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A vacation description of a small marina village at the east coast of Spain called: L'estartit. Read More

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Some people have the urge to go. Read More

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November 30, 2016

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the adventure begins Read More

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The one that got away? really? Read More

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IT's about my trip to MAhabalipuram Read More

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Incredible India Read More

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One of the most joyous festivals in the Christian calendar, Easter is often associated with holidays and vacations with your family. Read More

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This is a travel narrative about the time my family and me went to the beach... hope you enjoy :) Read More

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This is a short travel journey (1 day). The setting is at my school, at break. And despite the title, it was no calm, peaceful day at the canteen of my school. Read More
The impressions of my first time in Barcelona, a bohemian love story of how to fall in love with something beyond human. Read More
The sad conclusion of a souful baller's career. Read More

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I compiled all the notes I sent to my pen pal in Egypt so I will always remember her. I have such a great chance to learn about such a unique country and I've been fascinated with Ancient Egypt ever since I can remember. Read More

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November 12, 2012

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Tribute to the City of Light. Read More

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This is me bored :) bear with me here Read More