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After dragons drove her species to extinction, Aeris, the last Ardelle Celestial dragon has been raised as a pet by humans. Alone in the world and labeled a betrayer of her kind, Aeris must play the deadly game of dragon politics or forever live in isolation. Read More

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February 16, 2022

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Is flying really the safest way to travel? What do the facts show? Read

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Weekly Column featuring happenings on the rails to trails Great Allegheny Passage, Somerset County, PA. Read

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Jabalpur is located in madhya pradesh district in India. Few year ago, I had visited this place. It is nice place for a short trip.... Read
This is an article "Getting Back on the Travel Track" by Marc Primo As 2021 sets in, more challenges meet travelers in international airports all around the world. In the US, all incoming passengers from abroad will need to undergo a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or Antigen test during the… Read
This is an article "Tips on Packing as a Modern Nomad" by Marc Primo. For people who have lived most of their adult life on the road and have earned the title of travelling nomad, the most asked question is perhaps what to pack when travelling nonstop across the globe.… Read
This is an article "What Christmas Will Look Like Around the World This 2020" by Marc Primo. Now that the Thanksgiving turkey has been taken out of the oven, people are now preparing to celebrate one of the most festive seasons of the year, albeit in a different manner this… Read
This is an article "What's Up With Airbnb This New Normal?" by Marc Primo. Most 2020 travel plans were cancelled no thanks to COVID-19?-?but not all. While home-sharing platforms like Airbnb had to make changes to keep the pandemic from further hurting an already battered industry, not all remained grim… Read
This is an article "What's There to See in Swing States" by Marc Primo. Americans all over the country are bracing for one of the most important elections in the nation's history this November. With unique challenges in this year's voting processes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, political parties… Read
This is an article "Everything Greek You Need to Learn and Visit" by Marc Primo. Want to know some interesting facts about Greek culture which can inspire you to immerse in its vibrant locales? Here are some of the most fascinating ones that not many people really know about, to… Read
This is an article "Best Pampering Hotspots You'll Need to Try Soon" by Marc Primo. No matter how ironic it may seem, now is the right time to relieve yourself of stress and take necessary precautions to avoid getting sick from the new coronavirus. With the many lockdowns happening around… Read
This is an article "How to Make Your Room a Staycation Destination" by Marc Primo Warren. The COVID-19 pandemic broke out early this year and shattered every plan we had for a holiday. Worst, it forced most of us to stay home and quarantine ourselves in seclusion. As the new… Read
This is an article "Country Review and Timeline on the effects of COVID-19" by Marc Primo. Now that some cities are thinking about relaxing lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some people might be thinking that it'd a good idea to go on holiday after being quarantined for months. However,… Read

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A Journey to Gurudongmar Lake Read
This is an article "Should You Still Go on Your Scheduled Trip Right Now?" by Marc Primo. The short answer you're looking for here is "yes". With most airlines around the world cancelling flights to destinations, pushing off your travel plans to a later date is the best and safest… Read

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Life Skills Development Read
This is an article "A Look at Mexico City's Hostels" by Marc Primo. Currently, most states and even countries are on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we all take shelter in place, there's no reason why we can't visit one of the best tourism spots in the world… Read
This is an article "How to Plan for Your Next Trip" by Marc Primo. Now that most countries are encouraging the practice of social distancing and global travel bans are emerging due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this may be the most opportune time to plan ahead for your next trip.… Read
This is an article "Saving Money on Accommodations" by Marc Primo. Wherever you go on holiday around the world, you're bound to chance upon some cheap, or even free, accommodations a few times. Most people just don't know where to look but it's time we debunk the myth that travel… Read

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The following is an article “Best Hostels When in L.A.” by Marc Primo. Los Angeles’s Santa Monica and West Hollywood areas used to be the prime spots for hostels in past years, but with 2017’s construction boom, more lodging providers have surfaced to cater to the many migrants that continue… Read

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The following is an article "Montreal's Hipster Holiday" by Marc Primo. Montreal remains to be one of the most prominent tourist destinations for the world's hipsters with its unrelenting love for the arts, eccentric festivals, and all things creative. As Québec's largest city situated on an isle along the St.… Read

