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She wasn’t sure how many days she’d been there when the man from before came and sat next to her on the dock after dinner. He was always friendly, but his usual exuberance seemed tempered in the face of her apathetic exhaustion. She slid the box of cigarettes and a… Read More
After reading this epic, I scoured the various analyses for answers of what it could mean. What I would find I’d strongly consider grossly inadequate and a complete misunderstanding of his work. A misunderstanding that would be tantamount to the confusion surrounding the man himself. Even slight understating of Jungian… Read More

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A review of two recently published crime novels, both of which deal with the long shadows cast by past events. Read More

Book Review / Thrillers

July 23, 2020

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Book Review / Thrillers

July 23, 2020

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Deception Point book summary and review. Read More
Dan Brown's Digital fortress Read More
Dan Brown's Lost symbol - book review. Read More

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Dan Brown's Inferno - book review. Read More
Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown Read More

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How Oscar Wilde's homosexuality influenced his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. A review and analysis. Read More

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Review of exciting urban novel of the 21st century. Read More

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Introductory to new book Read More
This article contaings various reviews for the just released Christian espionage novel entitled Heart of Terror. Read More

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Here is a brief book review from Tess Gerritsen's latest rizzoli and isles book. Highly recommended read! Read More
In a remote compound in Wyoming a geneticist created the first female human-wolf hybrid and adopted her as his daughter. When Melina Salinger discovers who and what she really is she escapes her father's domain and sets out into the wilderness—any other life would be better than the one that… Read More
And Then There Were None - My review of Agatha Christie's Classic Thriller Read More

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An Except from my upcoming Book. Read More
Daniel Rector has been a police officer for a short time and now he had an accident which will effect his job but he was wrong, he has a partner... Read More

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like history historey mystery and humor then hang on to your seats Read More

Book Review / Thrillers

November 13, 2011

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My own thriller and here I would explain it!If the review scares should'nt read the book! Read More

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Although Stephen King once again gives his readers his masterful writing with "Under the Dome," an extensive cast fragments the narrative, even though it makes it barely less enjoyable. Read More

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Today, I had the best-human-friend Danielle. The next day- he was a vampire. Read More

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A narrative account of the novel, A Time to Kill. Read More

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A 16 year old boy must avoide a vengful mob after the daughters of two mafia familes are put in prison for sexual and physical abuse. The two girls are in foster care. The boy has no one to turn to anymore. He must battle the two vengful gangs on… Read More

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Review of lady nemesis, by rosroble. Read More

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I've been hard at work finishing up "The Thing In The Desert". I believe I will only post the next 2 chapters because then after that I will be implementing some promotional tools at my disposal. I have set a date of completion for it and that date is 10/31/2009.… Read More

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Its written by Kevin Brooks, a great author that usually writes exciting books. The book is not very thick. I liked this book, because it happened things that you didn't thought would happen. This book was little funny at the beginning. Read More

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August Heat is a chilling short story . It is a narrative of premonition, and the brooding terror of twilight and the unseen. Read More