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Sometimes going back is the best worst thing you can do. Read More

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"Great poem, I love it" Read More

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The American Iconic Rapper Marshall Mathers Known By His Stage Name Eminem,have Released His 9th Solo Studio Album Titled "revival".In This Books We Will List Out The Songs On The Album. Read

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We managed to get ahold of the "unusual" Soundcloud Disco Star Miley Curseword for a few hours to make a Biography about her. The story & The journey for the awakening of the crazy musical genius we know as "Miley Curseword" will be now be told for the Very. First.… Read

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official lyrics of RBR latest track BOHLUV from Bohluv Mixtape Read
bipul chettri’s live concert :maya the us tour 2016 by dhruva thapa, san francisco, usa for the first time in san francisco, naam binako ko entertainment presents its inaugural live concert featuring ‘bipul chettri and the travelling band’ on their ‘maya, the us tour 2016’ at oakland on june the… Read

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February 17, 2016

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FtF Kool is an inspiring artist out of Tampa Fl. He Hasn't Been Rapping For Long But His Passion For Music Seems To Have Put His Music Abilities Above Average. Because His First Mixtape Is Highly Anticipated From Looks Of Def Jam, Rca And Capitol Records Off Of One Single,… Read
About The Upcoming Star "Daniel Wilder. Read

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Just a song about someone, an aquatence who is broken and alone, they need someone and they don't realise that I could be the one to help them with their problems, but they stay alone because their scared of being judged, so trying to get their feelings to change is… Read

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February 20, 2013

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This is the weekly competition... But its a little different. First of.... I'm giving you the song and author but you have to give me the lyrics. Don't get mad if you don't get it first, I'll give a second place to. Read

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December 05, 2012

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-have a happy life without your love beside you. Send your love trough the wind…They might somehow feel it as I believed. Read

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A song from Shontelle called Impossible. Read

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Sharing this song Read

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April 21, 2012

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I throw my sandwich at the subway guy Singing AYO! Forgot the mayo! I demand a refund, get my cash back! Singing AYO! I’m going to mCdonalds! I came to eat, eat, eat ,eat Instead I got something really, cheap, cheap, cheap,cheap they didn’t remember what to put on it,… Read

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Just some songs i made up from the top of my head... Read

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This has my favorite songs that I listen to and the reason why I listen to them Read

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This is a sad song by Black Label Society. It is called The Last Goodbye. It descibes Zakk Wylde's friend. Read

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Battle for a heart is again a song of realization I guess. Understanding that if you have to fight for someone and that person isn't going to see that then what is the point in getting your heart broken Read

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I love writing songs and the majority of them are corny but I like them... was it easy to lie is a love song, or rather a song to deal with a break up... Read

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What's the difference with a digital piano keyboard? The first thing most noticeable is the model of his keys. Keyboard does not use a hammer gradded, but touch the model response. This means that effects such as tapping a hammer can not you feel, because it is much lighter keyboard… Read

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A report I made about Decaydance records! Read

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A song I wrote about a past relationship.... a love I had to let go. So we could finally breathe again. Rate and visit my profile for more lyrics Read

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This song is about my boyfriend... it is very personal and special to both of us! Let me know what you think!!! Read

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this is your typical sappy love song. This song is 4 my boyfriend Chuck! He is awesome and I'm so blessed to have him in my life:) Read

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Kay. My best friend is dating the guy I love and she knows it. Weirdly enough she and I are still best friends. This is about a friend of mine who thinks she knows everything. She says she knows how I feel and it's just really starting to annoy me.… Read

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a song about loveing and missing some1 Read

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this is when me and my girl friend broke up and i wrote how i felt Read

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I was born to be in your arms I was born to feel like this And everytime that you come closer It’s a rush I can’t resist And when you call my name it’s like you’re lighting up the day Life is just more beautiful every step we take Chorus… Read

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March 24, 2010

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Pins for girls Read

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Tiffany for woman Read

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that i love a rainy night Read