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Samuel has been tasked with inspecting a school building which has been sealed up like a tomb for 40 years. The state of preservation is incredible...almost akin to a time capsule. However, Samuel is soon forced to question if only humans who can preserve buildings...and not vice versa. Just what… Read More

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"A scary, well written ghost thriller story." Read More

Is it alive, or just switches and electrical impulses clicking on and off? That is what the scientists creating SAMM the, new computer, keep denying as it claims to be fully alive. Is it alive? It reaches out to the only non science on the team to tell it secrets… Read
This is a fictional essay portraying the evolutionary possibilities in 2075. In this fictional essay the focus is the evolution of birds due to the changing environment and physical surroundings necessary for their survival. It reveals a few fascinating facts about how birds will evolve to cope with low concentration… Read
This short science fiction is about an object that falls from the sky, and how a boy chases it. He is followed by a man who wants to know what was it that the boy saw. So they run, and finally the man just sees the shoes of the boy.… Read
A science fiction flash-horror focusing on a conversation between a man, and a bio-engineered machine while they watch the last desperate gasps of humanity slip into darkness as the lights go out on civilization's last refuge. A commentary on the failure of mankind to learn from our history and take… Read

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The rise of a new messia. Read
Secretary General Syella Markol of the Arkaron Nations carries her eldest daughter's boyfriend, Human Representative Lewis Steven, in her marsupial pouch as they hang out at the mall with her boyfriend and three daughters. Read

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World trade order II , resume [Catastrophe fiction based on the actual real world situation of 2023 (covid aside)] Read

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Dunia lain nyata keberadaan nya? Read

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What is AI? Read

Short Story / Science Fiction

September 24, 2023

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When your videogame start to use your toilet but you are not in japan. Read
Therapy emeralds (package of weed in the bafg) Read

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‘What are you? Leave me alone! Get out of me, won’t you?’ Izzy is inseminated by alien spores during an evening jog through the forest. Sexual Content The Arrival from Is It Today? Streaming Live at Read
Thank y'all who have been reading along so far. It means a lot to me. Here is chapter 7 Read

Short Story / Science Fiction

September 18, 2023

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Ghost hunters of cursed city. Read
Here in our 6th chapter, our main character Adira is saved from the zombie apocalypse, for now. Read

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How much of my life is regulated by artificial intelligence. Read
Nextus Seven Texas is a futuristic western sci-fi written by Jason Bujnoch, author of the novel, Rising Dragonfly. Read

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Continuation from "If Only" Read
Greta Kharvett carries her husband, Brambo, in her marsupial pouch as they spend their 22nd anniversary at the annual spring carnival on their Marsupial Wedding Anniversary. This story is romantic. Read
Sorry, I lied earlier. This is the chapter where you find out the charecters name!!!!! Read

Short Story / Science Fiction

September 14, 2023

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Reversing a car, is it easy? Read

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Gangster Paradise Apocalypse... USA the year 2034. "Malcom X: I had a dream... - Nigel: Please call Jimmy Mac Millan..i can't stand this anymore.." Read
Chapter 3. This might be the chapter where you learn our character's name! Read

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A local boy builds a special relationship with a waitress only to have his world turned upside down. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Read
This is chapter 2 of colors of pain. If you read the first chapter and were confused, this will clear SO MUCH MORE up for you! Read

Short Story / Science Fiction

September 11, 2023

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You are Mark, an agent of resistance being hunted through the Kuiper Belt by forces of the tyrannical UCES government. Can you find and rescue your daughter from the clutches of the government before it's too late? And will you uncover the lost archive of forbidden histories in time to… Read

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this is just a project that i will try and upload weekly with new content. i hope it can become a book! Read
Secretary General Syella Markol of the Arkaron Nations gives her eldest daughter's boyfriend, Human Representative Lewis Stephen, a ride in her marsupial pouch as she and her family have a marsupial family photo session at the Botanical Gardens on Planet Arkaron. Read

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She opened her eyes for the first time and saw the world. She saw colors, shapes, lights, and shadows. She saw faces, expressions, emotions, and gestures. She saw words, numbers, symbols, and codes. She saw everything and nothing at the same time. Read

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He woke up to the sound of gunfire and screams. He grabbed his shotgun and ran to the window, looking for the source of the chaos. He saw them, the undead, swarming the streets and attacking anyone in sight. He saw blood, fire, and smoke everywhere. Read

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In a post-apocalypse world, a teenage boy dreams of returning to the devastated surface of the Earth. With his new friend – half human, half robot – they make their move. Read
I had the idea for this story when I was with my parents and siblings, eating at a fast food chain, and I saw a line of people clicking on the digital screens to order. Other influences on the story were learning about the increasing automation of modern life and… Read

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A short story on AI In a futuristic setting which has seen huge breakthroughs in the use and creation of Artificial Intelligence, allows for AI to be integrated into the workforce Read
What's going on? Why why why! Read