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please read it till the end. Read
During this pandamic situation it's a article about how people suffers from this situation and what if they have a microscopic eye. Read
Welcome back everyone to another episode of the Myth Behind the Guard! Last time, Bragi and the Muses were barely able to make it to the battle of the bands! What could possibly stand in their way now? To answer that, we must first explore the history of Lucha Libre-the… Read
Welcome back and thank you for your patience everyone for another episode of Myth Behind the Gard! Last week, Bragi and the Muses had to make a sacrifice in order to convince Fossegrim to teach Bragi how to play in time for the battle of the bands. Now with his… Read
Heidegger separates nothing / zero from beings, the Being emerges from this difference between zero and beings. This difference reminds to the man his mortality and because of that it constitutes the cause of the existential angst. In that sense, the question “Why does there exist something but not nothing”… Read
Welcome back and happy Frigga's Day everyone! We are proud to present part 4 of Bragi Finds His Muse! Last time, the Muses sent Bragi on a trip down memory lane in hopes to help him recover his lost musical talent, but what repressed recollections await our heroic bard as… Read
The third installment of Bragi finds his muse is here! Last time on the Myth Behind the Gard, Bragi and his Draugr companion Leif had set out to seek the aid of the muses, and up-and-coming fusion band! But how will Bragi convince these young godlings to join his cause?… Read

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A muti-part series based on Bragi Runesinger from the game Mythgard. Read

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The 40th anniversary of a Disney film. Read

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Sci-Fi article for project I'm currently working on Read

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using the srimad bhagavatam, bhagavad-gita, bible, and other books to fill in what, where we are. Read
Why is Facebook so Addictive? Dr. Allison Eden of Michigan State University conducts study, Kick the habit moderately say experts, how to overcome Facebook addiction, Social media lifestyle rampant in today's youth Read
This paper discourses the descent trajectory in the Melbourne East West Corridor, in the aspect of fuel efficiency for carbon savings. Three top of descent approaches put down the foundation for the research: The Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum, Free Route Experimental Encounter Resolution, and the Continuous Descent Approach that is… Read

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A former resident of the moon builds his own rocket with some government funding, but when two fugitives from justice stumble into his project he recruits them as his crew for a very strange homecoming. Read

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This is a description of the two times i've seen things in the sky that i couldn't explain what they were. Read

Article / Science Fiction

December 11, 2018

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A short story about a robot and his maker. Read

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My thoughts and opinions on how the world we are living in, may not be how it seems and that everything we experience on a daily basis is just a simulation. Read

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Two aspiring scientist/astronauts are able to bring their dream of travelling to the moon to fruition thanks to the timely inheritance of a dead uncle, and when they get to the moon their wildest fantasies become reality; sort of. Read

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Incredibles 2 Movie Review The following is a movie review “Incredibles 2” by Marc Primo. Release date: June 15, 2018 (USA) Director: Brad Bird Box office: $866.3 million Budget: 200 million USD Language: English Read
Ready Player One Movie Review Initial release: March 28, 2018 (Indonesia) Director: Steven Spielberg Budget: 175 million USD Music composed by: Alan Silvestri Production companies: Warner Bros., Amblin Entertainment Read

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Rampage Movie Review Release date: April 12, 2018 (Puerto Rico) Director: Brad Peyton Budget: 120 million USD Production companies: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., Wrigley Pictures, Flynn Picture Company Producers: Brad Peyton, Hiram Garcia, Beau Flynn, John Rickard Read
Avengers: Infinity War Initial release: April 23, 2018 (Los Angeles) Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo Box office: $1.607 billion Budget: 316 million USD Read
tilikums life happened when a trainor at seaworld was working with him and one day he thought that she was going to play with her but instead tilikum pulled her in the pool on accident. please read this and comment below. Also if you guys could there is more to… Read

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i decided to try something new! i have always had a very big interest in outer space so, i'm wrote an informational piece about my favorite things discovered in space Read

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Time traveling might be a fantasy to you but it's a real deal. Surprised right? Read
The Existence of about one billion people of the World is in danger by only 10 Terror Groups Summary Terrorism has been around as a major nuisance to governments long as recorded history. The Bible advocates terror, assassination, and annihilation in several places. Hitler's rise to power (1932) involved plans… Read
Summary This article is dedicated to the one of the most significant questions in the domain of terrorism prevention. This scientific paper is based on the detailed analysis of the concept of terrorism and terrorist groups all over the world. There have been clarified some crucial controversies provoked by these… Read

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Was it any good? Well I have some answers. No Spoilers! The prequels? They any good? Maybe. Come in and I'll try to explain. Read

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December 06, 2017

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a relationship between human feeling and pendulum!!! Read
This is a book about the well known youtuber JackSepticeye find out true facts his date of birth and even more! Read