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A girl with a not-so imaginary friend stumbles into a world of love and betrayal. Can Bell navigate the labyrinthine chaos and escape her fate before everything she knows is torn away? Read More

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"Fantastic writing / dark imagination! I loved it!" Read More

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This is a short story about two young boys on an adventure to explore an underground maze. There are tunnels hidden under a turn of the century shoe manufacturing plant. The story is about ghosts and unusual people hidden in the tunnel. Read

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A late entry in the Review Chain Contest. Read
(I apologize, I did not Edit this story much.) Mother lives in Factory-Zero along with M9 who has been upgraded. Read

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A nameless soul awakens in a world unfamiliar to them... Read

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Katie and Collin are fortuitous of their new residence in Modern Hopes. But their happiness is short-lived when strange activity begins to surround them and their children. Read

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"Beautiful " Read

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On what seemed like an ordinary morning, Carrie finds herself in the crossfire of a violent bank robbery. As the horrible scene plays out before her experienced eyes, she must find a way survive the encounter, and save the day. Read

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I watched from the corner where I was hidden as she crawled out of the dark room in tears. Blood was coming out from the side of her head; she was sweating heavily. Her tears had mixed with her sweat and the liquid that was coming out of her nostrils.… Read

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A piano recital becomes much more than anticipated. Read

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Two years after Jo's husband goes missing, presumed dead, she starts getting messages that could only be from him. Read

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The roles have reversed for Mr. Fisher when the racism of the judicial system can't be fixed with white privilege. Read

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Insecurity and a friendly wife can be a dangerous combination. Read
When Christina and Art run into Will, a charming, young chap, they hit it off and become friends. So, Will invites them to a party But, Art notices the other guests becoming more active when the sun goes down. Read

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I got the idea for this story when I spotted a story of mine on another website, being passed off as someone else's. They say you should never annoy a writer as you'll end up in one of their stories. Read

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A woman wakes up every night to a bright flash - with no clue to its source. Read

Short Story / Thrillers

February 28, 2022

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It's a story of two half brothers who try to get possession of their father's wealth. Read

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In a single night, two lives from different worlds collide, exposing the commonalities that bring us together and ultimately tear us apart. Read

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Short Story / Thrillers

February 07, 2022

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If all goes according to plan, Walter Burson will vanish tonight to a new life ahead of him. But just how much can one man influence his destiny? Read

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While, somewhere else .... A man is following a boy who is coming back from school and walking alone towards his home. The man following him grabs a stone, runs and strike the boy from behind. The boy fells unconscious. The man puts him in his car and takes him… Read

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Abby, Rose, Aj and 2 boys get hit by a train, but something isn't right about it. There are no signs of a train. Where did it come from?! Read

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Rawn Fargut wants to be an officer in the Pelosian military. To do that, he must go through a rite of passage known as 'The Last Hunt.' It's a dangerous ritual pitting him against the elements of nature and his prey: a feral Kelboar. He must track, hunt, and kill… Read

Short Story / Thrillers

January 28, 2022

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A suspected murderer disappears into thin air.A month later ,she reappears and l am the first to see her. Read

Short Story / Thrillers

January 21, 2022

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It’s my baby momma. May the lord help you. Read

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Short Story / Thrillers

January 19, 2022

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A group of friends goes to a restaurant hoping for a unique experience, only to discover the dark secret behind the food they serve. Read

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People are falling to their death, in the Grand Canyon at an alarming rate. FBI agent Louise Spalding believes she knows what is going on, but finding who is responsible is a challenge. The fourth installment of the Louise Spalding trail mysteries. Read

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Story 12. Staying staging has a cost. Now falling behind one man must make the gambit in order to pay back his dues or fall one last time. Part of my short unedited story challenge. Would you bet it all? Read

Short Story / Thrillers

January 08, 2022

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People use their imaginations every day for many different things. I wonder if your imagination could save your life...... Read

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Story 8. New deal old tormentors, with much to gain and little to lose a deal is made. No strings on their end and a clade iron deal written in everything seams set, though it may be true other don't like it. Part of my short unedited challenge. If things… Read

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A man encounters a horror he created; A son must decide to forgive or forget. Read

Short Story / Thrillers

January 04, 2022

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Left abandoned by his father a son takes revenge in the sweetest way he can. Read

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Someone is killing people on the trails in Olympic National Park, on trails that follow ancient native tribal paths. People are pointing fingers and the community is on edge, the FBI calls in an elite team. The third installment of the Louise Spalding Trail Mysteries. Read

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FBI Agents suspect a wider pattern after receiving reports of murders in two small towns in Virginia. The second installment of the trail mysteries and Agent Spalding. Read

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An FBI agent has suspicions about missing persons on the Appalachian Trail Read