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Three construction workers find themselves enjoying their evening just a little bit too much... Read More
All the way from heaven sir issac newton is on Cosmicsids show. Interview with full of humour. Read More
Una nueva manera de comprender e interactuar con el universo se filtra en la sociedad. La ciencia, como siempre, intenta definirla, y en un intento de hacerlo, se revela que estas mismas orgnizaciones científicas han ocultado este gran secreto desde tiempos inmemorables. Controversia. "Resulta que el universo está a nuestra… Read More
This is the end, or is it? Find out. Read More
Red has to escape and what about Mod and Siri? Find out. Read More
Red is trapped and Aroma is alone, will things get better for the kids? Find out Read More

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Do you think you understand time travel? Are you creative enough to play with unknown theories? Find out. Read More
Do you love to dance, these kids sure do, but what happens when they find a reality where dancing is illegal? Find out. Read More
The being is possessing Doctors, but for what? Find out. Read More
Check out Red and his friends as they visit new realities, and maybe fall in love. Find out Read More
After their last encounter with the Being, the kids must find peace and learn the way to protect themselves from Him. Read More
Red is trapped by the evil Being in his dreamscape, can anyone help him? Find out. Read More
Just because they live on a beach doesn't mean that the kids don't have problems and they decide to fix their problems with sic-fi gadgets. how does is work out for them? Find out. Read More
Red thought the portal might be an interesting hobby, but after today he may change his mind! Read More

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Red is on a boat trip with his father and mother when he's thrown overboard and is taken by a giant squid to an island that no one ever leaves. This bookish teen separated from his parents makes new friends has great adventures and uncovers the islands deepest secrets in… Read More

Script / Science Fiction

August 15, 2018

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Fairly short dialogue from one of the main characters in my new story. Read More

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A story about love and deception, aliens and science fiction. A work in progress and needs some work. Read More

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A one-act play I wrote in a fiction class a few years ago. What will Lazarus learn about us? Read More

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Reality of poem Read More