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Through no nefarious acts, Johnny Burell finds himself with the identity of another man. Just so happens this other man is rich. Mo money, mo problems. He must deal with a drug cartel while trying to keep a steamy relationship with a girl he just met. Read More

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...This is our journey, this is our world, and everthing in it Belongs to us Read

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This is the world you live in, when we have all options to behold Read

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Cthulhu Mythos poem. Read

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Cthulhu Mythos poem. Read

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A synopsis for a short story, in poetic form. Read

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This is my contribution to the Writer's Tree House April 2022, Write-a-Thon. A poem about the mythical cat warriors of Catolonia. Read

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They are out there! Read
.... the mind is a powerful thing and you have used only 10% of its comapisty, until now Read
As secret's are formed, there is someone who knows, it is Rick that does, infact speak those words, ultimately telling the intire world, what it is that should not be told Read

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Never do you not seek me, and I am your Shepard but what is today might not be tommrow Read

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It is my reflection showing all truth but it is sad for you Read

Poem / Science Fiction

January 15, 2022

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If I could choose I wouldn't change, And it you that wonders how sweet it must be Read

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And now I see, that I should know, that I was the fisrt, and its my crime I hold Read

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When the world belongs to you, know I am you Shepard Read
Unnatural we are, and soon we will leave, but for now we do not suffer, but I continplate, what would it mean if we didn't rot away, where we are free Read

Poem / Science Fiction

January 13, 2022

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And now I see them, and here I am, and now I wonder what I am feed, is it I, that will just become them Read

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And now what I see is all, and when prie, I prie alone, but if I sigh, I am aboudant to all Read

Poem / Science Fiction

December 02, 2021

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A little poem about wanting to explore space. It's been years, figured I'd post something here for anyone who's still on this website :) Read

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As I look through chaos, I am your guide, the ways of what you know, betray your kind, so seek out guidance of a different type, and rise above the rest, and save your mind Read

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I'm trying to bring a character in that can know all and evrything and talk to rick, like no one else can Read

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So you where wondering why worms and you have no idea, we'll you in for a treat for I have something for your idea's if this story don't make sense, to you it is for I have other rick and Morty post that follow a serious path, check out the… Read
so you are here and you made to the end, through my journey of rick and Morty, what do you have to say, about our new god, Rick Sanchez the man who refuses to lose, who just keep's given, congratulations, to you all, for this is not the his true… Read
This is a demo, to a rick and Morty story, I am written this one might make you smile! Read

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A short poem, Featuring, the true fears the cyber men bring to the Dr. Who universe, and the chill's that would impose, if you think they are coming Read

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Journey into the mind and escape reality For your senceriers that you thought were just your own are truley nothing Read

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Hal to me is from the Kubrick-Clarke 2001 origin. A cautionary project. What is wrong with excess? This is a collaborative project from Thomas J. Park, Robin B. James and (undecipherable). Read

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A black obelisk Marked with weird hieroglyphs, A tribute to evil. Read

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Crazy....unusual Read

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The Silver Avenger Read
A dinosaur graveyard On some distant planet Where humans now live. Read
On a red, sandy desert world Stand exotic ghostly trees Limbs reaching to the sky Like arms pleading for succor. Read
A poem about a state in society which alters the world around them. Read

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The bounty hunter seeking Throughout a hundred galaxies, Hunting through the stars; Read
The final part of my Crystal World Trilogy. Read

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A sequel, of sorts, to the poem, 'Crystalline Towers'. Hence a mention of the towers in one verse. Read