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Even the best of humanity has at least one flaw. Sometimes it seems that those who contribute the most good in the world are capable of doing the darkest evil. Read More

Featured Review by Oleg Roschin

"A very unique story with a somber plot twist. It left me with a lot of contradicting emotions - pity for Andy, but also the realization of what ..." Read More

Reads: 144 it..m Sweet progressions Find my anem Read
Read Justin Tung's explanation of some scientific terms of Liu Cixin's Sci-Fi "Three-Body Problem" Read

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mindfullness at work Read
A. There are three factors of climate change one of them is drifting of continents, the change in sun rays and also positioning if the Earth. There are other factors that can change climate is human activity. B. From time to time most of Earth’s history the Earth has been… Read
Pages 34--35 As you earned in Chapter 1, the work of Gregor Mendel provided many early solutions to the riddle of genetics. By the time Mendel's work was rediscovered, however, scientists had more clues to work with and better tools to help them in their research. Chromosomes rod-shaped structures that… Read

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Glen Donaldson shares his thoughts on the latest sci-fi novel in British author Stuart Aken's Generation Mars series, WAR OVER DUST. Read

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My take on the true villain of the classic fable Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley. Read
This is a well-worded Foreword written on my book by one of the Finest, best, and highly recognised and cherished Voices in Nigerian Academic Community - Professor David Ker OON,Two Times Vice Chancellor, Benue State University, Makurdi, and Veritas University, Abuja Read
At first she thought that they could only be dream. What was all this emotion she was feeling? Waking up, a bruise here, an aching muscle there. They seemed to become more and more real. She thought that they would be the end of her until that day, that one… Read
Biologist Bill Masen wakes up in a hospital following surgery to both his eyes. He is heavily bandaged and cannot see his surroundings. Read
This is the review of my story 'The Alphabet of Paperface' or 'The Pursuit of Paperface' Read
This was an ARC review of my YA dystopian novel as it appears on Amazon. Read
Anne Webber, daughter of David Webber ( protagonist of book I ) has grown into a brilliant young woman, and has taken on the task of continuing her family legacy by leading the design team of the second NASA Overflow starship, EXCALIBUR. This new ship is a military weapon, brimming… Read

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Its the introduction of my book....... Read

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This is a book review of a story I might write. It is based in a world where homosexuality is the "norm" and heterosexuality is forbidden. It centers around two people who have feelings for each other but are of the opposite sex. It shows that having feelings for someone… Read

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A totally digitalized 30th century. Gredi Okki believes that the environment is created for each resident almost perfectly. He lives with a perfect woman Jean. Gredi has his way of career selected from childhood. External digital environment gives the most impressive architectural views and various entertainments that are individually suitable… Read

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What would you do if your world was about to end? What if your previous life, the life that you know, would no longer exist? What would you do if you had lost everything: your family, your friends, your house, and even your planet? What if you had a chance… Read
The crew of the starship Mercury prepare for a short trip to Mars. They go to serve two purposes. First, to test a miraculous new engine. Second, to serve in an assistance capacity to the first landing team to set foot on the red planet. Read

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Larry is a simple man who just wants his normal boring day-to-day life back, but that’s not his destiny. Minding his own business, working his normal 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM job and paying his bills, he is confronted with a family curse and a gift on the day of… Read
A great book, at first I thought it was going no where but after I read tfirst 10 chapters I was amazed on how two ordinary teenagers could have suck an excelent adventure. Read

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my take on what's called an instant classic by many. Read
an essay for the screenplay, " the monsters are due on maple street" by Rod Serling. for english class!!! Read

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The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Everyone goes blind, now it is up to Masen to save the others. Read
Michael Crichton put the science in "science fiction," but in "Sphere," one of his greatest works, he strays across that thin line between sci-fi and fantasy to huge success. Read

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Times of the Supermen is arguably the only science fiction novel written by a Nigerian writer. I have read the book and it is just explosive. Besides the knowledge of concepts and scientific theories it brings to the table, it also brings forward many social issues. I have decided to… Read

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My Book review for the book, "Num8ers" or "Numbers" By Rachel Ward. Placed in Britain. Read

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A science fiction book based upon a run-away girl from a lab known as Rectify. She is basically a test-tube baby. Her DNA was fused to a feline species DNA resulting in having the power to shape shifting into cat species and owns blades which proceed from her hands. Yet… Read
This is the first book review for the bialien trilogy novel. Read
It started at the age of six. I dragged my parents to the movie theater to see... Read
Influenced by political uprisings in Europe, a new political faction seeks to overthrow the United States Government, after decades of failing economic and foreign policies. Read

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This is a simpel book rev of Stephenie Meyer's The Host. It is a SIMPLE review. It is not long and booring, but it tells you all you'll need to know. Read

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People murdering each other... people dying of hunger... Read

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This story was written for Keanu Reeves. It is about a man Named Kevin. He is a cop. He is transported to an island. Things will never be the same! He has to be reborn as part of an experiment. He then wants nothing more than to just get back… Read

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A everyday worker of L.A. gets ambushed by men from a secret societey in Japan that none knows about. Read

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We're all busy so I'm going to be providing a bunch of micro-reviews of books I've read over the last year. If you like the micro-reviews I'll keep them coming. They'll be short - 200 words or less. This is a micro-review of Next by Michael Crichton. Read

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The time machine is a classic story about a man who invents a machine and travels into the future. It's an entertaining story although the concept has become a bit dated. Still, its influence has been far-ranging. Read