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An amnesiac awakens from a nightmare one morning and finds a flier under his door soliciting those who are disfigured to join a support group. After his mirror confirms that he is indeed horribly scarred, he joins the group in hopes to find out if someone there would know who… Read More
hi, my name is blake chapman, and i have submitted my novel hello, slavery, to this site. it is a highly controversial novel that i suggest be read till the end. there is a whole message and meaning to the book that is revealed at the very end. i wrote… Read More

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Submission for the "Out of This World" pirate competition. Read More

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Need something to do? Come join my contest! Read More
A finalist in the international youth writing contest Futurible, United Universes was featured as a selection at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2019, and was featured in Shenyang PopUp Art shows as a mixed media exhibit. Previously available for sale upon request, United Universes is now available to… Read More

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What if you were to wake up and find you had space-shifted overnight into something exactly wrong for your situation? That is how Quist, personal assistant to the -Ruler of the Universe- starts his day, this day, when he wakes up as a gerbil . . . Read More

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Kapow Cats is like a more gruesome version of power puppies, but instead of dogs there’s cats. Read More

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What are memories worth??? Read More

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Runner-up-Booksie Spring 2017 Flash Fiction Contest
Flash Fiction 2017 Read More
I'm doing an art contest of my new book series Star Wars Uncharted. CLICK IF YOU ARE AN AWESOME DRAWER! Read More

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The challenge: write a short story related to the book "His Robot Girlfriend: Charity" by Wesley Allison (amazon kindle), but do it from the point of view of a **woman** Min words: 1000, max words: 4500 Read More

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Write a 500 word story that takes place on New Year's Eve 2015. Winner will receive a fan following from me, props on the Science Fiction House, and a review of one chapter or one short story from me. Deadline is December 31, 2015. Read More
Weed is a character created for a Character Building Contest created by Katarzyna Van Vitsin Read More

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