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Australia's Bondi beach is a dream place to live. Everlee Harrison is an intelligent driven woman with living with a painful loss. Work and the beach was her saving grace along with the PA Ryan. She was considered a local by the people she saw everyday even if she's only… Read More

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I've always wanted to write a mini-sequel to 'Say Hello to Pearl' (go to my website: to read and listen to Ruth Pownall's amazing performance as Pearl and her Toy, Lauren Smart) - but never really felt the inclination - until I intercepted the bizarre communication between Dawn McNiel,… Read More
Lady Tuna meets her match when a more wicked sinister Lady Tuna (Dark Tuna) from a alternate universe wreaks havoc in the prime Coo Coo universe. Who will perish? Who will survive? Who will be granted a Cobb Salad? Who will be denied? Find out when you read this intriguing… Read More

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A company gets a job order that will dictate the outcome of an interstellar war. Meanwhile, an engineer has built an ingenious invention he would like to sell to interested parties. Read More

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Sometimes you're right, even when you're wrong. Read More

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A Martian colony is stranded. Will help arrive? Read More
its my story about the humans and the covenant from halo Read More

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Is a short story with a Sci-Fi / Fantasy theme, starring three enterprising female characters who love new discoveries. You will travel their journey from Canada to Greenland, during which strange events will follow one another. The three-page length will keep you in suspense, giving you new perspectives for the… Read More

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Who knew space aliens could look like this? Read More

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A frail, old man trespasses a house at night - but not for the reasons you think. Read More
A profile of one of the characters from my upcoming book, "A Novel War". Read More

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Wonderman is lost. Read More

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Photo by author (1,400 words). Read More

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"I was absolutely engrossed in your excellent story, Adam, I found it quirky, original, compelling as ever - and utterly thought-provoking (your ..." Read More

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On a far off colony world things have gone from bad to worse, now the surviving citizens do what they must to survive, and bring those responsible to justice. Read More
A quest of four young men uncovering the secrets behind the Glow, a phenomenon in Europa, a moon of Jupiter, that contains potential life and water sources. Read More

Short Story / Science Fiction

January 03, 2021

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The first crewed mission to Venus, the 2 person crew go about their routine as they begin to explore this hostile and mysterious planet. Read More

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In a dystopian future the personalities can be rewritten at will. Young Lila is a victim of her evil stepmother - instead of a bright but rebellious girl she became an obedient robot. However, she managed to escape her mental prison. Now she & her friends are set up to… Read More

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As a particularly explicit vignette unfolds the therapist switches off the display. “Thank you,” he whispers in the patient’s ear, “that was very helpful.” [600 words, author picture]. Read More

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"I sometimes wonder if my life is a virtual reality! You know, when you have a sudden unsettling feeling that you are being watched with invisibl..." Read More

A spaceship landed on wart and five friends are trying to find out what it has in it. Read More

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A man dealing with his last hours and his future beyond them. Read More

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A chilling tale of primeval terrors coming true---Right in your own backyard! Read More

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Follow the story of a Marcus Decker as he leads a group of people into the distant past, to test a brand new and secret technology. Read along as they fight off prehistoric terrors, and fight for their very survival as an ancient volcano threatens to end their excursion before… Read More
Andrew Scot has arrived on Planet Arkaron with his new girlfriend, Secretary General Syella Makhol of Arkaron, where she introduces him to her three daughters. Her 16 year old daughter, Natasya, carries Andrew in her pouch as they take him on the tour of the city. Read More
The origin story for Zark and his brother Jack, two of the 5 main characters in Cosmic Void. Read More
The origin story for Luna, one of the 5 main characters in Cosmic Void. Read More
The origin story for Tessa, one of the 5 main characters in Cosmic Void. Read More

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When Derrick's friend adopts a destructive new hobby, he must choose between comfort and the good of the community. Read More

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Packets of seeds that are not of thei earth growing in a woman’s house. Read More

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I story I started working on a long while ago. I'm working on it tonight, as well. Read More

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A farm family gets a visitor, not of our world Read More

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I had a story line pop into my head. Not my usual style, but it was a fun write. I hope you enjoy it. Read More

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This is a story about one life saving the souls of other lives in the secret plans that are rooted in pure evil. Read More

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Short science fiction story about a Warlord who comes to save Earth from itself Read More

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Science fiction short story about the Warlord who comes to save Earth from itself Read More
A traveller, an adventurer, an explorer - that's what Umoanjah Useshen is and has been for many years. He has met many people and visited many places, but, when he regains his consciousness, he faces a world he can't recognize at all. Even worse, he has no idea how he… Read More

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A mysterious time machine has been discovered in a small town and scientists are eager to recruit a human guinea pig to test it out. Janel Moonshined is unexpectedly chosen and forced to time-travel forward 100 years. Welcome to the future . . . Read More

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A short story set 300 trillion years in the future when mankind teeters on the edge of extinction due to a dying universe. Read More