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"We're not evil. We stand by our principles. We resist Government interference. Except of course where we agree with them. Obviously." Read More

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What happen when a man captured by ai. Read More

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Very short story. Snotty kid, worried parents, long-haul flight, kid wraps himself in VR goggles. He's in the cloud. Right. Something not so good with the airplane though. Read More
This is a musically inspired piece about #2894 and their life in assimilation. Gender, real name, locations and others are left up to the imagination of the reader. Will undergo a third revision sometime this year. Read More

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In a small, half-empty star system with a single orbital station, the calm suddenly collapsed. The invasion of an unknown enemy caught the military by surprise, and only two officers who happened to be in a remote part of the station, survived and were able to fight back Read More

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In the year 2080. Scientist have discovered a way for humanity to cheat death - almost. The Second Chance Serum (SCS) or Recalled to Life gives people a second chance at life. For those freak accidents, or "untimely" deaths the family member, friends, and lovers cannot deal with the whole… Read More

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40 years ago humans started blasting all their trash off-planet. A few weeks ago, trash started falling from the sky, but it doesn't look anything like what was sent away. Is the trash first contact with an alien race or our own refuse come back to choke the planet? As… Read More

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It's just an ordinary day for the crew of the mining vessel the Silver Hammer, or is it? This story is inspired by the show The Expanse and the book The Land That Time Forgot, particularly the first few chapters. I wrote this as the start of something larger, and… Read More

Short Story / Science Fiction

January 01, 2019

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An embittered female artificial intelligence destroys company cover credit photo Read More

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On a mothership beyond the local star system preparations is made for an interstellar war with a life form assuming technological progress. A group of soldiers is sharing a destiny of ironic laughter, fearless and thirsting for war. Closing in on a female soldier with rare qualities. A story of… Read More

Short Story / Science Fiction

December 31, 2018

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Story Prompt: An impulse buy leading to intergalactic warfare. Jeremy is a nerd. He works at a comic store, lives in a basement and doesn't have many friends who aren't on World of Warcraft. One day, he changed his routine of buying Star Trek figures and Burger King, and buys… Read More

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Henry Lawson is a little boy who lives in a parallel universe where printing hasn't been invented. So they write their books by hand. He and his mum are excited when his school principles books him in for a reading at the War Memerial Theatre in a world with Hand… Read More
While exploring and looking for new stories The Bard meets members of an army and learn their story. Read More

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This is a story about a man that stumbled upon something that is buried underneath his own property. The consequences of his finding will rob him of his life. The actions of this will affect the lives of others following the incident that happened in Michigan during one winter year. Read More