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Ryan Wheldon is just ten years old, but it doesn’t mean he is no stranger to tragedy. He lost his first friend at four years old and experienced the heart-wrenching loss of his father three years ago. Things seem to be clearing up now, however, and his life is centered… Read More
A man, Pendleton, becomes a vampire. Read

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SUMMARY: Acting on a dare, a group of friends go into a spooky forest. Written for the “Once Upon a Time” Story Contest. I used a reference from one of Keke's stories, so this is kind of a crossover with original content and Curse of Torro… Excited about the contest.… Read

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"Oh that was creepy!!! I could picture everything perfectly. I would NOT be going into that forest or getting anywhere near there. I loved how..." Read

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There's the family business. And then there's the other family business. Read

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Shipwrecked on a hostile island, Holly Alexander must fight for her life. Her twin sister and fiance are on a desperate quest to find her despite being told their search is futile. Based on real world North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal, this edge of your seat thriller… Read

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A supernatural murder mystery two women must solve to survive. A series of suspicious deaths draws investigative reporter Deanne Mulhenney and medical examiner Sara Poole into a deadly clash of modern and ancient worlds. Set in the growing years of Phoenix, Arizona, four men are found dead during the creation… Read

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Around 6:p.m, everywhere was still brightly shone by the evening sun. The sun was less intense on the body by now, but it somehow confused people, who thought there was still time. Suddenly, a gale of wind swept slowly and slowly from the East-side of the road. The cracked glasses… Read

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short little thriller piece for a writing contest. Read

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This is for Booksie Spring Flash Fkction Contest. This is about a girl and her unimaginative desires. Read

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Just a girl and her disastrous imagination. Read

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This is my entry for Bath Spa University's Novel In 25 Words Competition! It is a flash fiction, but a very short one, limited at using only 25 words to wholly express the extent and breadth of storytelling, creativity, and writing. ‘It is with words as with sunbeams - the… Read