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After bank robbers shot Dewey Gibson and left him for dead, his prospects never looked bleaker: wounded without a horse or food and a week's walk to the nearest settlement. Read More

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"A great Western tale full of character and vivid imagery. nice job." Read More

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London is beautiful in winters and November is the month to visit London as its start of the festive season. Read

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London is a beautiful city to visit in October due to its weather and the events that take place during this month. I am going to explain the short story of my visit to London from the start. Read
London has many things to offer in a short period of time. I planned my journey from Buckingham Palace to Covent Garden in September Read

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London is the most visited place in the world. There is no end to what London can offer you in a short trip. I was in London in August and enjoyed my short trip to London Read
London never fails to surprise you with the beauty of events. One of the events that fall in July is “Somerset House’s Summer Series”. Read

Short Story / Travel

July 04, 2022

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this story is about alone journey from office to home on a bike Read

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Father’s Day is approaching this June on the 19th of June. This makes me remember the same time when I was in London. Read

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London has many things to do in May. The most awaited event is the “Chelsea Flower Show”. I came to London in May and came to know about the Chelsea Flower Show from the hotel staff. People come to London to see this event held in Thursday May 26th till… Read

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A rainy day encourages Teuila's father to take her out on the Oceania, but what will happen when their boat flips, and they're left stranded in the Atlantic Ocean? *** Teuila just wanted a peaceful summer break, after her first year at College of Charleston. However, peace in her family… Read
How I celebrated the Holi festival in ISKCON London? Holi is an amazing festival of India, I celebrated for the first time in ISKCON temple London. Read

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This travel story is true. It is not fantasy. Read

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Five Star Complaining is a short story about holiday makers and Israelis in Tel Aviv, Israel. A reflection of their behaviours and attitudes in this new country, constantly on the verge of war. Read

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The following is a hiking trip report from a hike that I did last spring out in the desert--specifically focusing on the butterfly species I would (hope to) find. Read

Short Story / Travel

October 27, 2020

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Short Story / Travel

September 17, 2020

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London is one of the great cities in the world to plan a trip with your toddlers. There are plenty of things to do with your little ones and lots of quiet corners where you can retreat from the hustle and bustle. Read
Grandpa Bill goes on a Amazon Jungle adventure Read

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A true short story about crossing the Atlantic on a yacht Read

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Hey, I’m Jessica here and as I planned to visit London again with my family, therefore I decided to visit London in April during the time of Easter. I had an awesome experience in London last time when I came to my friend's wedding but I just had one day… Read
Hey, I’m Jessica here, and I would like to share my experience I had at my friends' wedding function that happened in London. I planned to spend two days there. One to spend on a wedding party and second to get around to London. Read

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Sometimes the heart wants what it can't have. Read

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Jack Amano became an anti-mainstreamer and got on board the jet stream in order to search for his own path in an exotic country. Read

Short Story / Travel

May 07, 2019

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Grandpa tells war stories. I come twice a week for about 3 hours, to clean the rooms and eat grandmas soup, and every time grandpa tells war stories. Stories of the Great Patriotic War they fight, the time, when he was 11,12. And of cause, he fighted it all alone,… Read

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This story is about my visit to Iran and the things which I observed during my stay there. It highlights how reality is different from the perceptions that people have about Iran Read

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Wong Haff was kidnapped by the U.S. military from a small Asian country. He was mistaken for an international fugitive in hiding. After the military acknowledged the error, he was dumped on the street here. Read

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Is to be continued… Read

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Two couples travel and everything turns out amazing. Read

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“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.” - Barry Finlay, Kilimanjaro and Beyond Read

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A traveler and wildlife enthusiast Read

Short Story / Travel

November 15, 2018

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the story of five band members, they arrived in rajasthan from andhra.. the concept was taken from an israeli movie but the story has changed... Read

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this is a collection of short stories. some stories contain content that not everyone is comfortable with, such as -swearing -self harming -lgbtq+ couples and suicide Read

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Short story about an overseas trip Read

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it's about my first experience Read