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The cover art was made by my sister. You can find her here on instagram @sarahvlasblom Long ago, when only a few villages were scattered across Trivinartria's wilderness, eight men held in their possession orbs of unknown origin. These men came to be known in history as Trivinartria's founding fathers,… Read More
Are YOU tired of your day-to-day? Are YOU despondent, despaired, or even destructive in your surroundings? Do you think you would be better served FEEDING an alien microbe organism as it reconstructs your body from the inside out for it's own purposes? Look no further than this SIMPLE, EASY guide… Read

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Captain Apollo is en route to Ganymede when his spaceship is forced to make an emergency Hyper-Leap jump to escape certain death, only to be left stranded in an uncharted area in space. But survival is not the only thing he now has to face, as trauma from his past… Read
A story takes you on a mysterious journey to Mars. You will see who really we are. Read

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Alfred and I Always meet on a Wednesday and have a chat. Read
A Space Traveler enters an alien world to tell his planets most valued resource, Rhodium. Telling this precious metal takes a treacherous turn when trying some adventurous exploration in this alien domain. Read
There is no reason but more.... Read
What if the divide in America lead to a second civil war? What if America was broken and there was no going back? What would happen if the Divide became more than just a theory ? Read
A seasoned skeptic's closed mind to the supernatural is finally breached, but by then, it could be a little too late. Read

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Join the Siege Squadron as they embark on a special mission for the rebellion to steal weapons from an Imperial base. Read
A dark science-fiction story concerning a possible future life of humanity as it encounters alien civilizations in deep space and evolving itself in a way described as "trans-human". A dark sci-fi-tale with irony at heart! Read
The best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go awry. {Robert Burns} Read
Alyce and Talira find Kai and plead with him to join the rebellion. Kai is also reminded of his past living with his former master and can't help but take advantage of the opportunity presented to him. Read
Hillda, the warrior princess of Polemist sets off on a mission to assassinate the wicked tyrant in the North. Would she and her little team succeed? Read

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A most peculiar death...even so, justice extracts a penalty... Read

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"Reflection" is a story about an investigation into a suspicious death on an orbital platform. Is dead really dead? Was it really a crime? Read and find a solution. "Reflection" is a short story from "Reflection. A collection of short stories", a book available on Amazon. Read
Having come to earth inside a meteorite, the Ooze has now consumed every living creature, every man, woman and child, every animal, every insect, every tree and plant, on the face of the earth - except for one person. Time has come to find out exactly why they were saved. Read

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What remains in shadi's wars of all worlds ((Needs fixing sorry doesn't literally sence)) ((Fixed)) Read
Now it is the whole world that is ahead of us, and it is us who conqueres all, and i will let you in on all i know my sweet Read
This is the story will take you on a journey of an infants mind throughout an existance of a past time that is set in a futre empire Where you can escape reality And learn of diffrent time Read

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A wildly imaginative most improbable story... Read

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Alone in space on a dangerous mission, you hold the fate of humanity in your hands. For decades, the UCES government has terrorized the solar system with it's oppressive hold on power and information. However, an archive of Earths' true history - once believed to be permanently destroyed - has… Read
Captain Beaner visits a new planet, and it's a real blast. Read

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This is my contribution to the Writers' Tree House April 2022 Write-A-Thon. | The researchers at SentiTech have one rule when it comes to keeping their jobs: don't get attached to the test subjects. However, one employee finds it difficult to follow this mandate. What will the professor do once… Read

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PLEASE LET ME KNOW ANY FEEDBACK YOU HAVE. THANK YOU! After spending two decades alone in a space pod no larger than a college dorm room, Jacob had finally reached the edge of the solar system. There's just one catastrophic problem that he must solve in order to make it… Read
The crew of the Blaze arrived on Bul'th. To their surprise, things have taken a turn they weren't expecting. They find out that the Ladearians have been spying on them and threatening war if they don't stop looking for the battlecuriser. Read

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I wrote this one as another short story addition to the Preacher, hopefully this will turn into a series that I can make into a book someday. You don't have to read The Preacher first to enjoy this one, but it will make more sense if you do. I hope… Read
When a familiar face invites Christina to a dinosaur exhibition in Honolulu, Hawaii, of course, she had to take Art. But, when a security breach occurs, all Hell breaks loose! Read

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Asteroid miners discover the frozen corpse of an alien creature over two kilometres in length on the outskirts of our solar system. The first proof humanity is not alone in the universe. But where did it come from, and how did it reach us after four billion years adrift in… Read

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A lesser known xenobiologist is at a conference to deliver a talk on their theories relating to advanced alien civilizations. Some of their ideas seem unorthodox and challenge preconceived notions among Terran society. Are they just talking nonsense, or touching on a secret that permeates the galaxy? Read

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Sometimes no matter how different we all think we are, realizing our commonalities are the only way to survive. Read
With artificial life ruling the Earth, small human rebellions seem to be the only hope for humanity's freedom, but can the world survive if humans are allowed to thrive? Read

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Is it the end of the world of the start of something new? it's so difficult to tell until you go exploring! Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash Read

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Just when you think that all hope is lost and you've officially hit rock bottom, the Universe gives you a new perspective and leads you down a path that is truly unprecedented... Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash Read
What is "Eternal Life"? Read

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Moreau is one of the hottest artists on the planet, but he doesn’t work on canvas or with clay. His medium is the human body, his art expressed through extreme surgery and body modification. He makes human beings into artworks, but art isn’t always about beauty. Art makes you feel… Read
The adventure continues for Danny and Farmer Williams in this second excerpt of The Old Man's Barn. Who is the man at the farmhouse? Will Danny find Chris? Where, or perhaps when, will we find ourselves in this Tale Across Time... Photo: FARM HOUSE BLACK AND WHITE by uncledave on… Read

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"This is an excellent installment to follow up with. But there is one problem, and I guess it's a good problem: I now have to wait for the next i..." Read

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First Minister of the Terran Federation is dealing with the logistics of a war that is rapidly escalating. With communication towards the enemy conducted through basic math and visuals, they have to both try to interpret context and meaning while trying to respond appropriately. The larger conflict is paralleled with… Read