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Poem / Fantasy

December 31, 1969

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This is my favorite poem, to me it's infinite. Read More

Featured Review by Joy Shaw

"Beautiful imagery! And sweet message to be adventurous. The universe is an amazing creation of spectacular magnificence. " Read More

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I have taken some time to develop my coaching handbook that includes my coaching philosophy in regards to the game of baseball and what would be required of a player both on the field as well as citizenship. I would appreciate any feedback good or bad before I begin to… Read More

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The game of Football. Read More
Nobody to skate with? Try the skate dice app on iphone Read More

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skateboaring blog Read More
Commentary on cheating in sports and other places. Read More

Miscellaneous / Sports

December 25, 2012

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dfgedth Read More

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You are sprinting down the field, sun beaming on you at the right angle. The wind is blowing though your hair. Read More

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A love for a sport. A swimmer returns to the cool water. Swimming in the heat of passion, feeling the waves of love. Read More
This is the Fogcutter's description of a Wednesday afternoon at Squirrel Hill's famous bowling alley, Forward Lanes. Read More

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Just a short idea i thought up Read More

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Cheese. Read More

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its about my hockey experience Read More
How to improve your golf game in a couple of easy steps. Read More

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