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This book is a devotional on animals found in the Bible. It focuses in on a unique character trait of a specific animal and then links that trait with a scriptural example.It also lists all the references to where you can find those animals in the Bible. The book has… Read More

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Investigation Franchise deals with two stories: One is Investigation: On progress and the other one is Investigation...Both follows different story line on crimes and thrillers, focusing on the journey of a police officer to nab the mafia and terrorists and how they face hurdles from their respective family members! Read

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Wetherby Costa Coffee Shop, the regions favorite Espresso provider that stands within the quiet country town, is only hours away from being hit by the biggest recorded hurricane in British history – Colossus. Here, for Samantha Panache and Terri Stevens and Alex Leonard, the oncoming storm is the least of… Read

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May 21, 2019

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What starts as a typical "Boy likes girl who doesn't like him back" story turns into "Boy who slowly dissolves into madness" story fairly quickly. Read

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Above The Dead is a Walking Dead spin-off. Different characters but same universe, world and problem... An absolute emotional mess, and a total suspense/thriller... FYI...the term "zombies" is used in the beginning, for explanatory reasons, but not by the characters, as the term does not exist in their world/universe. Eventually,… Read

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September 16, 2018

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A tale about a great Halloween trick. Read

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July 24, 2018

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Four boys turn to life in the streets to make a way... Read
When KIA is under the stress of not going into the action, Gary Norman takes it upon himself to blackmail Evans and his psychological well-being. Read
KIA (Tim Campbell) is genetically engineered by his father, Edgar Campbell. Upon finding his purpose for being engineered as such, KIA springs into action as a symbol of justice, which is in danger under the wrath of those like Gary Norman. Read

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On September 10, 2016. I went to live with a Samoan family who I thought were crazy fanatic religious freaks with Christianity. I was brainwashed by them and they were evil people who were hiding what they were doing. I victor wanted to move out. The cult family for bided… Read

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December 05, 2017

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One HELL of a ride... Read

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An abused wife of a Deputy Chief of Police must find a way to save herself when a lone rookie cop arrives at her house on an anonymous 911 call. Will the rookie choose to rescue the wife or help his boss? Registered with WGA. Copyright © 2016 by Jennifer… Read

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It emphasizes on the "Brown Lady of Raynham Hall". Read

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PLEASE COMMENT AND CRITIQUE!-my goal is to get better don't be afraid to hurt my feelings. After Farah's neglectful parents are put on trial for the murder of a fellow porn star, she must find the true killer despite her mental illness and drug abuse. (This is not the entire… Read

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Premise: A fighter pilot with new abilities is pursued relentlessly by a secret alien threat. Want/Need: To prevent anyone else from getting hurt because of her own powerlessness. Theme: Being able to hold it together, where another would have given up, is real Strength. Read

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December 31, 2016

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Script / Thrillers

December 28, 2016

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Always keep an eye out...when you're on the run. Read

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Preview of The Next Of Kin coming soon... Read

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April 24, 2016

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Netflix and chill? Or Netflix and chills? Read
I have written an opening letter in which is detailing a letter to the life of the person I write about, it details a conflict of mind over matter and which side they should choose . This letter is an opening script to leave the readers inconclusive of what comes… Read

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Held captive by an unknown intelligent , evil man in the middle of nowhere . Read

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A team of two hitmen, at the top of their game, begin to fall into a spiral of hatred, forcing their team to split. They soon have realisations and learn that in order to score the biggest kill of their careers, they need each other. Read

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February 14, 2015

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Verrunika and Angela are two best friends who engage in a twisted and suspenseful conversation. Read
The third and final part of the story. Will Karl and the rest of the group survive? Read

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Part two of the story. Read

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Hundreds of years into the future, 3 robots have mysteriously landed on a planet near a mining corporation led by a greedy man named Jenner. He contacts his old friends, the crew of a space ship, to arrive to the planet and see the robots. They want to make money… Read

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Scene 3 The big birthday scene... happiness and joy all around. Read

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Scene 2 Right before the birthday dinner takes place... hope you like it. Please read in order :) and comment!!! Read

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This script is based on a teenage girl who was taken at 3 years old by a mentally ill woman who's daughter was a still born just a few days before she was born, the woman watched her since she left the hospital. She believed she was her daughter, and… Read

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October 12, 2014

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PERSUASION is a one act play I created. When Robert a junior minister for the british government is on holiday with his secret mistress, he is approached by the mysterious Charlie, an overbearing AMERICAN. During a converstion Charlie's persona slips and he reveals his true nature to Robert, who he… Read

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July 02, 2014

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Intentions is about two young adults, named Andrew and Emily, whom met up after moving away years ago. This time, things have changed, people have changed, and their intentions aren't the same. Read
The past usually shows up uninvited and ruins the future. Will Cherry's horrible past effect her "too much"? Former dancer Virginia seems on the good side. But what was the little "move" she did in the file cabinet say about her? Trust is hard to find..and red flags usually mean:… Read
Cherry's first day on the job is approaching. Will she do atleast semi-okay for a first timer? She learns a bit more about Diana..a friend, perhaps? Roman and Giuseppe love Cherry's body, beauty, and looks. Just how badly do they want to "keep" her? WARNING: This script contains a lot… Read
After Cherry makes a tough decision, she comes across a new opportunity to rebuild her life...even if it means dancing for single, ugly, horny old men. WARNING: This script contains strong language, strong violence and numerous amounts of suggestions themes and situations. Not for the faint-hearted. Read

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Just as Cherry thought things couldn't get worse; they do. Now she has to make a decision to help herself... but, just how cold can life really get? Not much worse than what's going on now...right? WARNING: This script contains strong language, strong violence, adult themes and situations. Not for… Read
We learn more about Cherry's life and how her current lifestyle brings her down. When a door closes, a new one opens...right? WARNING: This script has strong language, violcence and situations. It's not for the faint hearted. Read