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I have taken some time to develop my coaching handbook that includes my coaching philosophy in regards to the game of baseball and what would be required of a player both on the field as well as citizenship. I would appreciate any feedback good or bad before I begin to… Read More

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The game of Football. Read More
Nobody to skate with? Try the skate dice app on iphone Read More

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Commentary on cheating in sports and other places. Read More

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December 25, 2012

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You are sprinting down the field, sun beaming on you at the right angle. The wind is blowing though your hair. Read More

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A love for a sport. A swimmer returns to the cool water. Swimming in the heat of passion, feeling the waves of love. Read More
This is the Fogcutter's description of a Wednesday afternoon at Squirrel Hill's famous bowling alley, Forward Lanes. Read More

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Just a short idea i thought up Read More

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Cheese. Read More

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its about my hockey experience Read More
How to improve your golf game in a couple of easy steps. Read More

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