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February 02, 2020

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A look at America's Silver State Read

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Happy New Year! Read
The following is an article "Check Out These Holiday Light Displays Around the World" by Marc Primo. Now that the holidays are here once again, avid travelers might be wondering which of the many light displays all around the world are well worth booking a flight for. Combining new visual… Read
The following is an article "The Best Winter Wonderland for Families this Christmas" by Marc Primo. Whether you are in for some great skiing or light displays this Christmas, there is also a perfect destination where you and your family can celebrate the holidays in high Yuletide spirits and more. Read
The following is an article "The Best Tips for One-bag Travels" by Marc Primo. Frequent travelers can heave a sigh of relief if they know how to pack light. Bringing more things than you need on holiday can only bring more clutter into your room, longer time to organize them… Read
The following is an article "The Best Hotels in the World to Sleep In" by Marc Primo. Before jumping on a plane and casting off to some enchanting holiday destination, most people would first review the small details on their itinerary to ensure the perfect getaway. While the common checklist… Read
The following is an article "The Best Places in Britain for Autumn" by Marc Primo. As the temperature drops to lower degrees in Britain, the colors of autumn paint a picturesque portrait of forests, gardens, and countrysides in some of the best destinations to visit just before the colder season… Read
The following is an article "Travel With Lesser Cost With These Easy Steps" by Marc Primo. Do you ever find yourself sitting in your office desk, then suddenly feeling an urge to travel but are afraid of how much it's going to cost you? Sadly, for most people, cost is… Read
The following is an article “Chile’s Astro-Tourism Wonder” by Marc Primo. Behind the barren deserts of the Atacama in Chile lies a celestial tourism spot that continues to earn the interest of stargazers around the world. By the stretch of the wine region of Elqui Valley over in the South,… Read
The following is an article “The Most Majestic European Beach Towns” by Marc Primo. For relaxing holidays where you can bask under the sun and on the sand, dine in chic restaurants, and relax in comfy lodges, Europe has a long line of great getaways where you will surely keep… Read
The following is an article “Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Art, Culture, and Food Trip” by Marc Primo. Plovdiv, the second largest city and cultural capital of Bulgaria, has been chosen as one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2019. It has become popular for travelers over the years as the world… Read
The following is an article “Moliets-et-Maa: An Unforgettable Holiday in South West France” by Marc Primo. For those who have not left their comfort zone for some time now, perhaps an unforgettable holiday is the answer to get you up and running. Going on holiday with several sights to behold… Read
shipping your new car from one place to another in canada gets easier with the help of an efficient auto shipping company. but how do you make the right choice? be sure to find out about their services, including if they can transfer your kind of vehicle. and of course,… Read
The following is an article “Guide To The Best Hiking Trains When In Hong Kong” by Marc Primo. Despite its reputation as a city of concrete and commerce, Hong Kong offers some of the best hiking trails in the Southeast Asian region. From countrysides that have walking trails to the… Read
The following is an article “Places to Go Birdwatching” by Marc Primo. There are over 10,000 species of birds all over the world and birdwatching remains to be one of the most interesting recreational wildlife activities among nature enthusiasts. Some may wait around for migratory birds to come and marvel… Read
The following is an article “A Vegan’s Guide To A great Holiday” by Marc Primo. Beware of restaurants that exploit customers by serving lackluster dishes then charging too much for a great view. A Parisian diner that offers a good view of the Eiffel Tower may serve you a plate… Read
The following is an article “The Many Wonders of Mumbai” by Marc Primo. Anyone who has seen the film Slumdog Millionaire might be quick to assume that Mumbai is a place filled with street peddlers, terrible traffic, and a mix of tall office buildings and discolored corrugated roofs. Few actually… Read
The following is an article “When in Japan, Learn These Four Phrases” by Marc Primo. Japan is currently enjoying an influx of tourists from all over the world, with over 30 million visitors in 2018, having steadily increased after the Great East Japan earthquake of 2011. With its many tourist… Read