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A scientist discovers that something is different about his own robotic creation in this free verse poem. Read More

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There is a place in space full of mystery, home to life where no one lives. Read More
This double etheree poem happens to be a new version of that one story on The Twilight Zone entitled 'Ghost Ship'. Read More
How I became immortal Read More
My quest to be immortal Read More

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A woman wakes up to find herself outside the lab and naked as a possible result of a new serum in this 135 word etheree poem. Read More
Four friends were on their way to a local comic con only to have them see something on the highway in this ten line poem. Read More

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In this four line poem, the author talks about a dream one of his friends had with her and a lover in a sci-fi setting. Read More
What brings a pair of alien beings to Earth and the result of their arrival is being told in this nonet poem. Read More

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This free verse poem describes one scene in which a group of extraterrestrial beings are hovering over an abductee. Read More

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The author of this etheree poem tells us what he would be willing to do after he spots a time machine. Read More
I suppose it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been expecting because the child's coming soon. How soon? Twenty years? fifty years? A hundred? It hardly matters on the timescale of the species. Read More

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A small poem about singularity. Read More
A woman disrobes in front of a guy... only to have it all interrupted by something else in this nonet poem. Read More

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The author uses this free verse poem to describe a female cybernetic pleasure unit to us. Read More

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A UFO has landed.... Read More

Poem / Science Fiction

September 25, 2018

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Poem / Science Fiction

September 22, 2018

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Poem / Science Fiction /

September 01, 2018

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Sometimes words sound like some other sort of other words. Experimental. Read More