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My attempt to make Blurb Week more fun. I've ruined an 80s classic. For those that haven't read Bad candy, Marvelo's a rubbish wizard who lives with his Mum. He's addicted to a SciFi show called Star Blast and the Jason Bournville Spy Novels. Read More

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It's about to be widely known That there is a particular person coming in to the music world and he is bring the fire already from the start. Who is he really Read More
Idk this song is perfect :* Read More

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When two spirit bound siblings are faced with the thoughts of their parents deaths, the oldest must comfort his younger sister. Read More

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Hey Clique This Trapdoor :) Read More

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Is, and NOT the theme from "The Addams Family" Read More

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Rated 'R' family! Read More

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Theme for shit! Read More
This song inspires me a lot ? Read More

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January 08, 2017

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A very short story about brothers. Read More
This lyrics is the upcoming Bateren Glory song He is a soul and pop musician from Nigeria Read More

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Some people just don't realize that if they turned to those who are there for them (like friends and family), everything would be a lot better and it wouldn't be so bad and dark. Read More