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Short Story / Other

December 31, 1969

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Gas stations and rest stops are part of every road trip, an often necessary distraction from the long journey. when Darren and Morissa Miller take a break at an abandoned desert gas station, they find more than old mechanic tools lurking in the shadows. To save their marriage and their… Read More

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Poem / Fantasy

December 31, 1969

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Inspired by Jeff Bezaire's 'A Thursday Stroll' Short Story and my own personal love of fairies. Read More

Featured Review by hullabaloo22

"What punishments, indeed. The fae are not to be taunted, for they have ways of righting such wrongs. Beautiful work, Vera Anne and I'm positive ..." Read More

Short Story / Travel

May 24, 2019

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Jack Amano became an anti-mainstreamer and got on board the jet stream in order to search for his own path in an exotic country. Read More

Short Story / Travel

May 07, 2019

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Grandpa tells war stories. I come twice a week for about 3 hours, to clean the rooms and eat grandmas soup, and every time grandpa tells war stories. Stories of the Great Patriotic War they fight, the time, when he was 11,12. And of cause, he fighted it all alone,… Read More

Short Story / Travel

April 21, 2019

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Short Story / Travel

March 10, 2019

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This story is about my visit to Iran and the things which I observed during my stay there. It highlights how reality is different from the perceptions that people have about Iran Read More

Short Story / Travel

February 08, 2019

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Wong Haff was kidnapped by the U.S. military from a small Asian country. He was mistaken for an international fugitive in hiding. After the military acknowledged the error, he was dumped on the street here. Read More
Is to be continued… Read More

Short Story / Travel

February 02, 2019

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Two couples travel and everything turns out amazing. Read More

Short Story / Travel

January 23, 2019

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“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.” - Barry Finlay, Kilimanjaro and Beyond Read More

Short Story / Travel

November 26, 2018

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A traveler and wildlife enthusiast Read More

Short Story / Travel

November 19, 2018

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A description of my journey from Sai Gon to Ha Noi on the 36 hour Reintegration Express. While it would be great to write a startling and memorable masterpiece, I mainly use this sort of writing as a way of both understanding the journey itself and as a reason to… Read More

Short Story / Travel

November 15, 2018

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the story of five band members, they arrived in rajasthan from andhra.. the concept was taken from an israeli movie but the story has changed... Read More

Short Story / Travel

October 24, 2018

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this is the first time you buy a ticket to the us? and did not have any experience flying from vietnam to the us? what do you feel you should be prepared for? and what makes the flight to the us more convenient? things will not be as hard as… Read More


Short Story / Travel

October 20, 2018

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this is a collection of short stories. some stories contain content that not everyone is comfortable with, such as -swearing -self harming -lgbtq+ couples and suicide Read More

Short Story / Travel

August 26, 2018

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Short story about an overseas trip Read More

Short Story / Travel

August 19, 2018

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it's about my first experience Read More
One motorcycle, one continent, 6 months and countless possibilities... Read More

Short Story / Travel

July 17, 2018

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Like to travel, reading books, Interested in England culture, people,...... Read More

Short Story / Travel

July 13, 2018

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6 months to journey through Europe on a motorcycle, from Ireland to Russia, and back or wherever the winds blow. Read More

Short Story / Travel

June 16, 2018

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Why I don't fly without my wife anymore. Read More

Short Story / Travel

May 18, 2018

Reads: 213

Short Travelogue on a day package through a River in Kerala, India Read More

Short Story / Travel

April 15, 2018

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it was a memorable trip to my home town from Islamabad. Read More
Travelling enriches the soul, that's what I believe. I love to travel to different places and one of my favourite places to travel is India especially the Himalayas. Mountains do teach you a lot. Read More

Short Story / Travel

February 07, 2018

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My day in Sicily. Read More

Short Story / Travel

February 04, 2018

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Intolerance and Discrimination in India - a humorous take Read More

Short Story / Travel

January 23, 2018

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A little girl, 10,tiffany goes to a school, where anybody and everybody can do anything they disire Read More

Short Story / Travel

December 14, 2017

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Short Story / Travel

November 18, 2017

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Short Story / Travel

October 05, 2017

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I have a feeling this is a little bit out-of-the-ordinary, since I didn't really start writing with any intention. Really, I was just guided by some music, and the day I'd had (alternated between "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, then "Wait" by M83). Reading the story isn't really meant… Read More
It’s a date of my second birth today! In more accurate wording I would call it an anniversary of my time travel from the past world to the future one. It sounds strange and unreal like introduction to the science fiction story. But it is not a science fiction at… Read More
On the issues of globalization :) Once in my usual Saturday sauna the discussion happened, initiated by our friend, a First Nations guy. “You are boasting about your Canadian life, but all of you are immigrants, even those whose great-grandfathers were born here. Only I'm a real Canadian!” “Wrong!” I… Read More

Short Story / Travel

August 06, 2017

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An adventure to summit the mysterious Mount Roraima in a remote corner of Venezuela takes a dangerous turn. Read More

Short Story / Travel

July 10, 2017

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True strength is within, situations build a person & unables him to discover his own self. A journey that changed life's & took uncertainty on another level. Read More
A couple takes a trip up the famed Dalton Highway in Alaska. Read More
A couple goes to China to pick up their newest child, a little boy born with albinism and visual problems. This is their story. Read More

Short Story / Travel

June 13, 2017

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A couple talks about lying underneath the northern lights on a recent trip to Alaska. Read More

Short Story / Travel

June 06, 2017

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Had a trip of a lifetime, not once, but TWICE!! Thank You, God!!!! Read More

Short Story / Travel

May 16, 2017

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a story about a dog who just wants to go home. Read More

#home, #dog

Short Story / Travel

May 15, 2017

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Another day, another place, another stranger. But boy, is he even real? It felt like this guy has been hand-crafted to make me despise & love someone at the same time. Since my tendency to fall for every other guy can often land me into difficult sitches, I decided to… Read More