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The idea for this book came after seeing both Muse videos 'Psycho' and 'Dead Inside'. It was completed to coincide with the release of their album 'Drones'. It explores just how an average person could be turned into a cold blooded, unemotinal being who will kill to order. It is… Read More

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When Donald Southland learns the child he raised as his own for six years isn't his, he seeks to get compensated. Read More

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It's about facial/bodily features Read More

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A man discovers an obscure website which transports him to some bizarre world where he must fight a ritual ghost to get back to his house. The website is a portal between two dimensions, and its members follow a sorcerer called Mr. Otta. Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

September 12, 2020

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A work of pure fiction Read More

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An ordinary family commits sin amongst chaos of the floods coming. Read More

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A ride takes a dangerous turn when a biker turns onto The Devil's Highway. Read More

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This is the story of a a contract killer who's looking forward to leaving the life. She just has one surprising loose end to tie up first.. Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

September 01, 2020

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Jackson will never be the same after he discovers that the girl next door is not who--or what--he thought she was. Read More

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This is a really short story about a woman completely ruined by her ex fiancé that cheated on her, or is she? Read More
it was a saturday night and the only thing on my mind was to have fun. being as though i have such innocence still inside me, i decided to take a ride on the dark side. it was just me and him. the cool guy that everyone loves, the popular… Read More

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Through the lens, darkly... Read More

Featured Review by Jessie Elizabeth Monaghan

"It flows beautifully HJ, as always. Cannot wait to see this on your website and to hear the audio book. " Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

August 22, 2020

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Don't talk to strangers. Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

August 22, 2020

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This is a story about a mother, a son, and the haunting. Read More

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A couple's world is instantly turned into a nightmare during a deadly break in Will they survive the night or become another fatal statistic... Read More

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A young girl named Ally is a self employed adventurer and explores places for the news and small story places. she was off to look and wander around a old abandoned amusement park. but little does she know its not what she expects... Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

August 08, 2020

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There was nothing I could’ve done, I watched as they pronounced me brain dead. Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

August 06, 2020

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I want a family that is willing to welcome me with open arms, even if they don’t exist. My mind can ease the pain with delusion after. Read More

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here comes the first series of the day where i reborn . enjoy and suggest for further improvement. Read More

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????????????????????? This isn't a love story. Nor is this a story about love. This is a story about sweet and bloody revenge. ????????????????????? ?Inspired by Conan Gray's song "Checkmate"? I'll try to publish a new chapter every Friday and starting now, every Monday *:??? This book will be completed on… Read More

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A short story of one man's deteriorating mental health as he struggles with the mundanity of modern life. An encounter with a stranger during his daily commute changes everything. Read More

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The plague resurfaces in San Francisco Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

July 11, 2020

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This is a story about knowing problems but one person cannot push the problems to believing it upon others. It is a form of self-isolation when one child that knows too much is pushed into madness again and again through the course of his life. Read More

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Something sinister is going on at Sinergy Group of Accountants and Tyra Hendly is smack bang in the middle and she is not even aware of it... Will she realise that her life is in danger before its too late... Read More

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My owner was murdered now I have to fend for myself.... Read More

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Exploration is here ,full of suspense, thrillers, fun ,adventure and little humour..... Read More

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Exploration here ,full of fun ,adventures, thrillers, suspense and little humor... Read More

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Natalie Garvin brought home an unexpected guest when she forgot to lock the window. Needless to say, it was the most frightening encounter she’d ever had in her lifetime. Read More

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Ducky Lemon sees something unexplainable... Read More

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Strike chapter-2 , full of suspense and actions.... Read More

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Here's the STRIKE chapter-1, the unending thriller moments ......... Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

June 18, 2020

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My collection of short stories, all are original ideas. Please leave a comment on how I can get better. Your feedbacks are welcomed and crucial for the improvement of my writing. Read More

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An elderly couple in self isolation during the Corona Pandemic. Their world spirals out of control when they are held hostage not only by a virus but also by intruders in their home. Can they survive the Lockdown... Read More

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COVID "new normal" romance thriller... Read More

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All she wanted was a brighter future...I disappointed her. Read More

#love, #family, #sad, #hate

Short Story / Thrillers

June 05, 2020

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30 isn’t enough....... Read More

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While doing some last minute late night shopping in a big mall, Bertha finds herself trapped in an elevator when loadshedding hit. One of the strangers in the lift with her suddenly becomes violent. Can they stay alive till the power comes back on... Read More

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