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This book is a devotional on animals found in the Bible. It focuses in on a unique character trait of a specific animal and then links that trait with a scriptural example.It also lists all the references to where you can find those animals in the Bible. The book has… Read More

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November 19, 2022

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Life for two hispanic young men of El Barrio is not a stroll through the-park by any means. Not only do they have to deal with fights, drugs , and drive-by shootings, but the two also have to be ready and willing to perform any act the gang orders. Though,… Read
Going green has never been so deadly. This force of nature will ensure the innocents are protected. Humanity should be afraid. Read

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Why is this wild-being slaying humans? What is the endgame? You'll find their purpose is not nefarious. Read

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this is a character-sketch. i suck at the physical descriptions, so this is not yet related to any storyline. it’s simply a practice method for me to get better, would be thankful if you leave a review. Read

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A story of revenge, betrayal, issues and most important freedom. Read

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A bad name,is when you always do wrong things at anytime,a bad name is a notorious gift of satan towards a man's life. A bad name can never be an admearble by any nature. When I was a little boy I always wanted to be a bad boy,thinking that is… Read

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A girl's adventure outside the box and the secret the box reveals. Read

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Advertisement for a school project back in middle school Read

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Alice just wanted a great life, a great boyfriend who she thought she had... but something kept telling her he's not as great as she thought he was. And she's gonna give revenge. To all of them. Believe them when they say love hurts. In this case, Alice won't be… Read

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This is an ongoing novel. It contains romance, crime, horror, fiction, strategy, a new universe and so many twists and suspense. I am sure you will love it. Read

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Sample writing as well as introduce you to Alamana Read

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This is an online story series that explore the realms of both religion and science fiction. Hope that I will get the support to continue with the series. Read

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A girl without family, a girl without a home. She has no identity, a ghost between the millions. Maisie moves from place to place, will this next move be her final one? Read

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November 12, 2017

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This is not a story, but rather, a message. Read
This is a piece I recently began to develop. I am looking for any and all constructive criticism! Adrian Alabaster is trapped inside his own mind and repressed aggression towards his abusive, alcoholic father; George Alabaster. In the events leading up to George's murder readers bear witness to the abuse… Read

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August 21, 2016

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A short depicting a young girl and the beginning of her journey to what could be the end of the human population as hinted to her by the swift murder of her brother, mother and father on the part of our microscopic antagonist. Read

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This book is about a girl wh finds a time machine, she messes with time to fix her life. It ends up messing it up more. Read

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December 10, 2015

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And then some. Read

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Chris has worked in close proximity with reality until a tragedy hits him towards a different course, living a dull, secluded life until he meets the very person that he had lost in the tragedy. The encounter reveals to him things that he never could believe.. Life could be a… Read

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Alex Bryan was given a warning, but he didn't heed the warning of the young man. (This was written at Halloween) Read
Megan Forrester is an intelligent and brilliant VP of Marketing and Communication of the one largest oilfield services company in the US and a very successful woman career. She is a slim figure, intelligent and very attractive. She did a great job by closing $ 4.5 million deal. Ronald Burst… Read

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So yeah we're doing creative writing at school and they got us to describe a room... is this even the right genre? Read

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A stalker watches you every moves. He watches you having sex with your loved one. He watches you at work, he watches you everywhere. You don't know, yet. Note: I'm not an experienced writer in any way. Read

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Suzanne arrives in a new city and gets a job as a talk show hostess at a radio station. She finds herself well-ensconced with new friends and a high paying job, but she soon finds herself distracted by mysterious dreams. Read
Just a quick insight to the characters to ease yourselves into the story. Read

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This a preview of my new novel: Fallout North. This one will NOT be posted on Booksie as it is one: still in the beginning stages and two: I want to try this as my first published novel. Fallout North is a story about survival of Nuclear War for a… Read

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Shadows over him. Read

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I will happily do what I want. And I have been dying to do anything. Read

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I wanted to try writing from the perspective of a stalker, tell me how I did, I would love some feedback. Read
soldiers in a combat situation...lost in a world of never ending questions. Read

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I experienced this dream, this terror one cold night in November 2008. Its still fresh. I had to write it down the moment I escaped it. I don't know how it works for every other author, but with every book I've written or am about to write, has been inspired… Read
Just a short profile on the characters of my up and coming novel. Thank you for taking the time to take a look, do comment your thoughts. Read
check my first two chapters out this is my first book which will need tweeking but enjoy the start Read
Shay is ecstatic to have finally found her parents. but questions are starting to come to her that she feels must be answered. who is the blank woman? where have her parents been all these years? what is it with the people in this town? Shay is about to find… Read

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The cover for the short story I'm going to write. Hope it sells to you guys! Read

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this is just the start of my first book and wil be getting added to by the day Read

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a horror tale about the bal. of good vs evil not yet finshed please look for pt2 soon and fell free to commint on what you think Read