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Mordecai has cancer, but she don't tell anyone. she is in love with Skips, but she killed his former lover. Mordecai doesn't know who to turn to and she is torn on what to do. She can't tell her parents because she loves them too much, she can't tell anyone… Read More

#love, #hate, #angst

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Dirty is the f Crack is my belief Almost broke my faith Strong enough energy I spent keeping this way To stay on your path Hold fast to Your religion Help me God Help Help Medan, April 27, 2017 On behalf of weak humans Read More
Voice of #Iran The need for referring the atrocities of the clerical regime to UN Security Council The Iranian Resistance welcomes the extension of the mandate of the Special Rapporteur “Mrs. Asemeh Jahangir” on the situation of Human Rights in Iran On Friday March 24, 2017, the UN Human Rights… Read More

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Calista Jenner just lost her boyfriend to cancer and is depressed,her family is just worried for her but she doesn't understand that,What will happen to her,will she be saved? Read More

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flash fiction Read More

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A childhood that ended before it's time. A reflection of years gone by. A honest view of growing up in the eighties and nineties. Read More

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2016 is almost over. So, here is a romance writing contest! Read More
the WINNERS ARE ... Read More

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We know Booksie is full of talented writers and talented artists. This contest is geared towards the artists on the site. Our publishing division, WorldMaker Media is launching a new book, Pen Names, and we wanted to hold a contest on the site for the design of the cover. Read More

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SmellyMelly Short story contest. Read More

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Thanksgiving Romance Short Story Contest :) Read More

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A short story contest where the plot is simply to write a story about two people's romance that worked out despite everything. Read More

Writing Contest / Romance

November 07, 2014

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Something I was thinking of while being broken . Read More

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Thanksgiving Short Story Romance Contest Read More