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The Existence of about one billion people of the World is in danger by only 10 Terror Groups Summary Terrorism has been around as a major nuisance to governments long as recorded history. The Bible advocates terror, assassination, and annihilation in several places. Hitler's rise to power (1932) involved plans… Read More

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Summary This article is dedicated to the one of the most significant questions in the domain of terrorism prevention. This scientific paper is based on the detailed analysis of the concept of terrorism and terrorist groups all over the world. There have been clarified some crucial controversies provoked by these… Read More

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Was it any good? Well I have some answers. No Spoilers! The prequels? They any good? Maybe. Come in and I'll try to explain. Read More

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December 06, 2017

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a relationship between human feeling and pendulum!!! Read More

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This is a book about the well known youtuber JackSepticeye find out true facts his date of birth and even more! Read More

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there is a lot more to come in stranger things in the top 10 best series in 2017 (fact) so read more to know more Read More

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Leather care should pay attention to methods. Read More
“Vedic” study advocates that all living being and the matter of world, to which we direct all our actions, are manifestations of the cosmic energy. Amongst all living being, human being is considered special and unique. This is accepted in all spheres of scientific, philosophical and religious knowledge. The uniqueness… Read More

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Hi there. This is just a little taste of a book Im currently working on. This is more of a little backstory as well as the general idea of the book. Please let me know what you think! Thank you very much! Read More

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Darelius – a planet in crisis with its civilisation facing the treat of extinction from a virus to which it has no natural defence. The Darelian people had not been at war for many generations, but now faced not one, but two threats, as a warlike neighbour lay in the… Read More

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Have you ever wondered about extra-dimensional beings? Other universes? Aliens? Well this is something like that. It's my personal views on the subject. I actually wrote this article when I was like 14, but I've changed it around little bit. I'm curious about how you guys think of this, so… Read More

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Summary & Character pictures for my upcoming novel, 'When We Collide'. Read More

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A description of the afterlife beliefs of ancient Egyptians. Read More

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A little something that might change your way of looking at time travel. Read More
The inspiration underpinning my new Sci-Fi Novel "Escaping the Sun". Read More