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Quick idea that I am viewing, I like it but please let me know what you think. This is nothing more than a quick draft so there might be a few grammatical errors. I will try and revise it soon but for now please enjoy. Read More
A strange place appears around Geneva after a great accident. It has the potential to revolutionize or destroy humanity. Which it will be is up to humankind. Read More
So, I have to thank my english teachers for this little exercise. If you want the template I can send it to you and you can discover just how fun this can be. Please enjoy and don't die! (also the cover is an ATTEMPT at drawing Somali in action so… Read More
The SCP Foundation is a private organization that holds artifacts and life forms that are harmful to the world. Read More
So, I've been working on a book called Sentinel A-1, I'm sure you can find it on here. Anyways, I just went through and drew a few characters, I'm not what I would call the best at drawing but please, enjoy? Read More

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Hi guys this is the first time writing so please give me a lot of constructive criticism. Flamers will laughed at and ignored. An old solder reunion with old alien love. Read More
A short little thing I wrote about a universe that I may or may not develop depending on the reception. It is inspired heavily by the SCP Foundation, Half Life, and various other science fiction works. Read More
A brief phone conversation between Mom and Daughter that ends a little different. Read More

#phone, #talk, #mom, #apps

The final days of the Grand Army of the Republic see the 442nd Siege Battalion face Recurring Droid forces in their planetary wide invasion of Cato-Nemodia. Clone Commander Doom and Jedi General Plo-Koon fight off the Droid resistance until order 66 is called upon. Read More
Just a beginning in the works. All comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated. Read More

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Set in the future under a monarchy during wartime where the working class wears armbands to identify where they work. Young Harold arrives from a small rural mining town to work at a prestigious hotel as a dishboy: part waiter, part bus boy and part servant for the clientele that… Read More

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i woke up in a townhouse looking place it was really dirty, somehow we moved their from my parents there was a lot of people everyhwere and they were kinda disgruntled and mean..... i soon noticed the house was a mess and i asked someone why and they said the… Read More

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we are machines... but our origional software is bonded to our hardware permanently. Read More
A story of a mysterious man that we get to know through various "sub stories" and real-time encounters. The more actions he commits, or flashbacks that he has, the better we understand him Read More

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El alma de Adália es atrapada en una Luna que orbita alrededor de un Planeta muy lejano al Nuestro. Una Luna que esta administrada y Gobernada por un Demonio. Aquel ser, tiene como propósito atrapar y encerrar el alma de las personas que viajan durante el sueño en aquella Luna.… Read More

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Hey, this is a 'short' story that I wrote for English in school a few months ago. I don't know if I'm gonna type up the whole thing or not yet. Since this was for actual work it is longer than my other stories, though not long enough for me… Read More

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The first three chapters of a book I'm writing. If you like what you see and feel like helping me out, there's a kickstarter campaign for it. Read More
This describes things found in my story (which actually has yet to be published) Read More