Pennywise the… Read

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(Date November 22 2021) (ONGOING) Story is about a depressed guy who dreams of becoming a musician when a strange catgirl appears out of nowhere out of a portal and changes his life forever Read

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This is my homage to the musical "Into the Woods" Read

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Honestly, I have no idea. But I think it will have something to do with y/n and kiri being married and he messes up and then y/n kicks him out and all- yeah.. Read
Mars the god of war and his aunt Venus the goddess of love, meet in secret beyond Tartarus. They discuss the prophetic visions of Apollo regarding the lineage of Troy. Wishing to secure this foretelling they devise a plan to ensure Troy's victory during the Achean assaults. If I may… Read

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Unpacked script is short rough script which blubs itself as you go into its details Read
A small cute convo between heart and a brain. Please do read and comment. Read

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Lost in his eyes- Allie Stuart is a 23 year old mother of twin girls. She has been a single mother from beginning to end. Their father couldn't handle being a teenage dad, so he left Allie alone to deal with the twins. Allie didn’t have time to cry; she… Read
When listening to God may not be the best choice. Read
What if your perfect match is closer than you think? This is one of the eight short plays in the "Random Nature of Life" series that was translated into Spanish and performed in June 2018 in Oaxaca, Mexico. Read
Romantic comedy. A man saving himself for marriage believes he has found an understanding partner. This is one of eight 10-minute plays in the "Random Nature of Life" series. They were translated into Spanish and performed in June 2018 in Oaxaca, Mexico. "Sexual Relations" was adapted into a short film… Read
How pathetic I am in contrast to my brother Neatly dressed, in contrast to my frayed rags, my little brother addresses me. I say little brother but he may as well be my big brother. Today he wore a different mask, the mask of wide-open eyes. His tone is clear… Read

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November 16, 2020

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The story is based on a man, who never likes women and hates them to the core, because of his career-oriented mindset. How he realizes the value of love and how he sets on to rectify his mistakes forms the Love story: A tale of Romance Read

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A incomplete love story of imagination. Read

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A mysteriously beautiful, dark-haired girl who makes fleeting, ghost-like appearances in the mouth of a grape arbor in the backyard of a rented house provides an important psychological key to a divorced woman's troubled past, and leads to reconciliation between her and her ex-husband. Three-character stage play in seven scenes.… Read

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September 20, 2020

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A story of love Read

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Nobody Knows is an intense thriller centered around a 19-year-old murder case that has defined our heroine detective’s life. As a bit of a true-crime nut with a passion for badass female leads, this drama snuggled nicely into my wheelhouse, but I wasn’t prepared to be so thoroughly absorbed with… Read

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September 01, 2020

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"here, take its a spear i trust you not to put it right through my heart" the gamble of emotional livelihood; falling in love. Read

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August 04, 2020

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A memory Read

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amigos que hablan Español os deleitare con esta historia en nuestra lengua corrupta de cervantes. porfavor disfrutad de ella :) English speaking friends I'm working on an English translation thank you :) Read

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June 12, 2020

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2 'R' ML is a poem that its combination of words are highly selected to suit the fellings i have for the woman i like. Read
Sappho and her young handmaidens, Portia and Alexandra, plight their love for each other on the isle of Lesbos. A blind beggar enters and warns them against the sins of lesbianism, but they brush him off. Sappho decides to kill her husband, Zeus, in order to be free to indulge… Read

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Vince is sent to collect gambling debts but knows very little about how to be brutal. Ashton is incensed once Henry buys a truck identical to his. Josh suffers from too much exposure after a snapchat featuring him goes viral. Read

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March 14, 2020

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her poetry there’s was always for her, and she had a light within her that sparked hope. there was so much beauty in her eyes and yet fragile at heart. it was spring 1990 and summer was blooming in mid manhattan, i remember the exact date 16 march, there's was… Read

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What are the things that you can do for your love? Read this short script and find how's the girl shows her love for her loved one. Read

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December 21, 2019

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Some feeling romance Read

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December 02, 2019

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November 03, 2019

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So far I have broken the hearts of X girls, In one of them X number of boys broken her heart. Read