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Poem / Fantasy

December 31, 1969

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This is my favorite poem, to me it's infinite. Read More

Featured Review by Joy Shaw

"Beautiful imagery! And sweet message to be adventurous. The universe is an amazing creation of spectacular magnificence. " Read More

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Article / Song Lyrics

December 20, 2017

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The American Iconic Rapper Marshall Mathers Known By His Stage Name Eminem,have Released His 9th Solo Studio Album Titled "revival".In This Books We Will List Out The Songs On The Album. Read More

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We managed to get ahold of the "unusual" Soundcloud Disco Star Miley Curseword for a few hours to make a Biography about her. The story & The journey for the awakening of the crazy musical genius we know as "Miley Curseword" will be now be told for the Very. First.… Read More

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official lyrics of RBR latest track BOHLUV from Bohluv Mixtape Read More
bipul chettri’s live concert :maya the us tour 2016 by dhruva thapa, san francisco, usa for the first time in san francisco, naam binako ko entertainment presents its inaugural live concert featuring ‘bipul chettri and the travelling band’ on their ‘maya, the us tour 2016’ at oakland on june the… Read More


Article / Song Lyrics

February 17, 2016

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FtF Kool is an inspiring artist out of Tampa Fl. He Hasn't Been Rapping For Long But His Passion For Music Seems To Have Put His Music Abilities Above Average. Because His First Mixtape Is Highly Anticipated From Looks Of Def Jam, Rca And Capitol Records Off Of One Single,… Read More
About The Upcoming Star "Daniel Wilder. Read More

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Just a song about someone, an aquatence who is broken and alone, they need someone and they don't realise that I could be the one to help them with their problems, but they stay alone because their scared of being judged, so trying to get their feelings to change is… Read More

Article / Song Lyrics

February 20, 2013

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This is the weekly competition... But its a little different. First of.... I'm giving you the song and author but you have to give me the lyrics. Don't get mad if you don't get it first, I'll give a second place to. Read More

Article / Song Lyrics

December 05, 2012

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-have a happy life without your love beside you. Send your love trough the wind…They might somehow feel it as I believed. Read More

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A song from Shontelle called Impossible. Read More

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Sharing this song Read More

Article / Song Lyrics

April 21, 2012

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I throw my sandwich at the subway guy Singing AYO! Forgot the mayo! I demand a refund, get my cash back! Singing AYO! I’m going to mCdonalds! I came to eat, eat, eat ,eat Instead I got something really, cheap, cheap, cheap,cheap they didn’t remember what to put on it,… Read More

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Just some songs i made up from the top of my head... Read More

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This has my favorite songs that I listen to and the reason why I listen to them Read More