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What happens when an android decides to attempt to befriend a commercial cyborg? SAMPLE ONLY Read More

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August 02, 2022

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Along the way, Johara caught fleeting glimpses of mud houses with thatched roofs made of coconut palms, groves of cashew trees and nutmeg bushes. Read
A short excerpt about one's travel missteps in the choices of life ending in self reflection in the Hollywood Hills about which direction to take next. Read

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I always come back so much richer with experience and wholeness. Read
I wrote this after my first visit to Tombstone, AZ in 2016. I did it originally just as a way to preserve vacation memories with the pictures that I took. Read

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A vacation description of a small marina village at the east coast of Spain called: L'estartit. Read

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Some people have the urge to go. Read

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November 30, 2016

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the adventure begins Read

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The one that got away? really? Read

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IT's about my trip to MAhabalipuram Read

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One of the most joyous festivals in the Christian calendar, Easter is often associated with holidays and vacations with your family. Read

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This is a travel narrative about the time my family and me went to the beach... hope you enjoy :) Read

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This is a short travel journey (1 day). The setting is at my school, at break. And despite the title, it was no calm, peaceful day at the canteen of my school. Read
The impressions of my first time in Barcelona, a bohemian love story of how to fall in love with something beyond human. Read
The sad conclusion of a souful baller's career. Read

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I compiled all the notes I sent to my pen pal in Egypt so I will always remember her. I have such a great chance to learn about such a unique country and I've been fascinated with Ancient Egypt ever since I can remember. Read

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November 12, 2012

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Tribute to the City of Light. Read
mamma loved singing Read

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This is me bored :) bear with me here Read

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I visited the place of my dreams. Southern California. Of course I loved it. I took many pictures. This place is beautiful with so many lights, so many things to take pictures of. Walking down the street, it just caught my eye, all the sparkles, light, so amazing. I love… Read

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When someone who hates travelling has to go abroad Read

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short story type deal of cape cod. Read

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I short light piece travel writing Read

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I went to Taupo Bay and stayed at a friends batch right on the beach, this is a creative writting peice that i have written! it is only 5 scentences, please read it!! Read

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I went to Taupo Bay and stayed at a friends batch right on the beach, this is a creative writting peice that i have written! it is only 5 scentences, please read it!! Read

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Sentosa Island in Singapore can be a wonderful choice if you want to experience fun and entertainment Read
An application resume for an office position wit tourism focus credentail/experiences Read

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thoughts provoked by nature Read

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November 18, 2008

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This is for all those people I'm leaving... I'm sorry, but I have to. Read
The sequel and concluding part to the previously published piece titled "Nuc Venture - A Perfect Venture? - Part 1" Read